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Pedro and Lori

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North America » United States » Kentucky » Louisville March 19th 2022

Travel day form Nashville to home via Louisville. We slept in today. Did not get up until 0830, which for a dairy farmer is sleeping until after the normal second breakfast. Usually there is a breakfast snack before milking and another breakfast after milking. Leo had a walk to the park and then we loaded up the truck. We departed Nashville into a cool cloudy day. We drove for just a bit and then had a quick stop for breakfast. Our first stop of the day was in Louisville at the Evan Williams. Took a look around and Pete picked out a couple of specialty selections of whiskey that are not available at a regular store. We decided we should check out the Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory next. It is only a few blocks down ... read more
Christian Yelich Bat
Louisville Slugger Batmobile
Kasie at Louisville Slugger Museum with Babe Ruth

North America » United States » Tennessee » Nashville March 18th 2022

Leaving Gulf Shores! Woke up to a cloudy day for our first half of our travels home. One last morning walk on the beach with Leo. The winds and surf had picked up since yesterday. Not too many out on the beach early. Just a few walkers and another dog getting a morning walk. Storms expected along our route home. We packed up our belongings into the truck to head home. We ate an assortment of leftovers for breakfast. Spaghetti, pancake sandwich, pasta with shrimp. One last check to make sure we didn’t leave anything behind. The truck was loaded and we headed out of Morgantown. Just north of Gulf Shore we started getting the rain and storms. There were some really good claps of thunder and lightning strikes to the ground. We didn’t run into ... read more
Sheraton Downtown
Leo Watches Nashville
Church and Union Nashville

North America » United States » Alabama » Gulf Shores March 17th 2022

Saint Patrick's Day! Today is our last full day in Gulf Shores. Saint Patrick’s Day. We woke up to a beautiful day today. Sunny and warm. After an early morning walk on the beach with Leo we had a pancake breakfast made by Pedro. We had honey for our pancakes. After breakfast we headed to town to explore. We found a second dog park in town at the state park. We had tried to find this one earlier in the week, but Sriracha’s phone did not have the proper directions. This park was mainly a tourist park. The other one in town is where the locals seemed to go. The state park dog park was on the river. There was a sign posted warning the humans of possible alligators, but fortunately dogs don’t read. There were ... read more
Sunset in Gulf Shores
Leo Crashes the 10th Anniversary Party
Lifeguard Leo

North America » United States » Alabama » Gulf Shores March 16th 2022

The morning started out foggy today. No pretty sunrise at the beach today. Still a nice morning to be on the beach for a walk with Leo. After breakfast Lori went for a bike ride. Started the ride into the wind towards the west and towards Fort Morgan. Went all the way to the west end. The line for the ferry was long today. The marked slots for the ferry were full and the line of cars went out onto the road. Made a U-turn and headed back to the east with the wind. Sriracha texted and said they were heading into town to get doughnuts. The bike ride was nice. Still cool and cloud cover. Decided to go all the way into town to meet up with the family. Most of the ride to town ... read more
Gulf Shores Sunset
Old Car in the Family Photo
Gulf Shores Morning

North America » United States » Alabama » Gulf Shores March 15th 2022

We woke up to some really nice storms this morning. Wind and some lightning and thunder. Leo got his walk during a short break in the weather. Pete made some pancakes for breakfast with some Irish bacon. He crisped up some corned beef to go with the pancakes. After breakfast we headed towards the Flora-Bama area. We stopped and picked up some seafood. Then it was off to another dog park. Leo got to learn how to do the teeter totter obstacle. Still needs some practice, but he did manage to go over it several times with a bit of assist. Lunch was at a bistro barbeque spot. Small little place, but really good food. We headed back to Gulf Shores as the sun started to come out. We finally got some nice weather with temperatures ... read more
Joe Patti Seafood
Beignets for a snack!
Bistro Barbeque

North America » United States » Alabama » Dauphin Island March 14th 2022

Another cool day in Morgantown. Took Leo for a morning walk. Neighbor across the street had water running out of the house. The lady said she was on vacation too and couldn't find the shutoff valve. She contacted the manager, but no one had arrived yet We had a nice breakfast. We decided to head to Daughin Island. We lined up for the ferry ride. Leo was sure he was at the bank and was waiting for a treat from the guy at the ticket booth. 40 minutes on the ferry across the bay. We drove across Daughin Island. Lori was dropped off on the west end of the island with the bike for a ride back to town. Should have checked the wind before the drop off. Next time will need to remember to ride ... read more
Another Beautiful Gulf Shores Sunset
Sunrise Gulf Shores
Oil Rig in the Gulf

North America » United States » Alabama » Gulf Shores March 13th 2022

Day one in Gulf Shores. Breakfast at the Waffle House. Kids have been begging to go to a Waffle House. About as expected. Typical breakfast. Good service. Pedro took the truck through a car wash and then tried out the floor mat cleaner. Drove to the bike trail and unloaded the bike. Lori rode back to Morgantown. First part of the ride was on the trail and the remainder on the road. Sunny and cool. We all took a walk on the beach. Leo loves to run in the sand and into the surf. He met some new friends along the way. Seems everyone loves a handsome golden retriever looking cross breed. "Can we pet the dog"? Spoiled dog is getting better with the strangers and less shy. Next it was a trip to Fort Morgan. ... read more
Pedro uses the floor mat cleaner
Fort Morgan
Fort Morgan

North America » United States » Alabama March 12th 2022

Woke up to a layer of ice and snow in Bowling Green. Leo had a nice walk and then it was time for some breakfast at the hotel. It was a nice mix of hot and cold breakfast items. We loaded up the truck headed down the road a bit. Still lots of ice on the roads. We stopped at the Krispy Kreme before leaving town just because it was there. We stopped in Birmingham for some nice "hot chicken". We arrived in Gulf Shores and easily found our "new home". One row of houses back from the ocean. Leo got his first walk on the beach. Then it was off to dinner. Busy little place just a few miles down the road. We had to wait about an hour. It seems we are not the ... read more
Waiting for dinner

North America » United States » Kentucky » Bowling Green March 11th 2022

Heading south to get out of the cold! Dropped off Miller at his vacation home. Leo gets to go along. Snow on last part of the drive heading into Bowling Green. Roads were only wet and no ice or snow. Dinner was at a nice Mexican restaurant. Leo was not too sure about the hotel stay. He had a few barks when he heard the neighbors, but finally settled down for the night.... read more

North America » United States » Wisconsin March 21st 2021

We are back at home. Leo was happy after we picked up Miller and Spud from the kennel. Miller and Spud are glad to be home lounging and relaxing and Leo is trying to get the old dogs to play.... read more
Miller relaxes at home

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