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South America » Peru » Trujillo February 6th 2010

Our next leg of the journey was another surf binge. The northern coast of Peru is known for its long left-hand point breaks in desolate locations. We went to several throughout the next couple of weeks...Mancora, Lobitos, Huanchaco, and Chicama. Great surf at every location...unforgetable times. Mancora was like another Montanita...lots of tourists and crowded lineup. Taylor and I got real cheap and stayed in crappy living quarters for our time there. The mattresses were nothing more than flimsy foam pads, and the walls were just cheap plywood panels. We were bitten by bugs all night and sleeping in a tinderbox...luckily no one dropped a match. By now we are champions of cheapness. Our next stop was Lobitos...a town in the middle of the Peruvian desert. Nothing exists but dirt and really good surf. Oh...and really ... read more
Mancora surf
Our quarters
Lobitos crashpad

South America » Ecuador » West » Montañita January 8th 2010

After our Colombian city tour with the dancers and a couple of high-altitude mountain climbs, we decided it was time to return to the coast. The pangs of not surfing for so long were beginning to break us down...I started sleepwalking at night and painting weird pictures with my own blood and TBagz started eating earthworms and wetting the bed on a too-constant basis. We needed surf... We went straight to a beach town called Canoa, despite warnings from someone that had their bus stopped and robbed by some street gang. We planned to spend a couple of days there, taking us through Christmas, and make it to a town called Montanita for New Years. Our time in Canoa went extremely well. We met some interesting foreign folk and the locals were all very friendly and ... read more
Boat Bar
Beach Pups

South America » Ecuador » Centre » Cotopaxi December 20th 2009

Next stop Ecuador. We were in Quito for a couple of days, staying at a place on ´Rob Alley´. Pretty much every day people came back with stories of getting robbed, mugged, or pickpocketed in the streets nearby. The most interesting story was from an old lady about 70 years old who was approached by three guys in the evening. They tried to get her bag but she kicked one in the balls and they scrambled away. Way to put up a fight! TBagz and I now being familiar to the ways of hardened criminals put on our toughest faces that no one dare mess wit. Quito was an interesting city...lots of old colonial buildings and interesting locals. The highlight of the city time was a sunday afternoon at the midget bull fight. Until we got ... read more
View from Hostel Balcony
Bull Ring

South America » Colombia » Bogota November 30th 2009

Before leaving Suesca, Taylor brought forth a grand idea. Having been inspired by a reoccuring cartoon map of a National Park in Northern Colombia...he thought we should take a trip up to do some trekking. Seeing as how we were already moving slowly I was reluctant at first, but after some considerations we formed a plan. Our aspirations soon turned from merely walking around to summiting a peak we heard Freddie (our climbing guide in Suesca) talking about. Most everything about it was a limit pusher for both of us. The peak sits at 5100 m (16,700 ft) and is covered in snow. That is higher than any peak in the contiguous US...Mt Whitney (the highest) is only 4400 m. Ive never been that high in my life, nonetheless donned crampons and an ice-axe! It would ... read more
Range from Afar
In the valley
Horse wrangler and Me

South America » Colombia » Bogota November 20th 2009

Our desires to see Natural Wonders of the World and spending humanitarian time in quaint little villages helping the indigineous people learn the ways of the modern world have been thwarted by the dancers insistance that we stick to the bigger cities. Thus, over the next couple of weeks we found ourselves in Medellin and Bogota. Pablo Escobar, the leader of the biggest Colombian drug cartel, called Medellin his home and dealin cocaine was his game. Luckily, the violence surrounding such business ventures has calmed down a bit in the last couple of years and as a result I was only tear-gassed on one occasion. I was just sitting down to a big slice of pizza when a large crowd of people came running past...yelling and throwing rocks and other small scale riot antics. Soon, the ... read more
Before Paragliding
Getting Ready to Fly

South America » Colombia » Cartagena November 13th 2009

First of all...check out Bocas del Toro pictures! I finally got some up. As our cruise came to an end, we woke to the rising South American sun coming into port at Cartagena, Colombia. As we got closer to land, we were greeted by the sound of gunshots, helicopters, and more loud explosions. Our first thought was 'great....welcome to Colombia!' Come to find out, we were arriving at the beginning of the Colombian Day of Independence and the loud sounds were fireworks and other forms of celebration. After securing our hostel, we went out into the streets to watch the parade. The Colombians really like to party...the streets were full of people spraying eachother with foam, setting off fireworks, and drinking lots of beer. There parade was alot more exciting than the uninterested school children playing ... read more
Our Hostel
Street Party

After Colie left, T-Bag and I lurked around Panama City for a couple of days until we could figure out transportation into Colombia. Unlike the rest of our journey, a dirty bus ride was out of the question. There is no road between the two countries because the Darien National Park. Very near the border, there is a region called the ´Darien Gap´ where drug runners and kidnappers like to hang out. While it would have been cool to pay them a visit and maybe drink a beer or two with them over a round of poker, we chose a different option. The most popular mode of transport is to hire a sailboat to take you from Panama City to the Colombian port town of Cartagena. After days of searching, we finally made contact with a ... read more
The Boat Again
Our Cabin
The Pump Toilet

We left Puerto Viejo a little behind schedule and made our way into Panama. First stop was in Bocas del Toro; a chain of islands on the Western Caribbean coast of Panama. The vibe here was really cool. To get to the hostel we were staying at, you had to take water taxis there and back. Everything has a relaxed feeling to it. We came with the dancers and an Ozy named Mike. We ended up finding a house that a guy rented out to us for a good price, and got hooked up with a local guy who wanted to go surfing. The second day we were there, a swell came through and we finally got to surf some Caribbean waves. The waves broke over a shallow reef and if you fell on a big ... read more
Rental House
Porch out back

After several days in Leon restocking our gear, going to see a cockfight, and touring the city; we decided it was time to leave Nicaragua. Our plan was to head straight into Panama, but once we looked at the bus schedule we saw that we could tag on a couple days in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica without much trouble. Its a Caribbean town several miles north of the Panamanian border and we had heard good things about it. We arrived in the afternoon, and quickly found ourselves going to get Margaritas with two girls we met at the bus station. We soon found out that they are 'dancers' from New Zealand and sisters as well. Their company proved fairly entertaining. We rented some bicycles for the next couple of days, and made our way to a ... read more

Soooo....much has happened in the last week or so, and some of it not very good. But, we'll start with the good stuff first: Primero, I'm going to post a couple pictures of a wave sequence my buddy Keith caught while we were in Popoyo. One of the best and biggest waves I got all day, and luckily he got the whole thing. As you can see, I still have some things to work on...but I made the drop and I was stoooooookkkkkked. Anyways, we caught a lift out of Popoyo after sticking around a couple of extra days due to rumors that a swell was coming (it didn't...but no biggie). We partied the last night with our restaurant friends who cooked us up Gallo Pinto and Chicken Sandwhiches many times throughout the week. Marta confided ... read more
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