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South America » Peru » Loreto May 27th 2016

So hard to believe today is our last day on the boat. We were given a sleep in with breakfast at 7.30. It was a bit of a shit day weather wise as it was raining. We were due for a skiff excursion in the morning but due to the weather the boys decided to put it on hold as we would not have seen too much. The boat kept travelling towards clearer sky and it ended up ok for us to do our excursion at 900 am. We went fishing today at several spots but this time not only for piranha. We also caught Sardines and Ashley caught a poisonous catfish. I caught (or more so seemed to stab with the hook) a tiny fish. His head ended up getting chopped off and he became ... read more
The entire group. Could not have asked for better people
i get to drive now

South America » Peru » Loreto May 26th 2016

Today set alarm for 515 and we had to be at the boat at 6. There were so many Dolphins around the boat today. Turns out the gray dolphin is a lot easier to capture on camera than the pink. This morning we also witnessed our first sunrise. Every other day it seems to have been to cloudy or too late to see anything. I somehow managed to get an amazing picture of the dolphin and the sunrise in one snap. Pretty happy with that. The gray dolphins seemed to surface a lot more and do more acrobatics than the pink. They also stayed up longer and swam in a pattern that made it easy to know where they were heading and where they were likely to surface. We went back out to the island we ... read more

South America » Peru » Loreto May 25th 2016

Woke up several times through the night. At one stage I was sure I felt something bounce on me and thought we left our door open and had a monkey in the room. Obviously we didn't but I swear at the time I was pretty certain we had a little monkey in our room. Jungle fever I guess. Woke up about 6:40 am and went up to the main deck where a few people were. Had some coffee and then headed to breakfast. Our little click generally sits at the same spot every night so the older groups keep threatening to steal our seats and shake things up a bit for us. We all seem to have a built in food radar however and know as soon as we are allowed in the dining room and ... read more
Little girls in Nauta market

South America » Peru » Loreto May 24th 2016

24 May 16 Today we woke up at 600 again for a 630 sloth expedition. We had an option to pull out the gumboots. I decided to use the supplied boots and ended up truly grateful for them. Our skiff stayed mostly the same however we gained the extra Canadian woman. We did feel a little MEH about this situation as rumour has it the day prior on the other Skiff she fell over on the jungle walk and they they didn't do any more landings and she slowed them down a lot. Being the young adventurous boat that's not really what we wanted to hear. Pretty much as soon as we got on the Skiff we saw a sloth. We could have seen it from the big boat if we had been looking. We travelled ... read more
Starting our sloth expedition
Got one

South America » Peru » Loreto May 23rd 2016

Today wake up was 600 am for a 6.30 departure. I slept pretty well woke up a few times but fell straight back to sleep. Maria woke up 500 to try catch the 5.30 sunrise. She invited me last night but I said I would sleep in. When she got back she said there wasn't a clear sunrise with the clouds but she saw lots of birds. We went downstairs and a lot of people were already in the other skiff. We jumped into the quieter one with the bench seats. It ended up the best group. We were the 'young' boat which soon became known as the anacondas. Pretty much because any time Juan Carlos asked what we wanted to see I'd scream out Anaconda. I like to set the bar high. Leopard in Africa, ... read more
misty morning - camera all fogged up
a village on the river

South America » Peru » Loreto May 22nd 2016

Today Gladys had organised wakeup calls for 4 am. We were due to depart the hotel at 500a m and had to be in the lobby and checked out by 4:45 am. Too early for breakfast when we left the hotel supplied us with a slice of cake and tea/coffee to help wake us up. We loaded up onto a private bus and drove to airport. At this time of morning the trip only took about half an hour. Gladys checked us in as a group and we had a free hour to eat or do whatever before we were due at the gate. Our flight ended up delayed about 40 minutes. I met another Canadian girl Ashley. Myself, Christine and Ashley are all 32 and said we will be taking plenty of photographs. So its ... read more
Manatee rescue centre
Manatee rescue centre
Manatee rescue centre

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Miraflores May 21st 2016

I Slept ok. I woke every few hours but managed to fall back to sleep easily. I sorted my bags out to put in storage as I had to check out and recheck in this afternoon and I had arranged a Lima City Tour on Viator prior to departing Sydney. I went down to breakfast nice and early. The details informed it opened 6.45 however it didn't end up opening until 7. It was a buffet with lots of juices, yoghurt, cakes, fruits and hot foods like bacon, egg, pasta, noodles. The Viator guide picked me up pretty much at the time indicated. I was the final person. I was relieved there was 6 of us on tour. As much as some people love the whole tour guide to yourself thing I'd prefer to blend in ... read more
lovers park
Lovers park

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Miraflores May 20th 2016

So next Adventure starts now. Peru bound. I'm going to be spending 30 days in Peru. Only Peru. No Bolivia, No Ecuador. Feedback regarding that Is I'm weird to just do Peru. Why do that when you can tick off so many other countries at the same time. As much as it does appear I am country counting – with Peru #43 I like to see a country properly and take in as much as I can. So here is goes. No regrets. My work exams ended up only occurring just before my annual leave so all attempts to brush up on Spanish ended up straight out the window. My little brain can not take in Study for EP exams and the Spanish Language all at the same time and considering I wanted to keep my ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Trinidad February 26th 2013

Breakfast at Dady's was pretty good. The usual Cuban breakfast included an egg omlette and some meat or fruit. At Dady's we had omelette with plates of bread, cheese, ham, coffee and fresh juice. As majority of us wanted to go to Playa Ancon Tony arranged for Ricardo to drive us there on the bus and come back for us later that afternoon. We just paid a few $CUC each to cover it. My first time in the Caribbean Ocean – just a little bit excited. The beach was really pretty, the water a nice colour and my favourite part – warm enough for someone wimpy like me to swim in. We set ourselves up on the beach and spent the day swimming, reading, tanning, burning etc. There was a bar on the beach making cocktails ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Cienfuegos February 25th 2013

Departure day. We were lucky because we had a full group we had our own bus to take us all the way through to Baracoa which was really nice because we stayed with the same driver, were able to spread out on the bus and also leave belongings we didn't need on there. We were supposed to go to the Che Memorial at Santa Clara today however Tony realised it would not be open so as a group we decided that tomorrow we would backtrack to the memorial from Cienfuegos before continuing onto Trinidad. Tony arranged for us to have a walking tour of old Havana as there was more to do and see in the area than in Cienfuegos. Saw much of the same stuff as yesterday but the group was a lot smaller and ... read more

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