Published: November 30th 2012
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Beach weddingBeach weddingBeach wedding

While walking down the beach at sunset one night, I happened on a beach wedding...
As Ian's slowing getting over his cold, we have been staying very close to home, sitting quietly, reading and reflecting. A couple of times I went for my walk by myself as he hadn't been sleeping well at night and was tired.

On my quiet walks I have been noticing so many things. The life on the sand, on the beach is abundant, yet so different from home. The ocean here is void of starfish, yet I am so used to seeing all those bright purple starfish from home. There isn't any sea weed on this beach either, or muscles attached to everything. Our First impression of this ocean beach was that it was pretty empty. I have since learned then that is far from true.

As you walk along the tide line as the water is going out, you will see thousands of sand dollars. These are unique little critters who are at the sole mercy of the waves. When they are deposited in the sand, they have to be right side up, or they will die or become breakfast for some hungry bird. Once flipped over onto their bellies the whole shell comes alive with tiny little
Ocean podsOcean podsOcean pods

Reminded me of the movie " invasion of the body snatchers! "
hairs that dig it down into the sand within 30 seconds, so the next wave will not flip it back. There it stays until the tide comes back up to uncover it. As I have been very mindful I have noticed little shapes in the sand, little dots or holes in the pattern of a star. It turns out this is the pattern on the backs of these sand dollars, so that you can actually see where they are under the sand. This must be used for breathing or keeping them alive or wet or some purposeful thing.

I am amazed at the birds here too. Even though I don't know much about them, the trees are alive with so many different kinds. At Sunrise and sunset there are flocks of at least 100 parakeets that fly into trees and make so much noise! It's a sea of green and they sit in pairs on tree branches. Then something startles them and they all fly Out in unison to the next tree. There are huge Vulchers here that hang out low in trees or on fence posts. I've seen flocks of pelicans flying in formation around the beach quite
Close up of the podsClose up of the podsClose up of the pods

Wonders what lives in there....
like our Canada geese. There are little black birds that talk In Spanish LOL, they says "poor va for" which in Spanish is please, and they also says "REDRUM" for all you "Stephen King - Shining" fans out there.

We are starting out on a little road trip of 2 days, just down the peninsula from Tamarindo. This time we are renting a 4x4 to better handle the car eating potholes and car swallowing rivers!

Will keep ya posted as the journey unfolds!

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Just a lovely beach picture
Tamarindo Tamarindo

Awwww I heart you!

2nd December 2012

I love sea life
At one time I wanted to be a Marine Biologist. There is always a lot more life in the sea than one might think. (True of the desert as well.) Anyway - glad thing are going well. This has been a great trip for us all :D

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