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July 17th 2008
Published: March 14th 2010
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Cat was a bit worse for wear this morning and our 'guest' was still sleeping too so I left them alone and went to have breakfast myself, meeting others from tour in the kitchen. After breaky Cat was still struggling so was going to make her own way to the zoo. I went in with Contiki and Barb, Jo, Donny & Tanya all explored the zoo together.

We totally sucked at trying to find our way around. Our goal was the Pandas & tigers and despite us following, or trying to follow the signs, it still took us lots of other exhibits before we found what we were looking for. The zoo was great. I'm glad we chose to to both the Zoo and Seaworld.

A male orangutan was right up the front of the glass. It was so funny. There was a young boy about 3 or 4 standing on the glass and the male orangutan came up to him and stared him right in the eye, face to face against the glass. So funny another young tiny monkey came running up and slapped the big dominant male in the face and took off. The male got up real quick puffed himself up, looked like he was going to kill the little thing but then couldn't be bothered chasing him.

We got a group shot in front of the giraffes and in front of the pandas.

The polar bears were really cool too. We were lucky everything was active when we were there. The bears were getting fed and diving into the water from land. The Hippo tank was pretty cool too.

After the Zoo we got taken to Mission Beach and had some time to shop and look around. We did some shoppig and then went and sat in a bar with a surf / wave wall thing which people bodyboard from and then pretty much get dumped and axed.

Dinner was walkabout tonight. Lots of people went to a Mexican Place but I went up the road to Taco Bell. I found a liquor store and bought 'cocktail in a can'. It was great. Nice and strong 7.5% alco cocktails in a can. We went to Karaoke up the road from the hotel. It was really fun. Lots of us came out of our shells and socialised more with each other.

I ended up getting carried home by Levi and Preston and like everyone else. It took a good 2 hours to take me 15 minutes away. I don't remember much but felt it the next day, and seriously watched my drinking the rest of the tour.

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