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Pedro and Lori

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North America » United States » Wisconsin March 21st 2021

We are back at home. Leo was happy after we picked up Miller and Spud from the kennel. Miller and Spud are glad to be home lounging and relaxing and Leo is trying to get the old dogs to play.... read more
Miller relaxes at home

North America » United States » Kentucky » Louisville March 20th 2021

We left our Knoxville headquarters today on a very cool and cloudy day. We got everything packed in the car and headed out for the drive home. We stopped for lunch at Sriracha's choice of restaurant "the Chick-fil-A". She won the honor of picking our lunch stop by "picking up the most dog poo" in the yard at our Knoxville headquarters before we left. Yup. Kids will do anything for the right motivation! Our second stop was in Louisville. Leo wanted to take another walk and Pedro wanted to visit the Evan WIlliams Bourbon Experience in downtown Louisville. No samples today, but we did get a bottle to take home. The last stop was for some Chicago deep dish and another walk for Leo. It was a good time to relax and reflect on our latest ... read more
Leaving Knoxville Headquarters

North America » United States » Tennessee » Knoxville March 19th 2021

Tennessee was cloudy and cooler today. We headed into Knoxville for a walking tour of downtown and some shopping. We had a nice lunch at an outdoor patio. Leo was entertained by the people and other pups and learned to chill and relax while we ate. We went to Knox Whiskey Works for a tasting flight of an assortment of beverages. Sriracha got to do some city driving to our next stop, Ijams Park. We did a loop to check out the trails along the river boardwalk. The rock formations show bending of the layers of rock along the river as well as some caves. Leo was happy to be hiking again! We took a quick stop at another park for some geocaching and then we headed back to our Knoxville headquarters to watch some of ... read more
Knoxville Ijams

North America » United States » Tennessee » Knoxville March 18th 2021

Today started with a cloudy cool day. We took a short drive and began the day with a trip to Hammer's in Clinton to see if we could find any shopping deals. We had a quick lunch and then it was out to do some more hiking. We headed to House Mountain Wildlife Area. This was the park recommended by our waiter last night. It was his favorite park when he was a kid. The trail starts at the base of the mountain. It is a standalone outcropping just east of Knoxville. The trail was rocky and had water flowing in places from all the rain yesterday and overnight. We hiked up the west trail that was rocky and steep in places. Leo led the way up the trail. At the top there was a view ... read more
House Mountain State Wildlife Area Tennessee
House Mountain State Wildlife Area Tennessee
House Mountain State Wildlife Area Tennessee

A day trip to the Great Smokey Mountains National Park today. Hiking at Laurel Falls before lunch and Chimney falls after lunch. Lunch was in Gatlinburg at the edge of town closest to the park to avoid the chaos in town. Laurel falls was a very busy park! Crazy busy with lots of families with small children. The path was paved and it was a gentle uphill climb to the falls. There was a sign posted clearly stating no pets on the trail, so Leo, Pedro and Kasie stayed back while Sriracha and Lori went on the hike. Pedro and Kasie went up to the falls next and Sriracha and Lori rested in the car with Leo. Leo got a bit of a hike in as the car parking was on the road about 1/2 mile ... read more
Great Smokey Mountains Laurel Falls
Great Smokey Mountains Laurel Falls
Great Smokey Mountains Laurel Falls

North America » United States » Tennessee March 17th 2021

Pedro and family picked Lori up at the Nashville airport today. After a quick walk through Music Row we headed to Jack's BBQ for lunch. We sat out on the screened in patio area. Leo was sure that he should have some brisket and the other meat specialties from Jack's. We stopped at a park and did some quick GeoCaching. Next we stopped at the Grand Ole Opry for a quick look around and some pictures. We headed to Burgess State Park. Waterfalls and a nice hike around the park. We all were going to HAVE FUN and enjoy the trip. Leo loves his hiking!... read more
Jack's BBQ Nashville

North America » United States March 16th 2021

Lori had an uneventful flight from Appleton to Nashville with a short stop in Chicago. Some deicing in Appleton did not cause any issues with transfer in Chicago and everything on time. Sunrise and beautiful blue skies over the USA!.... read more
Blue Skies

North America » United States » Tennessee » Knoxville March 14th 2021

We are staying at a nice home in a very hilly neighborhood in Knoxville suburbs. Spacious and lovely with a large open living area. We are able to spread out and relax after our day trips and adventures.... read more
Knoxville Headquarters

North America » United States March 13th 2021

Travels from Wisconsin to Knoxville, Tennessee were an adventure for the new member of the family. Leo enjoyed all things about the windows. All of the windows. One small incident with an upset stomach after the first stop. The humans learned what not to feed Leo at the stops and no more car sickness! It was a 12 hour trip with several stops.... read more

North America » United States » Wisconsin March 23rd 2020

We are back home and have decided to quarantine for 2 weeks. There are too many coronavirus cases in Chicago and after going through international airport we have decided it is best. We watched our church message online. We called before picking up the dogs from the Kritter Kastle. They were able to just bring the dogs and dog food out to the car. The dogs were happy to hop right into the car. We texted a friend to pick up some fresh vegetables and other essentials such as the beer as the grocery store is not able to deliver alcohol. We should be set now until we run out of dog food. We made some homemade mozzarella for our pizza tonight as we don't have a shortage of milk. We will likely perfect the process ... read more
The Ride Home from Kritter Kastle
Pizza with Homemade Mozzarella

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