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Carmen Sandiego is a series of American educational mystery video games which spawned an edutainment franchise of the same name. The game released in 1985, Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?, triggered both the video game series and the franchise as a whole, which has continued up to the present day. Each game of the series has a particular theme and subject, where the player must use their knowledge to find url= read more

From 2012. The eighth largest city in the US is San Diego. It is also the site of a three game series between our San Francisco Giants, and the San Diego Padres. I have attended games at the old Jack Murphy Stadium, now called Qualcomm Stadium over in Mission Valley. The climate is mild, the city/suburban area is close to Mexico, and the Navy has a presence, which began back in 1901. Lately, biotech and golf club manufacturers have taken over the areas north of San Diego. One of my favorite golf venues, Torrey Pines is located up the road in La Jolla. It is always rated in the top ten public golf courses in the country. I had an office here back in the 70s, as well as access to a company apartment, which I ... read more
Point Loma seafood
Famous Over the Line tournament

North America » United States » California » San Diego February 4th 2019

San Diego's beautiful weather, white sanded beaches and clear waters attract thousands of people each year. This amazing paradise is perfect for a great holiday, but even here you can get in trouble. As psychologists say we are most at risk of dangerous behavior during holidays, here are the biggest mistakes you can make while in San Diego, nicknamed American's Finest City. Drinking on the beach San Diego beaches may be heaven on earth, especially after a long drive, but make sure you don't drink while sunbathing. If you do, you will end up with a fine and a ticket, as drinking is only allowed at the beachfront bars. In this case, it would help to hire a SAN DIEGO attorney, especially if you were trying to pretend your Coke bottle... read more

North America » United States » California » San Diego December 13th 2018

We had one day at sea after we left Cabo and the most exciting thing that happened that day was that we finally won the quiz!! We had been tied twice before and lost on a tie breaker and had been close several times but this day we cracked it. Our friends from the UK,Helena and Mark Smith,were great and we got 12/15 on a fairly tough set of questions. Much to our delight we were the last team with hands up when they called the number 12 . The prize was a Mimosa each( champagne and orange) but it was the honour and the glory that mattered. The next morning we arrived into San Diego. We all had to present ourselves with passports and forms in hand to custom inspectors on board but that went ... read more
Star of India
Ships in the Maritime Museum
More of the Maritime Museum

North America » United States » California » San Diego September 21st 2018

Today the sea was prominent. Noah took us to surf at the beach he usually goes to, five minutes from his home. I put on his diving suit, which felt like I was wrapped up tight in saran wrap. Noah and I went to try and surf. The sea was calm with only gentle swells, which was just fine by me as I’m just learning to hold on to the board. We tried it a few times while Tamar waited on the beach (we only had two boards). After a few tries I switched with Tamar. She’s much better at surfing than me, that’s for sure! There was a seal playing in the water not far from where Tamar and Noah were surfing, and soon after that a pod of 3-4 dolphins came by. They were ... read more
In the water
Tamar and Noah

North America » United States » California » San Diego September 9th 2018

We took it kind of easy today so it'll be a short blog. Woke up late and took our time getting organized, then Noah and the boys took us shopping at an outlet nearby. Tamar got some shoes and a shirt but other than that we just browsed a little. We had to drop Eldad off at a birthday party so our time was limited. After we dropped Eldad off, we went back to the Seal beach at La Jolla Cove to try and get some underwater footage of the seals. Unfortunately, neither the sea nor the seals were very cooperative. The sea was rough and the seals preferred to lounge on the rocks. We did have fun trying though. I think I did get a little glimpse of seal underwater with the gopro, but nothing ... read more

North America » United States » California » San Diego September 8th 2018

We spent the day today with Noah, Tali and the kids and had a lovely time. It took a while for everyone to wake up and get organized, so in the mean time I managed to get some quite good pictures of hummingbirds in Noah's garden. After we finally got organized and piled into the car Noah took us to Coronado Island over the Coronado bridge. Now that's a bridge! It crosses the San Diego bay, towering high above the water before dropping down to the island. Coronado Island is a high-end neighborhood of San Diego, with lots of large, expensive houses and fancy cars but not really much to do there. Still, driving over the bridge was an experience, and driving back gave us a good view of the naval shipyards and all the aircraft ... read more
Coronado Bridge
Next to the Midway
Me with the boys

North America » United States » California » San Diego September 7th 2018

Luckily, after waking up this morning at 3, I was able to get to sleep again and woke up at a more culturally acceptable time. Tali and Noah were getting the kids ready for school and Tamar was just getting up as well. Coffee was definitely in order! After we got the kids to school we prepared for our hike. It would be just Noah, Tamar and I. Oh, and Joker too. So we prepared sandwiches, got water and off we went. The Elfin Forest Recreational Reserve is only about a half hour drive from Noah's place. We got to the reserve and parked. At the entrance to the park there's a fire hazard meter, set to High. We don't see those at home! At the entrance to the trail there's a whole set of signs ... read more
Fire meter
Coexisting with Coyotes
Rules for dogs

North America » United States » California » San Diego September 6th 2018

So, we're finally away! Tamar and I got to Ben Gurion airport with plenty of time to spare, and a good thing too! Apparently almost 50 flights took off today to Uman (crazy religious)! But once we got through the check-in line things went smoothly, and we got past the security and passport control easily, with time to spare to stroll through the duty free and make terrible puns with the stuff they sell there. The flight was, well, I'd rather not do that again anytime soon! 15 hours on a plane with uncomfortable seats and lots of loud kids & babies. We reached San Francisco on time, if a bit ragged, and got through the airport smoothly and on time for our next flight. The next flight was just a short hop to San Diego. ... read more
Window washing
Made it!

North America » United States » California » San Diego August 5th 2018

When many of us travel, we seek out well known or popular places to eat. I am guilty of this some of the time as well. But if you are in an expensive place, or trying to economize, and eat a little healthier, you do have options. First, take advantage of the freebies in the hotel. Often breakfast, or at least, a continental breakfast is offered. And in foreign countries, the breakfast is substantial. In the evening, the hotel happy hours often provide cold and hot appetizers, as well as free or inexpensive beverages. If I get upgraded to the club floor, the food often serves as a meal replacement, particularly when the weather is bad outside, or your time is short. Two things I always carry, make that three. One is a refillable bottle for ... read more
Happy hour shrimpers
Food trucks are a great alternative!
I love happy hours on the road!

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