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Europe » France June 16th 2014

Geo: 43.7042, 7.31015We met the girls in Cabanas at 8:15 so we could be in Fathoms at 9:00 for our excursion.In Villefranche, we have to tender to get to the shore so, after checking in, we were led down to deck 1 and boarded a small boat that took us to the dock. We me our guide for the day who took us to our bus and off we were.Villefranche is a small town that was established sometime in the 1600s and was an important fortress for defending the area. Villefranche means "Free Town" because historically there were no taxes charged to people who lived here.Our bus drove us to Nice up the hill and back down into Nice. Our bus dropped us off near a park that was built over a major river and is ... read more
Disney Magic in the Bay
Apollo Statue in Nice

Europe » France June 15th 2014

Geo: 42.8196, 6.32812Today was a Day at Sea so we took advantage to sleep in a while. Although Days At Sea are supposed to be relaxing, they usually aren't for us.We met at 8:30 for breakfast at Cabanas before heading off to the DVC Member Party at Fathoms. Regan was selected to answer a trivia question and she did well! Then, Nikki and I were also chosen but not allowed to answer so others could get a chance.At breakfast Nikki and the girls gave me my father's day gift which was an awesome surprise since I had asked them not to do anything special.Right after the DVC party, we headed to the Anyone Can Cook Series where we learned to make Lobster Ravioli. We love these cooking series and found out that we will learn entrée ... read more
Fun in the Sun
Relaxing on Deck

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona June 14th 2014

Geo: 41.3879, 2.16992We slept in a little today and then headed to the Executive Lounge for breakfast. They had eggs, bacon and fruits along with pastries and meats and cheeses. We sat on the balcony and looked at the sea.Before we headed out to the ship, I need to run across the street to get some Euro from the ATM. After a having a few issues and having to call American Express, and make three trips to the ATM, I was able to get some cash. I then went back to the hotel, we got our luggage and then headed to the Executive Lounge to check out. There was some sort of issue and it took the host in the lounge almost 30 minutes to check us out of the hotel.We grabbed a cab and after ... read more
Streamers from the Sail Away Party
Celebrating the beginning of the cruise
Nikki and Regan ready for dinner

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona June 13th 2014

Geo: 41.3879, 2.16992Our plane from Atlanta landed a few minutes late at 8:45. We got off the plane and through customs really quickly and then had a wait for our luggage. They told us their commitment for luggage was 40 minutes but, they beat that. The front pocket of Kelsie's suitcase was ripped off in the journey from Salt Lake City so we had to make arrangements for Delta to repair it once we get home.Then we met our driver who loaded us in his van and drove us to the Hilton Diagonal Mar. We had two rooms and Regan & Kelsie's was ready so we went to their room and freshened up a little before heading to the Executive lounge for a snack. Then heading out for the day.Our hotel recommended spending the day on ... read more
Nikki, Regan and Kelsie at the Colombus Monument
Ric and Kelsie at the Hilton Diagonal Mar
Skyline from Hotel

North America » United States » Utah » Salt Lake City April 9th 2014

Geo: 40.7595, -111.888After a long day, I made it home to Salt Lake City.The trip had so many highlights and I learned so much about Peru and the Incan culture. Nobody can make a trip so special than Adventures by Disney.This last week is full of memories that I am so glad to have.... read more

South America » Peru » Lima April 8th 2014

Geo: -12.0931, -77.0465Luggage had to be outside the door by 7:45 then we had breakfast in the hotel before meeting in the lobby. The buses took us to Cucso airport for our 1.5 hour plane ride to Lima. Once we landed in Lima, we went straight to the bus for a ride to our lunch location. We were privileged to eat and visit Casa Aliaga, a colonial mansion that is as old as Lima itself. This house is where a former financial advisor to the President lived. It is a beautiful home full of antiques and history and beautifully preserved. Before lunch we watched a group of performers who played the cajon (or peru box) and sang and danced. Lunch was a buffed and we ate in the main dining room of the house. After lunch ... read more
Entry Way
Sitting Room
Sitting Room

South America » Peru » Cusco April 7th 2014

Geo: -13.52, -71.99We had breakfast on our own at the hotel and then met in the lobby to start our day. We boarded our bus for a short ride to the Temple of Sacsayhuaman which is just above the city of Cusco. This temple is an amazing structure made of stones that weigh up to 200 tons. They were brought to the location from great distances in the building of this three level structure. The temple has an alter at it that is considered by the Incas as the most holy place and has only been used since that time by one person, Pope John Paul. The stones fit so tightly together that you cant even fit a human hair between them. It's zig-zag pattern has ensured that it withheld the test of time and earthquakes ... read more
Harvey in front of stones at Sacsayhuaman

South America » Peru » Cusco April 6th 2014

Geo: -13.52, -71.99Our luggage had to be out of the room by 8:00 so we could depart by 8:30. We drove through the Sacred Valley to Pisac where we went to the market for some shopping. We were each given 10 Soles to purchase a "white llama" gift for an exchange later in the trip. After about an hour of shopping we got back on the bus for a continued drive. We made a short stop at the Awana Kancha Camelids Center where we got to feed llamas and Alpacas. We also had time to see many of the goods produced from their wool. Then it we completed our ride into Cusco city. We learned that Cusco has a population of approximately half a million people. Our bus dropped us off right in the main square ... read more
Pisac Market
Feeding a Llama
Cathedral at Cusco Square

South America » Peru April 5th 2014

Geo: -13.1628, -72.5158Breakfast was in the hotel and then we met at 7:15 to take a bus to Ollantaytambo Train Station to board the train to Machu Picchu. The train ride was ride was and hour and a half and then we arrived at the train station. We then boarded buses that took us up to Machu Picchu. The road has 17 switchbacks to get us to the entrance. Before going into the park, we had a buffet lunch at the Sanctuary Lodge. Once we were in Machu Picchu or guide Diego, took us for a climb to an overlook where we got the famous shot of Machu Picchu. Then we climbed higher and higher to overlook the site. We learned that this site was a sacred site that housed 300 people when the king was ... read more
Machu Picchu
Valley below Machu Picchu
Temple of the Sun

South America » Peru » Cusco » Moray April 4th 2014

Geo: -13.3139, -72.2075We had breakfast in the hotel this morning and then met for an hour bus ride to the archeological site of Moray. At Moray we saw terraces that, rather than going up the side of the mountain, are in a depression in the earth. Experts believe that the Incas used this as a laboratory to help them cultivate crops that would grow in the valleys of Cusco. The temperature difference between the top of the site to the bottom of the site differ by 15 degrees F. We walked a way down into the terraces and then used "flying staircases" to get from one terrace to the next. These are rocks that protrude from the wall of the terrace creating steps.We learned that these Incan terraces were not cut into the mountain but a ... read more
Ric at Terraces of Moray
Flying Staircase
Flying Staircase

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