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Woke up pretty sick today from stupid cold or hay fever. Wish I could have done better so could have done a decent hike in Yosemite. We were actually pretty lucky to arrive the time we did. Only a few days after we left there were huge bush fires and the tours after ours missed Yosemite. You could hire bikes. Cat, Barb and I went to the cafe and bought some sandwiches and then went to see if we could hire biked but they were all gone. We jumped on the shuttle and got off at one of the walking trails by the river. It was only rated a moderate train but the three of us all found it relatively hard. The fact I was sick didn't help. The track was quite hilly and the weather ... read more
Me in Yosemete National Park
Me in Yosemete NP
Cat, Barb I - Yosemete NP

Today was our big driving day. We left Vegas around 7:45 and got to Yosemete around 6:45. As I said... big driving day. We had several stops along the way. Once place was factory outlets in the middle of nowhere and that was great fun. Lots of shopping. Bought some Guess Jeans and Top about half the price or possibly even 1/3 then your would get them at home. When we got to Yosemete we checked in and then walked up the road to town for our included pizza dinner. The food was demolished fairly quickly. Nothing really goes on in town. Pretty much went to bed and watched tv. ... read more

North America » United States » Nevada » Las Vegas July 21st 2008

Today was our free day to do what we would like in Vegas. Cat and I got up and had breaky and then ran into Aaron and Donny around the car park so we made arrangements to do some sightseeing with them. Firstly we hit the MGM Grand. We went to the lion enclosure and it was just before it opened so we sat and waiting the few minutes. It was a good time to go because the lions were very active when they came out playing and running around. Next stop - Paris Paris. I loved it. Such a loser. Haha. But considering I have never been to Europe I was that excited just being in there. Its set out to look like an evening in Paris. The roof is painted with clouds, faint lighting, ... read more
New York New York
Lion in MGM Grand

North America » United States July 20th 2008

Drove to Vegas. :) We traveled along Historic Route 66 with some stops along the way. The first one was a little town where the movie "cars" was based around. It had some quirky stuff like "road kill cafe" and Arizona jail etc. The historic route 66 sign was about a 10 min walk out of town so I didn't go there to get photos but a few people did. Our hotel/motel was down the end of the strip near Hooters. Reports from past travellers all say the hotel is very basic but it was fine. We were never there anyway. It was very hot. We got ready to hit the town, black dresses and all. Everyone dressed up tonight. We got a tour of the strip from the bus from one end to the other. ... read more
Route 66
Route 66
Route 66

North America » United States » Arizona » Grand Canyon July 19th 2008

Woke up and had the included breaky. Pretty average. Not much options. Just grabbed a croissant. After that it was on the bus to go to the helicopters for those who chose to do that optional which was almost everyone. We all got weighed and watched a safety video. The choppers were all delayed due to high winds and were almost canceled which would have sucked big time. The delays ended up not being too long. I got to ride shot gun with the pilot. Awesome. It was so good. I thought it might be kinda scary, me hating heights and all but it was just amazing. Blows you away. The weather was overcast and misty but still got some good photos. Its so cool flying into the canyon. You start flying over trees etc and ... read more
Canyon from chopper
Canyon from chopper
Canyon from chopper

North America » United States » Arizona » Grand Canyon July 18th 2008

It was so good to wake up today and not be hung over. Especially after yesterdays efforts. Hot air ballooning was on this morning with a very early wake up of i think around 4am. I did not do it, Cat did though and really enjoyed it. Some people who were out drinking last night pulled an all righter not sleeping before ballooning. 3 others missed the optional from sleeping in after their night out. That would suck because its an expensive optional to miss. The drive to Grand Canyon was pretty cool. Awesome scenery and cool little towns. Main stop was Sedona. I think almost all of us did the options red rock jeep ride. It was really awesome - totally recommend it. We got taken off road and through the red rocks of Sedona. ... read more
Cat me n Barb with other rocks
Bell Rock
Bell Rock

North America » United States » Arizona » Phoenix July 17th 2008

Today Cat had to get me up. The whole day was hell and was spend spewing. In 45 + degree heat I spent about 4 hours of the bus ride hanging out in the toilet with a garbage bag constantly filling with puke. Worst hangover ever. At out shopping center stopover I even had to spew in a bin in the shopping center. A very classy girl. Clearly. It was so hot. That night we went into town for a walkabout dinner. Majority of us went to a Greek restaurant called My Big Fat Greek Restaurant. I would highly recommend it. The food was amazing. We went out for a few drinks but I was majorly struggling, still completing bla from the night before and swearing off alcohol forever. I had one cocktail and then I ... read more

North America » United States » California » San Diego July 17th 2008

Cat was a bit worse for wear this morning and our 'guest' was still sleeping too so I left them alone and went to have breakfast myself, meeting others from tour in the kitchen. After breaky Cat was still struggling so was going to make her own way to the zoo. I went in with Contiki and Barb, Jo, Donny & Tanya all explored the zoo together. We totally sucked at trying to find our way around. Our goal was the Pandas & tigers and despite us following, or trying to follow the signs, it still took us lots of other exhibits before we found what we were looking for. The zoo was great. I'm glad we chose to to both the Zoo and Seaworld. A male orangutan was right up the front of the glass. ... read more
San diego zoo
San diego zoo
San diego zoo

North America » United States » California » San Diego July 16th 2008

Today was our first official day on our Wild Western Contiki tour. We departed our hotel about 7:30 am and drove south towards San Diego. Our first optional excursion took place in the morning around 10:00 am. It was $14 US and it was a harbour cruise. It was nothing too exciting but it was nice to see it from the water and I don't think there would have been too much else to do it you didn't go on the cruise. We mingled a little and met some new people when on the cruise. The harbour is a navy port so there was lots of boats, sub marines and choppers so it was actually quite interesting in that regard. We saw some seals too so that's a nice little bonus. It went for about an ... read more
Seals from the cruise
Fishing boat getting chased by sea gull
Old town san diego

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles » Anaheim July 15th 2008

Today was Disneyland :) We planned to leave 7:30 am and be there when the park opened at 8:00 but as per usual we stuffed around and ended up going later then planned arriving at Disneyland just before 9:00 am. We headed straight for Indiana Jones ride, which was totally awesome. It indicated a 25 minute wait but it moved really quick. I don't think we waited 25 minutes. If we did it sure did not seem that long. The que is really interesting anyway and sets the mood with tribal stuff and cave and bones. Really good special effects. We went on the ride 3 times, one time riding shotgun which was great. After that we did pirates of the Caribbean - amazing. The characters have all been done up to match Johnny Deep and ... read more
In the que for Indiana Jons ride
Que for Indiana Jones

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