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Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Pisa December 6th 2018

We had a nice day in Pisa and Florence today. We had some morning and early day showers, but it was 62 degrees and really no wind, so it was a very comfortable day. We took the train from Rome to Florence and then switched trains to get to Pisa. We walked to the leaning tower and paid our 18 euros each to climb up to the top. Kasie was happy that we got to do the climb to the top as we did not have time on the last trip. We had lunch in Pisa after the climb. Sriracha enjoyed her meal of unique eats. We took the train back to Florence and wandered the city. Every street was lit up for Christmas. Pedro was also in his element. There was gelato on every corner. ... read more
At the top of the Tower of Pisa
Pedro and Sriracha in the Tower of Pisa

Europe » Italy » Lazio December 6th 2018

We had a delicious breakfast with cappuccinos this morning. We are the high speed train today heading to Florence today. Amazing country view and mountains. Vineyards everywhere. Rolling hills and sheep on the hillsides. ... read more
Countryside from the high speed train
The high speed train
Countryside from the high speed train

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome December 5th 2018

We made it to Rome this afternoon. The hotel is very nice! 2 large rooms with king bed, pull ot sleeper and a twin bed. We had a snack of pizza and then did a quick walking tour of Rome. We had a nice dinner and then of course some gelato. ... read more
Pedro and the girls waiting for the train at the airport
Pizza snack in Rome
Up the stairs

Europe » Spain » District of Madrid » Madrid December 5th 2018

A short stop in Madrid. Less than 1hour for our connection here. After leaving Chicago an hour late for de-icing we had no chance to get through the immigration and to the other terminal. So we are now rebooked again leaving about 2 1/2 hours later. ... read more
Sunshine and smiles at the Madrid Airport
Madrid hams
Welcome to Madrid

North America » United States » Wisconsin » Appleton December 4th 2018

Heading out on our family trip to Italy! It is 25 degrees and partly sunny. The roads are cleared off from the snow over the weekend. We had a calf sneak out last night. A lady stopped at the house last night when I was packing. She said she saw it running down the side of the highway and came to the house to let us know. We chased it back. Hopefully all goes well while we are gone. We are very thankful for the help with all the chores while we are gone! Our first flight out of Appleton is delayed. We have been rebooked to go through Madrid, Spain now instead of Philadelphia. Let the adventure begin!... read more

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Panamá » Taboga Island January 30th 2018

Took the ferry to Taboga today. Walked around and then relaxed at the beach. Quiet island. Another beautiful warm day!... read more
Panama City from Taboga

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Panamá » Panama City January 30th 2018

We took a city tour today. Tour was set up through the hotel. We were the only ones on the tour so it was a private tour. We rode around in a trolley and had a driver and tour guide. Our guide was very knowledgeable. We were the only ones in a trolley driving around the city, so the tourists were taking pictures of us. We went to the Miraflores Locks and watched a container ship go through from the observation area today. We went through the museum and watched the informational movie. The movie and museum were both very informational. We had lunch in Old Town and then relaxed in one of the tourist hang outs. Literally "hanging" out. Met some tourists from Denver that knew about Case IH and spent part of the afternoon ... read more
Old Town Panama City
Miraflores Locks Panama Canal
Miraflores Locks Panama Canal

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Panamá » Panama Canal January 29th 2018

Toured the Chagres river today and the Gamboa reserve. Our driver picked us up from the hotel this morning. We made as stop at the grocery store to get some bananas and grapes for the monkeys. It was another beautiful day. Sunny and warm. We saw 3 kinds of monkeys. The capuchin monkey jumped onto our boat today. I did not get a picture of him as he jumped onto the roof of the boat. We also saw the howler monkeys and the Geoffry's Tamarin monkey. Got some pictures of birds for Mary too. The guide said the hawk is a snail hawk (kite?). The Gomboa reserve was nice as well. The gondola took us up into the canopy. Got another nice bird picture for Mary at the reserve. Caiman and turtles too!... read more
Geoffry's Tamarin Monkeys
Geoffry's Tamarin Monkey
Geoffry's Tamarin Monkey

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Panamá » Panama Canal January 28th 2018

Took the tour of the canal today. It was another sunny and warm day today. The canal tour was very interesting. A marvel of engineering.... read more
Panama Canal
The gates of the Panama Canal
Bridge over Panama Canal

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Panamá » Panama City January 26th 2018

We had breakfast at a café a couple blocks from the hotel. Cafe' Alto. We then went to Old Town Panama City. Old buildings. Churches. New hats. A few birds for Mary! It was hot and close to 90 degrees. We went back to the hotel for a swim. Then it was a night out to the Hard Rock Hotel!. We went up to the 62nd floor and looked out over the city. It was amazing! Had dinner at the hotel. A beautiful day in a wonderful city!... read more
Old Town Panama City
Panama City Skyline
Pedro in the Panama Hat

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