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May 14th 2010
Published: May 14th 2010
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So earlier this evening, I had a conversation with a friend. A good friend. She lives in Oregon, we met about 5-ish years ago....

Anyway, long story short. She has inspired me Yes, Ang, this blog is about you!!! Long story short, she lost her job earlier this month. Most people would be bummed, devestated, would be drinking...etc, etc. Not my friend. No....she got laid off from a job she hated and instead of gave her lemons and she made lemonade! In less than a 2 week period she booked a flight to Europe and is going BACKPACKING!!! She is starting off in England, has no "set" itenerary, is meeting people along the way, staying in hostels, going "couch surfing" ....she is exactly like me....26 years old, no spouse, no kids, hates her reason to stay and become "like everyone else" .... she is almost an exact replica of me...only prettier and ballsier!! She is going to Europe for 5 weeks, alone....just like I did when I went to Central America. Instead of staying here in the states "searching" for a job, which will probably be another crappy one with no way to progress and move up the ladder....she is living an adventure! Way to go Ang! i wish I could do the same thing too, drop everything and just....GO....sometimes, thats just what you have to do. If you plan something too much, you're most likely to talk yourself out of it....

She isnt the only friend I have like is Joel....he might disagree w/ me, but he really is an inspiration! From 2005-2007 he took off and moved to China to teach for two years. An American who had never been to Asia....two years later he saw a good majority of the continent, had some great adventures inlcuding seeing some great monuments like the Great Wall of China and the Forbidden City. He met some amazing people too and came back to the states with some amazing stories....once again, sometimes you just have to GO....

then there's Juan. We both came to Florida from El Paso at the same time....2004 to work for Disney. Six years later, he has traveled the world, literally. On his FB and myspace I see pics of him at Machu Picchu, in front of the Taj Mahal, in various places in Asia...etc. And Juan....he did it by himself. We both come from a crappy hometown where no one does anything. Most people never leave. they just stay there and complain. No, not Juan, he's a free spirit!

Then...there's Chris, my wonderful boyfriend! Well traveled, cute, funny, and increadibly smart! He too, moved to China for an internship and has already seen so much of the world, of course, he hasnt seen El paso yet ;-)

Anyway, those are the amazing people that inspire me to keep on dreaming.


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