Esteban's Last Night in Town - Costa Rica: Part 10

Published: February 28th 2009EDIT THIS ENTRY

Claiming that he only had so many vacation days to take in September, our boy Steve had to leave Costa Rica a couple of days earlier than the rest of us. Given the experience we had at Carlos' restaurant the night before, we decided we would try to step it up a bit to give Steve a proper departure. This way the day we went on the atvs, so before we went to dinner, we went into town to pick up a few gifts and have a couple of drinks. This is when I discovered Rock Ice, the Costa Rican knock off of Corona. After finishing the bottle, I decided that I would stick with Imperial. We got back to the hotel and cleaned up, and then headed into town to a restaurant with a great oceanside view. It was nice and warm outside, and the sound of the waves added to the dining experience. Right off the bat, this place trumped Carlos' hands down. The menu alone was enough to set it apart, with lots of fresh fish and nice steaks. While Steve and Chris decided to be high rollers and get the surf and turf with lobster, I went for a trio of fish that consisted of fresh mahi-mahi, tuna, and octopus. I have to say, very impressed with the quality of the food, and the sauces were very flavorful. With a nice side of steamed vegetables and rice, it was also quite healthy. Unfortunately, this moment came to an abrupt end when Ian's sunburn got the best of him. To make a long story short, we had to get him back to the hotel after he lied on the ground of restaurant and had all the wait staff looking at him like he had gotten food poisoning. We finished our meal, and decided to have one last night of fun while Steve was still with us.

Right across the street from the restaurant was a bar know as "El Bar" (that's Spanish for, the bar), which is apparently all the "locals" of the town hung out. We ventured in, and noticed a decent crowd, but also noticed that his place was hoppin' with prostitutes. It was quite evident when we say two girls with very short skirts walk around with their midget pimp behind them approaching all the guys in the bar. However, some of the girls were not as easy to identify. We ended up playing a game called "Is she a prostitute?" with almost every girl in the bar. Needless to say, we didn't want to be cleaned out of all our money or dragged into some sketchy back alley, so we had to be careful what we said and who we said it to. We could tell that the owner of the bar was friendly with the prostitutes, as he was dancing with all of them to the Latin grooves. One actually came up to Jimmy, and told him that here name was Jamie and laughed. No Jimmy, she's not coming back to the hotel. As we were drinking and having fun with our game, we when noticed something we didn't want to see at all. The activities staff of the hotel we were staying at came in and started to dance. They looked over where we were, and we all exchanged an "Are you serious?.." look. Of course, our wristbands didn't help us either. I have to admit though, that they were pretty good dancers. After a while, we left the bar (not first before a few prostitutes coming up to us), and headed back to the hotel without the fear of getting some nasty STD.

Until next time, safe travels


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