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Oceans and Seas » Pacific May 7th 2012

Geo: 23.3221, -151.567 Today began what one Cruise Staff Member called our 5 night cruise to Ensenada. We were able to sleep in a little today but not as late as we wanted. We met the girls for breakfast at Parrot Cay. After breakfast the girls went to get pedicures and Nikki and I went to a cooking class where we learned to make tiramisu. After the cooking class we attended an olive oil and balsamic vinegar tasting. When that ended, of course it was time to eat again. We met up with the girls at Tritons and had lunch. After lunch, Kelsie was off with her friends, Regan went to read, nap and work out in the gym and Nikki and I went up to get a little sun. It was in the low 70s ... read more
Nikki, Kelsie and Regan at Ariel statue
Ric, Kelsie, elvis, Regan and Nikki

North America » United States » Hawaii » Kaua'i » Lihu'e May 7th 2012

Geo: 21.9733, -159.354Today we arrived in Nawiliwili Harbor on the island of Kauai. I watched the ship dock before we met the girls for breakfast at Beach Blanket Buffet before meeting in Studio Sea for our shore excursion at 7:30.After leaving the ship we loaded in vans and traveled to the Kauai Backcountry Adventures store where we were issued gloves and helmets with lights for our ride through the ditches. Then back on the van for a 30 minute drive to the entry point into the ditches. Our excursion today was a tube ride down irrigation canals that cut through the island. Our 3.5 mile ride took about 2 hours in the water and over half of it was underground as we floated through caves. It was a great experience. We saw the untouched wilderness of ... read more
Swimming Hole
Nikki and Regan in a tube
Nikki and Kelsie at Dinner

North America » United States » Hawaii » Oahu » Honolulu May 6th 2012

Geo: 21.3069, -157.858When we got up this morning we could see Waikiki from the verandah. It was a nice morning, the sun was just coming up and there was a mist in the air. We watched the ship sail along Waikiki Beach before docking near Aloha Tower.Our shore excursion met at 8:30 so we headed up to breakfast around 7:45. We ate in Beach Blanket Buffet again because it is easy.We then met our shore excursion at Studio Sea before heading out to vans that would take us to our waterfall hike. We drove to the mountains above Kaneohe where we parked near a golf course and Presbyterian church and began our hike through the rainforest.The hike was a little more strenuous than we had all expected it to be and the trail was very muddy ... read more
Family at Waterfall
Nikki and the girls on the USS Arizona Memorial

North America » United States » Hawaii » Maui May 5th 2012

Geo: 20.8947, -156.465The ship arrived in Maui at about 6:45 and the ship was cleared by 7:20. We met the girls in Beach Blanket Buffet at 7:00 and got off the ship by 7:30. We met Bryan Miner, our private guide, and Tonda, our private photographer, right off the ship. We loaded in his van and headed toward Hana. The road winds along the north east side of the island through the rain forest. We stopped and saw many waterfalls and scenery as we drove along. We stopped at a Black Sand Beach and girls went swimming in a spring fed cave. All that was before lunch. We stopped in Hana for lunch where we ate at a restaurant called the Hana Ranch Restaurant. After lunch, we went swimming at the beach in Hana.After the beach ... read more
Black Sand Beach
Road to Hana Scenery
7 Sacred Pools

North America » United States » Hawaii » Big Island » Hilo May 4th 2012

Geo: 19.7297, -155.09Today we arrived in Hilo Hawaii! We woke up around 7 and went out on the balcony. It was a nice day with some low clouds but we were able to see the island of Hawaii in the distance. We were set to dock around 9:30 so we still had a little while before we arrived.We met the girls at Beach Blanket Buffet for breakfast at 9:00. By this time we were alongside the shore line. It began to rain pretty hard. Since Hilo is the rainiest city in the world, this was expected. Hilo receives on average 120" of rain per year. The ship docked early but it took a little while for the local officials to clear the ship and they sounded the all ashore at about 10:30.Our shore excursion was set ... read more
Lava Tree
Thermal Pool
Sea spray from the cliffs

Oceans and Seas » Pacific May 3rd 2012

Geo: 21.1152, -151.007 Today I was punished for sleeping in so late yesterday. I was awake at 5:15. I went out on the verandah to read for a while and then headed to deck 4 and walked for two miles. Then up to deck 9 to grab a drink. It was about 6:45 at this time and already people had staked out their lounge chairs by the pool. There was not one without personal items on them but, surprisingly, the pool was empty and at least ¾ of the chairs were too. I then headed back down to the room to read some more until Nikki woke up. We had a character breakfast at 8:00 am and Nik woke up around 7. At 7:30 we called and woke up the girls and then met them at ... read more
Regan, Mickey and Kelsie

Oceans and Seas » Pacific May 2nd 2012

Geo: 25.483, -140.625 Today we slept in until after 8 (by we, I mean me, Nikki was up just after 7). Nikki and I went to the Cruise Director's Morning presentation in the Promenade Lounge where Christiaan presented the daily activities as well as interviewed the Professor who is presenting the Hawaii History Classes during the Cruise. Afterwards, we went to the store to pick up our pins then went back to the room, Nikki got ready and I headed up to Deck 10 to read for a while until I had to get ready for brunch. We met Regan at Palo for Brunch. We had a great meal and left stuffed. Kelsie was out with her friends so we started some laundry and then Regan and I headed up to the pool area because the ... read more
Palo Celebrating Regan's Birthday
What a beautiful day!!!!!!
Kelsie and Nikki at Dinner

Oceans and Seas » Pacific May 1st 2012

Geo: 30.1451, -133.945 Nikki woke me up around 7:10 to let me know what time it was because today we had to line up to get one of 500 wrist bands for the opportunity to purchase the Disney Cruise Hawaii Pin Sets. I knew that there were people who were sleeping outside of the store to be sure that they got their pin set so I knew I couldn't wait too late to go down and get in line. The cruise line did it this way a few years back and fist fights broke out over it so they changed it and specialty pins like this were sold via a raffle and immediate purchase all handled through a form left in your stateroom. Luckily today there were no fist fights but, I am certain that there ... read more
Ric and Nikki at Dinner
Kelsie and Regan at Dinner

Oceans and Seas » Pacific April 30th 2012

Geo: 32.6209, -132.627 OH MAN! Was the ship rocking during the night. At one point, the closet doors slammed open the light inside came on, then the doors slammed back closed and then back open again. The rocking continued throughout most of the day and we understand that it will be like this all the way across the ocean because there is nothing to stop the waves. We woke up around 630 and went out on deck. It was grey and cold. Crazy Ric only brought shorts and short sleeve shirts and no jacket. May be interesting…. Around 8:00 we called the girls to wake them up. Their room doesn't have a clock so they asked us to wake them for breakfast. Breakfast was in Parrot Cay. Nikki wasn’t feeling well from the motion of the ... read more
Kelsie on Deck on a Gray Day
Ti Leaf Bracelets

Geo: 33.7664, -118.192I was so looking forward to sleeping in today. Our shuttle wasn't scheduled until 10:00 and we had nowhere to be before that. So, when 4:30 rolled around and I was awake, I was not happy. I got up and surfed the web for while until Nikki got up. She also beat the alarm. We got the girls up around 8:30 and then Nikki and I ran to Whitewater Snacks to grab breakfast for us all and take it back to the room.We met our shuttle at 10:00 and were off to the Los Angeles Cruise Terminal. Because Sunday morning traffic was so light, we made great time and arrived at the Long Beach Cruise Terminal by 10:20. Did you notice the issue? We needed to be at Los Angeles and we were taken ... read more
Regan Belle and Kelsie
Kelsie and Regan at dinner
Ric and Nikki at dinner

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