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August 1st 2010
Published: August 1st 2010
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So....when Im bored at work, I go through this site and read blogs that interest me. Truth be told, almost all of them interest me. Colorful pictures, faraway lands, cultures that define our diverse world....and then there's me....sitting in a dusty, murky, gray cubicle. In an office. With no windows. True, I have traveled to many places and have been forturnate enough to have seen a few places....but....its not enough.

I get on websites all the time....mainly websites that focus on voluntorism. Lately, my new obsession seems to be Honduras. I found a project where you go down there for a week and build houses. A week out of the ordinary. A week away from the ordinary. No cubes, no pantyhose, no makeup...simply, just me, doing what I do best...meeting people, making a difference, making some sort of impact.

NOT sitting here in a desk wondering how and why my life is wasting away. Ive begun to feel like I am a prisoner serving time in a federal prison. And without the windows, it makes me feel like I am in solitary confinement. I often wonder what I will do with my life once I "get out of here" ...much like a prisoner probably wonders when they've been given a sentence.

I know it sounds silly to compare a cubicle desk job to a prison full of murders, rapists, and essentially..."bad" people....but I have bosses and higher superiority don't I? Well....there ya go.

Truth be told, this is just not my passion. If this was a relationship, it would have ended long ago. Sometimes I wonder why I still subject myself to these inhumane working conditions. AC turned on extremly high, food in the lunch room is always nasty and is always the main cause among workers gastroinitis...Not to mention the computer systems are always going down, the chairs are rather uncomfortable, and everyone else complains just as much. Now, I realize that normally, misery loves company...but here, here it just makes it worse and makes me want to take off the shackles as soon as possible.

I realize that this blog isnt really about "travel" but more about the sheer loathing of my job....well... too bad. this is my blog and I can complain if I want to. I have a blog on blogspot, but I cannot access it at work - I mean, prison, so, you're just going to have to deal.

I graduate school in a matter of weeks, and can only hope that will lead me to a dream job, or at least one I hate less....then maybe that will provide for me the kind of means so that I can travel again...and not just travel to dumb places....I mean REALLY travel and make a difference.

Who wants to build houses in Honduras?

I do.


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