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South America » Peru April 3rd 2014

Geo: -13.2646, -72.2658Breakfast was at the hotel restaurant buffet style and then at 8:00 we boarded our bus for the white water rafting trip down the Urubamba River. We arrived at the entry point and were given instructions before being give our wetsuits, life vests, windbreakers and helmets and being assigned our boats. The trip down the river was awesome with a lot of history being provided to us by our guide. We spent about two hours on the river. After we got out we were given time to change and then had some snacks before boarding the bus to head to lunch at Casa Huacatay. We ate a catered lunch of Peruvian foods in the courtyard of the youth hostel.Then it was a short ride to Ollantaytambo Town and starting our hike up the terraced ... read more
Ready for a ride
Lunch Spot

North America » United States April 2nd 2014

Geo: -13.5295, -71.9687We had to have our luggage outside the room by 6:30 and meet in the lobby by 7:00 for our bus ride back to the airport. We boarded our plane to Cusco and, after an hour plane ride, we arrived in Cusco. After getting off the plane we got on buses that took us through Cusco and to the Center for Traditional Textiles of Cusco. There we were greeted with lemonade and delicious cevice and beet, sweet potato and regular homemade potato chips and guacamole. Then we were seated at tables and served a lunch of potatoes, quinoa cakes, tomato salad, alpaca loaf, bread, avocados, quiche and oven baked quinoa coated chicken. For dessert we had cheesecake and banana muffins.We then saw a weaving demonstration by the women who work at the cooperative weaving ... read more
Woman spinning wool into yark
Sacred Valley
Sol y Luna room

South America » Peru » Lima April 1st 2014

Geo: -12.0931, -77.0465The first day started early with my flight to Atlanta where I met Steve after his flight from Richmond. We had a 3 hour layover before out flight to Lima. Upon arriving in Lima and going through customs we met up with a driver who took us about 40 minutes to our Lima Hotel. We stayed at the Casa Andina Private Collection Hotel in Miraflores.... read more
Sleeping area
Casa Andina Bathroom

North America » United States » Utah » Salt Lake City March 31st 2014

Geo: 40.7595, -111.888... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver July 8th 2013

Geo: 49.2605, -123.114Today we had to disembark from the cruise. We had breakfast in Parrot Cay before going to Wavebands to wait for our boarding zone to be called so we could disembark. We got off the ship around 9:00 am and picked up our rental car from the Canada Place National Car location.Getting across the border took about 40 minutes which, although long, didnt seem too bad.As we were sitting in line to cross, someone said "Lets find a Jack in the Box for lunch". So, I used my GPS and found one in a town just across the border. We dont have Jack in the Box in Utah so this was a new experience for some of us (Kelsie). Then we got back on the road to go to Seattle to catch our 6:15 ... read more
Nikki, Regan and Kesie on the Waterfront

North America » Canada » British Columbia July 7th 2013

Geo: 52.9188, -129.391For our last day of cruising, we were at sea. We all took advantage of this and slept in. Breakfast was at Beach Blanket again so that we could see out the windows as we sailed.After breakfast, we wandered the ship a while, then Nikki, Regan and I went to the Art of Entertaining series and learned to make Apple Strudel. Kelsie went for a run.We all met back up around noon to have lunch in Triton's and then went to the Family Craft where we made wind chimes.Nikki and I had a couples massage scheduled for the afternoon and the girls did their own things.We met up for dinner at Parrot Cay for a last night dinner.We then went for a walk on Deck 10 since they were cleaning Deck 4.The show was ... read more
Regan, Nikki and Kelsie on deck
Ric and Nikki on deck

North America » United States » Alaska » Ketchikan July 6th 2013

Geo: 55.3542, -131.691Today the ship docked in Ketchikan at around 11 so we took the opporunity to sleep in. We had breakfast at Beach Blanket.After breakfast we went and played a round of Bingo but didnt have any luck at winning although I got to verify that all the numbers were represented and for this I got some lip balm and a hat.Then, Kelsie and I got off the ship so she could get a souvenir. Nikki went to read at Cove Cafe and Regan chilled.We grabbed lunch at the pool deck before heading to our 12:15 meeting for our excursion. We were going to the Tatoosh Islands to kayak.We had a 30 minute bus ride followed by a 20 minute boat ride on Zodiak out to the island to be instructed on how to use ... read more
Bald Eagle
From the Zodiak
Regan on th zodiak

North America » United States » Alaska » Juneau July 5th 2013

Geo: 58.3677, -134.58The ship arrived in Juneau today. Juneau is the only State Capital not accessible by road so it is still a small city of only 31,000 people.We had breakfast in Beach Blanket again today because we had another early excursion. We met at 7:30 and were escorted to our bus. We then took a ride to our whale watching catamaran. We saw a humpback whale about 5 minutes into our cruise which they explained to us was very rare. We also saw eagles as we sailed along. We caught another glimpse of a whale and, while watching that, we saw a calf jumping out of the water (breaching). We watched the whale repeatedly jump for about half an hour. The natuarlist identified the mother of this whale as Flame and was very excited about ... read more
Kelse and Nikki on the Catmaran
Kelsie, Nikki and Regan at Orca Point
Humpback Whale

North America » United States » Alaska » Skagway July 4th 2013

Geo: 59.4583, -135.314Today we were docked in Skagway, a town with a population of 900 people.We had an early shore excursion today so we had breakfast at Beach Blanket before heading to the Walt Disney Theater.As we got off the ship, we met our tour guide Garrett who drove us about half an hour to the mushers camp. From there, we took a UNIMOG (army truck) up to the top of the camp where we met the dogs who were waiting to take us on our sled ride. The sleds were designed to hold 6 people and were on wheels since there is no snow. Our musher Miriam talked to us on the ride explaining about the positions of the dogs in the team and even had to move dog because the lead dog was fighting ... read more
On the Glacier
Meade from the air

North America » United States » Alaska July 3rd 2013

Geo: 57.5512, -133.726Today we were able to have another later start. It was foggy but not too cold so Nik and I sat on the deck for a little while before getting ready for the day.We met for breakfast at 9:00 in Tritons. After breakfast Nikki and I took walk around the deck before heading to the Art of Entertaining presentation where we learned how to make Philo Wrapped Salmon. Regan went and worked out and Kelsie went to do her own thing.We met up to play a trivia challenge and we were victorious again...that is two for two.After trivia, we went up to Beach Blanket Buffet for the BBQ.It was shortly after lunch that we entered Tracy Arm Fjord for our cruise to the glacier. It was rainy and cold but as we sailed a ... read more
In the fjord
Along the Fjord
Along the Fjord

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