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January 14th 2013
Published: November 25th 2013
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Drink of the day
Well...I am actually writting this blog a mere 10 months after this trip. I used to blog IMMEDIANTLY upon returning from a trip but I have gotten lazy in recent years. And now that I am no longer on Facebook, hopefully I will upload pics and stuff to share w/ others alot sooner! =)

Well, I wont make this blog too long, full of endless detail that no one cares about, like in the past. we go.

Lets rewind time to last November, 2012. I had been wanting to go on a "trip" for quite some time. My return to Texas and lack of funds has halted my traveling in recent years. Well...I had managed to get enough money together and worked my butt off for the whole year at two jobs and found a great deal leaving out of Galveston, Texas on January the 14th. My boyfriend was on board so...I booked it!

Fast forward two months and we were Galveston bound. Now, living in Texas means a long long drive. El Paso to Galveston is about 800 miles and 14 hours behind the wheel. We chose not to fly because airline tickets to fly WITHIN

i love this pic...a nice drink on a cold day!
the same state were ludicris, so we decided to drive.

We stayed at some $50 a night hotel the night before, and to Lyle's suprise and delight, there was free porn on the television, LOL.

Well the next day was quite rainy, a slight disapointment, considering we were headed the the Caribbean. We checked onto the ship pretty early. About 12pm. Had some delcious lunch and drinks, as usual. The first night wasnt the most exciting of the trip. We had a delectable dinner, and more drinks at the bar. I was pleasantly surprised that we werent seated w/ other patrons. Since it was just the two of us traveling, sometimes on cruise ships you get seated with other people. Which would have been fine, but the two of us was even better.

We retired to our room early to watch a movie on the TV and fell fast asleep, excitment protruding through our bodies, or at least mine. It had been quite some time since I was able to go on a "BIG" trip and I was looking forward to this.

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Lyle's whiskey and coke and my umbrella drink

Cold day in Galveston
Galveston kind of an ugly city
Pool deckPool deck
Pool deck

which i intend on using!

Big room w/ a pretty window

I remember this night was kind of rocky on the usually that first night you gotta get used to the rocking back and forth =)

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