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16th August 2019

Pete, Are you hungry??? Bring some treats back home!!
14th August 2019

How great is that? The Eiffel tower at midnight. So great.
From Blog: Paris day 2
12th March 2019

Great Blog
Thanks for sharing your trip. Look forward to last adventures.
12th March 2019

Fun in the Sun
Sounds like you've had a great time. Wish we could be there.
9th March 2019
Lunch in Tamarindo

Fantastic Trip
Beautiful scenery and looks like you're both having a great time. Nobody drowned and no broken bones!! Thanks for sharing.
9th March 2019

Looks like fun
Hi mom and dad it looks like fun. I miss you guys.
7th December 2018

Beautiful PICS !
Looks like you are all having a great time !! Make the most of every minute !
From Blog: Firenze and Pisa
4th December 2018

Sounds like you have a long time on the second leg of your trip. Enough time for the girls to get all of their homework done. Hope you have a smooth flight.
29th January 2018

Awesome birds!
Nice Snail Kite with big hooked beak. That's a great picture of the Slaty Tailed Trogan. Looks like a great trip!
29th January 2018

Did you bring a cute little monkey for my collection?
26th January 2018

Waiting for a bird photo. How about a nice Brown Booby? Have a great trip.
25th January 2018
State of the State

Hi from Wisconsin
Hello hope you have fun
9th March 2017

Flying ??
What modes of transportation are you using?
8th March 2017

Adopt a DOG !!
Kasie and Sarah would LOVE another Dog!! looks like it's well trained!! Perfect!
8th March 2017

Birds ID's getting Harder
Your brown bird in the awesome mud nest looks like a Rufous Hornero also called a Red Ovenbird (National Bird of Argentina). The Robin- like bird appears to be a Rufous Bellied Thrush. The last bird is some type of Columbiformes (dove, pigeon) but can't tell what. The winery tours and tastings look like so much fun, esp by bike, if you can keep them in the upright position. When you get back you can tour the local wineries on your new Motorcycle. Did you see that Pete is in the drawing for the Webster's Sweepstakes?
8th March 2017

We will try to get more pictures of birds. We will be heading into the Andes to do some hiking and rafting. Should be fun! Pete is excited his name is on the list for the Harley. He says he only put his name in once, but I have been having the kids put his name in rather than mine, so I think his name was in there quite a few times!
7th March 2017

Where is my Bird d'jour? The Toucan from the other day is a Toco Toucan, of the many species of Toucans and Toucanettes. I think this is the common one that is seen in zoos. Your butterflies are also amazing. We loved those coatis too, but I bet they can be a nuisance if people feed them. Those look like some big bottles of wine!
From Blog: Mendoza
7th March 2017

The bird of the day is still trapped in my fancy camera and has not been transferred to go to the blog. We bought one of the small bottles of wine and not the big gallon jug. We are heading out touring the wineris via bicycle today.
From Blog: Mendoza
6th March 2017

Hey mom and dad how warm is it in Argentina. I miss you. Hope you having a good time. It is cold in Wisconsin. The house good. Love Kasie
6th March 2017

Warm and sunny
The weather has mostly been warm and sunny. In Iguazu it was very humid. Now we are in Mendoza, and the humidity is lower and it is very comfortable.
5th March 2017

Are you going to see any farms (Rancheros)?
From Blog: Iguazu
6th March 2017

Heading to Mendoza next year
We should be seeing some farms in the wine region.
From Blog: Iguazu
5th March 2017

Very cool bird! I looked it up and it is a crested jay. The falls look amazing. I bet it is noisy.
From Blog: Iguazu
5th March 2017

Thank you for the bird ID Mary.
The falls are quite loud. Cannot hear the birds if close to the falls. There are a few birds that we will have to look up.
From Blog: Iguazu

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