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23rd January 2016

Looks like a fun time -- good thing that you could find something else to do for the day.
23rd January 2016

Hi mom and dad
From Blog: Delay in Dallas
22nd January 2016

Hi mom and dad
24th January 2015

The pictures look cool. It looks like you had a fun time.
From Blog: Castaway Cay
18th January 2015

Looks like u all had a ton of fun. Love the braids and can't wait to see you all. Hope u got some Sun. Will get to hear about your adventures soon. Love and hugs.
From Blog: Castaway Cay
14th January 2015

What fun!
Thanks for all the pix. Wish we were there! Should be a little warmer here when you get back.
13th January 2015

too much fun
Send some warm weather to thaw us! Send pics of u all
12th January 2015

rumen is good and surgery a success
Hi mom and family. I am at home resting now. Surgery went well and was home by 10 am. Had significant labral debridement and biceps work. In a sling with cryocuff. Block works good and so does my New bed. Wish 8 could be there swimming with u all. Thought about u this morning and said a prayer before surg bc they had a tropical fish tank with all the nemo fish....just keep swimming. Happy Sails. Love y'all. Love Sam. Ps. Packers won and ravens lost. Duke even lost their first game this weekend. Oh well. Ttyl.
12th January 2015

Weather looks awesome.
12th January 2015

Really, Pedro...A case shirt?? Something a bit more caribean maybe:)
10th January 2015

HapPy Sails
Have a blast.....say hi to Mickey for us. Love u all. Totally goof off. Love sis
18th January 2014

How's the wine?
Padro, you aren't smiling is the wine that bad? How is the food?
From Blog: Parma
17th January 2014
Piazzette di San Marco

Nice photo
15th January 2014

Wish I was in your suitcase!! We\\\'ve had more snow....yuck! Have fun!!
15th January 2014

Sleepy head
Looks like a rough flight for pete
From Blog: Heading to Italy
28th February 2012

Gorgeous pics! Glad all went well in the tents. I thought about how Pete, alias Pedro, is always hungry. Praying he didn't sneak any snacks into the tent! An elephant visitor might be a bit much. Continue to have a great time. See you soon. Think about having a gathering at church where you can show your slides and add your commentary. That would be super!
28th February 2012

Great Pictures again
Really enjoy the pictures Big snowstorm in northern Wisconsin ---- 12" - 15" Matt Kenseth won Daytona 500
25th February 2012

My goodnes, the glare from the pool is horrendous!:) Pedro should have gotted a tan first!!!!:)
From Blog: Heard the lions.
25th February 2012

You are making memories for a lifetime. Can't wait for the pics.
24th February 2012

I'm impressed
Glad you could sleep with lions around. What a wonderful trip! And the comment about a good breakfast makes me know it's really you! Always that bottomless pit! Are they feeding you sweets like we do at church? Have a great day and thanks for sharing.
From Blog: Heard the lions.
24th February 2012

Excellent pics!
Sounds like you're having a "roaring" good time. What's the temps? Enjoying hearing from you. We are forwarding your blogs to Sue M. and the Nelsons. Keep them coming.
From Blog: Heard the lions.
24th February 2012

We enjoyed the pics, kids loved the animals!!! Sleeping in the tents listening to lions???? Glad you arrived safely!
23rd February 2012

So enjoying your daily news and pictures. Such a fantastic experience you are having. Pics are lovely. Are you really that close to the animals? Tent sleeping with lions lulling you to sleep......Hmmmmmm. You are braver than I am. No food or snacking in bed Pedro !!
23rd February 2012

Have fun!
Have an amazing time! I sure have been thinking about you and hoping your travels were safe and all. Hugs and well wishes!
22nd February 2012

Good thing Pete didn't see that big python in the tree past the pool, he would of freaked out and dropped his beer!

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