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North America July 3rd 2008

Another one of the best days on tour. A very long fun filled day. For those quad biking we had to be ready and out the front of our hotel by 7:30 am. The guys from the quad bike place picked us up and drove us about 1.5 hours to the place where the bikes were. I think we crossed back into British Columbia. At the office we signed forms and geared up. We where given overalls, a scarf for our faces, a helmet and some boots... kind of. By the time Cat and I got to the boot area all the small ones were taken leaving massive ones that the boys wouldn't even wear... so we just did it in our shoes. Cat and I shared a bike. We actually all ended up sharing bikes ... read more
The quads
Me at Banff Riding Stables
Riding Stable in Banff

North America » Canada » Alberta » Banff July 2nd 2008

Today was one of the earliest starts but so worth it. We traveled along the Icefields Parkway, considered one of the most scenic highways in the world. We stopped at a shop for lunch and started to layer up for the glacier. My layers were something like leggings and 2 pairs knee high socks under thick fluffy track pants, singlet top, t-shirt, cardigan, jacket and my grouse mountain jacket on top of all that. We then headed to the Columbia Icefield where we would travel to the Athabasca Glacier. The Columbia Icefield is located in Jasper National Park. The Icefield - the largest sub-polar body of ice in North America - is one of the reasons why the United Nations declared Canada's four Rocky Mountain Parks World Heritage Sites. The Icefield covers 325 square kilometres with ... read more
Athabasca Glacier
Cat and I on Athabasca Glacier
Athabasca Glacier

North America » Canada » Alberta » Jasper July 1st 2008

Today we got up and headed to the bus at 10:15 for our optional excursion to Maligne Lake/Spirit Island. On the way out we stopped at Maligne Canyon for a short hike and photos and then on to Maligne lake where we had lunch before the cruise. Our guide said that even the toughest bikey guys he has had on tour said he loved the cruise and thought Spirit Island was really pretty. The sky was a bit bla and weather overcast but it was still a clear day and didn't rain. The boat took us out and around spirit island and then docked where you would walk around and get some nice photos. When we got back it was time for an afternoon nap and then to dinner for Pizza. There was supposed to be ... read more
Lake in Jasper
Cat & I
Cat and I

North America » Canada » Alberta » Jasper June 30th 2008

So this ended up best day of tour so far. Ok so its early days. Today we traveled out of British Columbia and into Alberta. The morning started off with an included breakfast at Denny's (Denny's became a lifesaver on my various travels around USA and Canada. Open 24 hrs - love it). The breakfast included bacon, pancakes, scrambled egg and sausage. I remember I only ate half of it but unsure if that is because I wasn't hungry or if because it was bad. We headed into Jasper with a few stops along the way. One of them was wells gray park where there is a life size statue of a moose. Let me tell you those things are huge.! Think Clydesdale horse big. If i ran into it is would breath into my face ... read more
Seton lake
Seton Lake
Canada 186

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Kamloops June 29th 2008

Today we went up the Gondola. There was a choice of Whistler of Blackcomb. I went up whistler. Blackcomb was still snowing (yes in summer) so those up there had to dress warm. Whistler still had snow everywhere but you could wear shorts and a t-shirt easy enough. On the way up you could see bears on the mountain. Well some were so lucky. All I could see was the mountain bike riders everywhere. That looks pretty cool. Whistler mountain takes about 30 minutes to get to the top. Up the top the view was amazing. It was so pretty. Probably half of us did not realise we had tickets that actually took another chair right to the very top. So Cat and I didn't make it up there, others did though. We has a little ... read more
Views from Whistler Mountain
Views from Whistler mountain
Cat and I up Whistler Mountain

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Whistler June 28th 2008

Today was a free day in Whistler. Cat and I choose to do the paddle excursion, as did most of the tour. So you think paddling is like relaxing, paddling down a nice wide river. NO. not the case. We were driven to the water front. There was one man Kayaks but not enough for everyone so there was also 3 canoes used. Hmm.. What is worse, what is harder. Go alone or by ourselves. Which will capsize easier? Cat and I ended up in a two person Canoe! Go team!. So anyway this is not slow paced paddle across a lake with wide open spaces. Sure, we start in a big lake to practice. Cat had the front so she was our speed and power and me at the back doing the steering. Hmm. Our ... read more
Mounty 1

North America June 27th 2008

Today was our first official day on tour. We left the hotel around 10:30 am (a late start for Contiki but a much appreciated sleep in). The first part of the tour was a driving sightseeing tour of the city. James was our tour guide, John our driver. The Contiki Buses in America are different from the ones I had been on So far (in Oz) They only have Contiki in quite small writing and are nice and leather inside but do not seem to have as much room. We drove around Gas Town and China Town and then got dropped near Canada Place and had some free time to have lunch. After lunch we went to Stanley Park and saw the Totem Poles, and Prospect Point lookout. The lookout had great views of North and ... read more
Totems and me
Me and Cat in front of Totem Poles
Totem up close

North America June 26th 2008

It was a really cold morning today and started to rain and sprinkle a little bit. I went to do some shopping and to the internet Cafe then we checked out and stored out luggage at the hotel. We did have some concerns about storing our luggage at hotel as "storing" was putting in an unlocked and open room downstairs that was getting renovated so several workers were inside. Cat and I headed up to Grouse Mountain. Only just making the bus. We were debating going up because of the weather (rain and fog). We got the gondola up the mountain. It was so steep. I don't know how ppl hike it. But I would like to try one day. I was a little scared (heights) but not too bad. When we got out it was ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver June 25th 2008

Today we went Whale Watching with Vancouver Whale Watch. The shuttle picked us up from just up the street. We only just made the bus. We drove south of Vancouver into Stevenson where our Whale watch boat left from. From the brochures we read its cold so we had on jackets. When we got there we were told it would be freezing so we put on yet another jacket and then big fat red suits which acted like life jackets but also gave a bit of warmth. They made you look so fat and could barley move under all the layers. Theres a few different types of boats that you can take out. We choose the open zodiac boat and were seated in the third row. I had the outside seat. The boat actually went really ... read more
Whale watching suit - so Vouge - U keen ?
Yeap, we can barley move.
First wildlife - eagle

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver June 24th 2008

I got up about 8:30 in the morning and let Cat sleep. I went and found an internet Cafe and once again let mum know I was alive. I then set off on my mission to find a Canada Sim card - $95 later. I struggled to figure out how to call home but I could send SMS. I went for a walk around and up to Robson Street and had a look around some of the shops. Vancouver is such a pretty city. I love that you can see the snow capped mountains and Stanley Park in between buildings. I went back and got Cat and we went to Stanley Park. (Eventually) We initially headed in the wrong direction. You think one of us would notice that the trees were getting further away from us ... read more
Near Stanley Park
lions gate
Near Stanley Park

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