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28th December 2016

Great narrative. Thanks Ric.
From Blog: Journey Home
11th October 2014

so did you try guinea pig?
11th October 2014

Of course I did. That is the second time I have had it. The other time was in Eucador. It isn't bad but, not planning on serving it for dinner anytime soon
11th October 2014

I think rather than the going into these depressed countries and teaching them how to farm "US style" it would be smarter to teach them some of these incredible tried and true methods like you described.
From Blog: Andean Majesty
11th October 2014

I am all caught up, you need to get another trip planned!
From Blog: Our Journy Home
17th June 2014

So what was the fathers day surprise?
16th June 2014

What sutures? !
From Blog: Embarkation Day
4th July 2013

Did the ice from the glacier look any different than regular ice?
30th June 2013

Oh I didn't know you were doing an Alaskan cruise! I hope you love it as much as we did!
16th November 2012

I cannot believe how close to them you are!
14th November 2012

13th November 2012

Sounds like you are having a great time ... DARNIT!!! Tee Hee ... kidding ... kinda ... not ... no ... really ... glad you are having a good trip!! (maybe) :)
14th May 2012

sounds like a fun excursion! I am sad your trip is almost over.
13th May 2012

I will be glad to have you here at home, but I am so grateful that you have had such a wonderful time. Thanks for the time you took to write the blog and keep us up on things. Have a super experience right up until you get home. Love ua.
13th May 2012

love this picture!
5th May 2012

I see several Sundays after dinner viewing pictures of beautiful girls and scenery
3rd May 2012

so the girls both worked out and the old folks took a nap? ROFLMAO! Love the bracelets. That stinks about the 18-21 club.
2nd May 2012

That crab dip is one of my favorites from their menus! Love that soup as well. I'm jealous, which is sad since you haven't even gotten to the islands yet. Thanks for the reports and have a great cruise! Glad the seas calmed a little!
1st May 2012

Not sure how old your girls are but it sure does seem like you enjoy traveling together as a family. Would love to meet up sometime!
1st May 2012

Beautiful family!!!
1st May 2012

Just sad you only WATCHED the HULA lesson.
1st May 2012

Super Cute!
30th April 2012

And you are off! I have never tried to get a 2nd stateroom on board, was it a good savings? Have a great time, can't wait to read along more, as your internet allows of course!
30th April 2012

Can't wait to travel along with you! Other than the wrong cruise terminal it sounds like a great start.

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