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South America » Ecuador » North » Otavalo November 8th 2012

Geo: 0.233333, -78.2667After getting up and getting ready today I wandered around the grounds of the hacienda and took photos. Then we had a buffet breakfast before getting on the bus We went to Parque Condor which is a preserve for birds of prey here in Otovalo. We were taken around the park by the man who founded it with help from the Dutch Government. The park was beautiful and we saw many birds including bald eagles and condors.After Parque Condor we went to a nearby field where we got to fly kites.Lunch was at a nice hotel right on a lake called Puerto Lago. I had beef and vegetable empanadas, a fried pork with hominy, avocado, sweet potatoes and plantains all followed by bread pudding.After lunch we went to Otovalo Market where we got to ... read more
Parque Condor Gate
Bald Eagle
Flying Bald Eagle

South America » Ecuador » North » Otavalo November 7th 2012

Geo: 0.233333, -78.2667Morning came very early today. We had to have our luggage outside the room by 6:30 am and breakfast was at 7. We met in the lobby and took the elevator to the top floor of the hotel. There was a balcony overlooking the city where we took photos and then we had a breakfast buffet. There were some tropical fruits and other Ecuadorian breakfast foods plus traditional American foods.During breakfast we had an introduction of ourselves to the groupWe then boarded the bus and started on our way to the Otovalo Valley. After about an hour we stopped at a gas station for a convenience break and then continued another hour or so until we reached the "Center of the Earth". This is a sun dial that sits right on the equator. It ... read more
On the Equator
Rose Greenhouse

South America » Ecuador » North » Quito November 6th 2012

Geo: -0.223151, -78.5127Well, here goes my day. I arrived at the Salt Lake City airport at 8:00 am for my 9:40 flight to Atlanta. The flight went off without a hitch and arrived in Atlanta as scheduled. After a two hour layover I boarded my 5 hour flight to Quito Ecuador.The flight from Atlanta to Quito was 5 hours and I watched two movies. Customs and luggage were easy and then we met some people who transported us to the hotel. When we arrived at the JW Marriott hotel in Quito we were greeted with hot towels and green tomato juice. Our Adventure Guides are Eduardo and Laura. They told us that we had an early morning and, since it was midnight we headed up to bed. In our room were duffle bags and chocolate bars. ... read more

North America » United States » Utah » Salt Lake City November 6th 2012

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North America » Mexico » Baja California » Ensenada May 13th 2012

Geo: 31.872, -116.61We arrived in Ensenada today. Our tour was at 9:45 so we met the girls for breakfast at 9:00 in Beach Blanket. Then we headed to Diversions to meet for the excursion.We boarded a bus and took a brief tour of the city before driving to the restaurant where we were going to learn to prepare Mexican food and eat it.When we sat down, we had molajetes with a whole tomato, some onion, a chili pepper, cilantro, lime, and avocado. We first made salsa Mexicana with all but the avocado and then we mashed the avocado and added it to the salsa to make guacamole. It was delicious.Our next dish was chicken enchiladas with tomatillo sauce. Followed by tostados with beans and shredded beef.We all enjoyed our lunch experience, even Kelsie who didn't want ... read more
Our ingredients for Guacamole
Mother's Day Cake

Oceans and Seas » Pacific May 12th 2012

Geo: 23.8055, -143.789 This was the last time we would lose an hour of sleep until we fry from California to Utah. We ended up sleeping in again and made it to breakfast with the girls at about 9:45. We ate in Beach Blanket again. There was not much going on today. Nikki and I decided to go see Avengers again. Regan and Kelsie went off to do their things. I know Regan went to an animation class with Ducky Williams and Kelsie did do some homework. Other than that, they will have to tell you what they did. After the show Nikki and I went to Beach Blanket for lunch. They had seafood and sushi so Nikki decided to grab a burger. I had sushi and a crab leg for lunch. We then met Regan ... read more
Regan, Nikki, Zeljko, Kelsie and Ric

Oceans and Seas » Pacific May 11th 2012

Geo: 23.8055, -143.789 Again, we lost an hour of sleep so we woke up around 8:30. We took our time getting ready and then Nikki and I went downstairs to Tritons for brunch. Service was very leisurely so we finished around 11:30. We went to Shutters to look at photos and then just spent some time relaxing. We met Regan for TV Show Trivia and then TV Theme Song Trivia (we didn't do great at either, not bad, just not great). At noon the captain had announced that it was 62 degrees but that the winds were a little calmer. We also were having quite a bit of movement on the ship and we found out why…the swells in the ocean were between 12 and 18 feet. After Trivia, we noticed that there was some sun ... read more
Regan and Ric at Dinner

Oceans and Seas » Pacific May 10th 2012

Geo: 23.8055, -143.789 Because we lost another hour today we ended up sleeping in a while before we met the girls for breakfast at Beach Blanket Buffet. After Breakfast the girls went their way and Nikki and I went for a little walk and to look at photos in Shutters. After our walk we went to the Art of Entertaining demonstration where we learned to cook veal cutlets with couscous. It was delicious. Then Nikki went off to a scrapbook class and Regan, Kelsie and I went to a Disney Parks Music Trivia. Kelsie's friend Grace joined us. We won the competition and got hats and water bottles. Then Kelsie and Grace went off to have more fun while Nikki, Regan and I went to lunch at Pinocchio’s Pizzaria and Pluto’s Dog House. Today was overcast ... read more
Donald, Ric, Nikki and Daisy
Nikki, Ric and Regan at Palo

Oceans and Seas » Pacific May 9th 2012

Geo: 23.8055, -143.789 Today was going to be a lazy day. We slept in a while and then just hung around the room until 9:30 when we met the girls for breakfast at Beach Blanket Buffet. After Breakfast the girls went their way and Nikki and I went for a little walk. Then, Nikki and I had a spa appointment. The massage was awesome and very relaxing. We then headed up to deck 9 to grab a bite of lunch and to relax by the pool. It was very windy and in the low 70s so it wasn't overly warm but the sun was out so it was a nice way to continue the relaxing day. Regan and Kelsie took photos for Regan’s Senior Portrait and then Regan laid out on deck, and worked out at ... read more
Family with Minnie

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