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May 3rd 2012
Published: June 11th 2017
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Today I was punished for sleeping in so late yesterday. I was awake at 5:15. I went out on the verandah to read for a while and then headed to deck 4 and walked for two miles. Then up to deck 9 to grab a drink. It was about 6:45 at this time and already people had staked out their lounge chairs by the pool. There was not one without personal items on them but, surprisingly, the pool was empty and at least ¾ of the chairs were too.

I then headed back down to the room to read some more until Nikki woke up. We had a character breakfast at 8:00 am and Nik woke up around 7. At 7:30 we called and woke up the girls and then met them at Parrot Cay for breakfast.

After breakfast, the girls went to watch the Winnie the Pooh movie and Nikki and I went to see the presentation about Kauaii in the Walt Disney Theater. On the way we met the Davidson's and sat with them.

After the show it was time for the Hawaiian Craft which today was decorating bags with a Hawaiian design of our choosing that would represent our family.

After the craft, Kelsie went to hang out with her friends and Nikki, Regan and I went up to deck 9 for a snack.

Regan had asked if she could play Bingo so she and I went to Wavebands for the game. Nikki took the opportunity for a little alone time to stroll around the ship.

We met the Davidsons, Carol and some friends of the Davidson’s for lunch at Beach Blanket Buffet. It was nice visiting with them all.

After lunch Regan, Nikki and I went to get some sun and have a dip in the pool. Regan then went off to the gym for a little workout.

Nikki and I relaxed on the veranda before meeting the girls for Name that Disney Tune Trivia. We didn’t win this time but came in second place.

The game show ran into our dinner time so we were a little late for dinner in Animator’s Palate for the show night.

After dinner Nikki and I took our mile plus walk around the ship before heading to the Mike Super Show.

Then Nikki and I went to bed, Regan decided to take a nap before heading to the Walt Disney Theater at 12:01 to see The Avengers in 3D and Kelsie went to the Vibe to hang with her friends.

Ric: Onion cheesecake, butternut squash soup, pasta with cream sauce and apple crisp
Nikki: Onion cheesecake, tomato confetti salad, pasta with cream sauce and apple crisp
Regan: Onion cheesecake, chicken fingers and apple crisp
Kelsie: Fruit Cup, asian beef tenderloin and apple crisp


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