This side of Texas


This side of Texas

I have not updated my page in a while, but here is the life in Florida has taken me to the Lone star state of Texas!! I still enjoy traveling and cant wait to take another trip abroad! "I write, I travel, I eat...and I'm hungry for more" ~ Anthony Bourdain. Not a whole lot of exotic travel over the past two years but I will update as soon as I can =)

North America » Mexico » Baja California » Ensenada January 16th 2014

Aw, wine.... I booked this trip months ago and did the appropriate research...Ensenada seems like a nice city. But I also heard some annoying things...the usual "vendors" bothering you every five seconds..."I make you good price" and following you around and not taking no for an answer... I wont get into it, but I did NOT want to deal with that this time. So when I found out that you go to a winery in hour south of the city and sample good wines and get a free bottle of wine along with some delicious snacks and NO kids around?? Yes, please! We boarded a comfy motorcoach bounded for two vineyards. Apparently these vineyards supply 90% of Mexico's wine industry. Our bus guide Melody gave us plenty of interesting info on Ensenada and the wine ... read more
The first winery we went to
Indian guy

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles January 15th 2014

So....I wake up and I'm...hungover... so we had a bit of a late start...close to noon. We had no shore excursions planned for Catalina Island and that was fine by me. The trip was starting to get pricey so I thought we could explore the island on our own, and that is just what we did. After some B-fast and much needed hydration, I was feeling good again and ready to get to that beautiful island known as Catalina! Apparently it is a one hour boat ride from the "mainland" or Long Beach...but for us it took over a day, lol. Im sure most people who reside in California werent that excited for Catalaina Island, but I was...especially beacause of... The Catalina Wine Mixer!! Actually there is no real Catalina Wine Mixer, but anyone who has ... read more
Smaller boat
getting off boat

Oceans and Seas » Pacific January 14th 2014

Aw...gotta love the day at sea. Truthfully, we did not have cheeseburgers the entire time...I guess I thought it would be a cuter title than "Day Two" ... then again I guess I could quote another Jimmy Buffet song "It's 5'Oclock somewhere" as a catchy, yet, cliche title. Anyway, I did not realize until we had gotten back that I did not take any aerial view type photos of the ship. No pics of the decks or pool or pool well. I think Im trying to get away from the era of "take a pic of anything" type days just to document my entire second on earth... Plus I think in the grand scheme of things, some people do not want to scroll through 1,000 pics of mine to look at a trip they did ... read more
Getting Ready
Wine in the Piano Room

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles » Long Beach January 13th 2014

Yay the day I had waited for had finally come!! I booked yet, another great cruise slated for January 2014. What a great way to start off the year, much like last year. Island drinks by the pool, fun stage shows, karioke on board, and endless endless buffets and ice cream. Who wouldnt love going on a cruise? Plus whatever port you go to is usually a beautiful sunny island with great culture, food and cheaper prices on purses, jewlry and clothes! Not bad for a short 5 day vacation. Anyway, we traveled into Long Beach the day prior, on Sunday. Being a 13 hour drive from EL sort of have to start out a day earlier. And just like last year, we stayed at a seedy, cheap hotel just miles from the port. Only, ... read more
Queen Mary
The Dome

North America » Mexico » Yucatán » Chichén Itzá January 16th 2013

This was the day I had waited for. This was the reason I even booked this particular cruise in the first place. I wanted to see the ruins of Chichen Itza. One of the Seven wonders of the Ancient world. How can I not! I am a huge nerd and I love history, culture and travel, overall. Well, Lyle and I got up, for what would be a very long day. I knew we would be on a bus for about two hours, until we got from our destination. We had arrived in Progreso, Mexico and Chichen Itza was a bit further away. For such a wonderful place, I was very surprised how many people on the cruise did NOT go to Chichen Itza. We only had one bus, while other tours had 2 or even ... read more
The Money Shot

North America » United States » Texas » Galveston January 15th 2013

So basically this day consisted of doing...nothing. Absolutly nothing. Lyle went and worked out while I slept in pretty late. We had a good breakfast and talked to a few nice people sitting at our table. We noticed pretty quickly we were among the youngest people on the cruise. The average age seemed to be 58-70 years old, lol. Some old lady was "play flirting" with Lyle during breakfast. Saying things like "If I were 30 years younger" and "Will you be at the pool later?" lol. It was kind of funny. I guess I had a run for my money! I hung out at the pool for most the day. I only brought one book w/ me....50 shades of Grey. Terrible book. I got bored with it quick and ended up buying magazines from the ... read more
sexy and buff

North America » United States » Texas » Galveston January 14th 2013

Well...I am actually writting this blog a mere 10 months after this trip. I used to blog IMMEDIANTLY upon returning from a trip but I have gotten lazy in recent years. And now that I am no longer on Facebook, hopefully I will upload pics and stuff to share w/ others alot sooner! =) Well, I wont make this blog too long, full of endless detail that no one cares about, like in the past. we go. Lets rewind time to last November, 2012. I had been wanting to go on a "trip" for quite some time. My return to Texas and lack of funds has halted my traveling in recent years. Well...I had managed to get enough money together and worked my butt off for the whole year at two jobs and found a ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Orlando » Apopka August 1st 2010

So....when Im bored at work, I go through this site and read blogs that interest me. Truth be told, almost all of them interest me. Colorful pictures, faraway lands, cultures that define our diverse world....and then there's me....sitting in a dusty, murky, gray cubicle. In an office. With no windows. True, I have traveled to many places and have been forturnate enough to have seen a few places....but....its not enough. I get on websites all the time....mainly websites that focus on voluntorism. Lately, my new obsession seems to be Honduras. I found a project where you go down there for a week and build houses. A week out of the ordinary. A week away from the ordinary. No cubes, no pantyhose, no makeup...simply, just me, doing what I do best...meeting people, making a difference, making some ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Orlando May 14th 2010

So earlier this evening, I had a conversation with a friend. A good friend. She lives in Oregon, we met about 5-ish years ago.... Anyway, long story short. She has inspired me Yes, Ang, this blog is about you!!! Long story short, she lost her job earlier this month. Most people would be bummed, devestated, would be drinking...etc, etc. Not my friend. No....she got laid off from a job she hated and instead of gave her lemons and she made lemonade! In less than a 2 week period she booked a flight to Europe and is going BACKPACKING!!! She is starting off in England, has no "set" itenerary, is meeting people along the way, staying in hostels, going "couch surfing" ....she is exactly like me....26 years old, no spouse, no kids, hates her ... read more

Well....I am here on my dream trip in Central America. Where do I begin? I have tons of blogs coming this week and photos. I leave for the airport in about an hour. And even though I am excited to get back to my dogs and my school which I love, and my wonderful Parisian apartment (lol, sorta) and my wonderful friends....part of me doesnt want to leave. I almost want to cry in fact!! I had such a wonderful time and fell in love with a culture, and the people and wildlife and food. I am inspired to learn spanish. I took spanish in high school and I have a terrible white girl´/American accent, but I really want to learn. I did, however, order several things to eat in my broken spanish and used a ... read more

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