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North America » United States » Texas » Galveston May 14th 2018

My grandparents on my father’s side live in Galveston, Texas. They’ve lived there my entire life, though they’re planning to move to North Carolina soon to be closer to family in their retirement. We’ve been out there to see them only once, as they usually make the trek to see us, since it’s easier. The first time we went, I was seven and I barely remember the trip, except I do recall that we went to a fancy, high-end country club for dinner and it was the best meal I had ever had at the time! This time around, just my husband and I went. My parents kept our children so we could make a fun road trip out of it. We’ve always loved to drive to our destination and see all the stops along the ... read more
Emory University School of Psychology
Mary Mac's Tea Room

North America » United States » Texas » Galveston November 21st 2017

Heading back East...we have seen and experienced so many amazing people, places and things. The gift of time is a blessing...we have a list of ideas and thoughts 💭 that we are anxious to explore when we get home 🏡 On the road again, 10E - Pearl Harbor Memorial Hwy. Pit stop 🛑 on Bob Hope Drive. Our plan is really no plan, other than different highways and stops - not as many parks to check out. First destination is Saguaro National Park, home of the largest cactus 🌵🌵. Camping ⛺️ nearby since the national park does not have a campground. Gilbert Ray Campground, only 3 miles from the park visitor center. Perfect spot for the night and only $10 🤑 We are ready for some fresh air and sleeping 💤 again under the ✨ stars. ... read more
Saguaro National Park 🌵

North America » United States » Texas » Galveston February 9th 2017

Since we are all now back home from the cruise everyone has been exchanging photos from the trip. Since I had a few more photos I wanted to make sure I added them to the blog so everyone can see. Enjoy!... read more
Daniel, Me, and Mel
Me and Daniel
Dinner at the Pasta Restaurant

North America » United States » Texas » Galveston February 1st 2017

Today started out early as my flight to Houston from OKC left at 8:00am. It was rather a bumpy flight but made it into Houston on time. Upon getting my bag I met my driver for the day, Joseph, from the Eastern Europe. As I arrived at 10:00 and I didn't have to pick up Debbi and Ashley until 11:30 at Houston Hobby, I told the driver to take me around Houston and show me the "Rich" neighborhood. He took me to River Oaks and I have posted a couple of pictures of the beautiful homes. I should probably also mentioned that I was in the biggest Lincoln limousine I think I've ever seen so I had plenty of room all to myself. Picked up Debbi And Ashley from our Plainview office and we were off ... read more
River Oaks
Debbi & Ashley Made It

North America » United States » Texas » Galveston February 1st 2017

I ordered room service for breakfast and got ready for the day. I was meeting Debbi and Ashley for lunch on the pool deck at one of the bars. While I was waiting I ordered my first Rum Punch. I love this drink, it's like fruit punch but with Rum. I actually wound up having probably a few too many throughout the afternoon, but they were really good. Ashley & Debbi never showed so I wound up running into Melissa from our Waco office and hung out with her and Daniel most of the day by the pool. We had a lot of fun talking and laughing and even tried a burger from Guy's Burger Joint and they are very good burgers. Several other agents found us by the pool so it wound up being quite ... read more
Carnival Breeze
Fun with Friends
Towel Animal

North America » United States » Texas » Galveston December 23rd 2016

Geo: 29.2953, -94.8079Nikki and i woke before the alarm and I could tell we were still bouncing a little but not moving. i looked out the window and saw lights from what I thought were oil rigs. But, shortly after we woke up, the captain made an announcement that the Port of Galveston was fogged in and closed because visibility was zero. By now it was light enough to see that what i thought were oil rigs were actually ships. We were told that we were expecting word sometime between 7 and 9 am as to when the port would open. We were also told that we needed to go to our assigned breakfast time but we could continue to use our staterooms.We had decided to go to Cabanas for breakfast so when the time came ... read more
Coming out of the Fog

North America » United States » Texas » Galveston December 16th 2016

Geo: 29.2953, -94.8079We got up and got ready for the day. Breakfast was in the hotel and was included with our stay. Then Regan and I ran across the street to Walmart to pick up a few last-minute items. Around 10:00 we loaded the car and started to drive to the other side of Galveston Island. The drive took us about 15 minutes and I dropped the girls and the luggage off and went to park the car.The terminal was not open yet so we got in line outside of the terminal and waited until they opened it. Then through security and then the check in process. Around 11:45 they started boarding the ship. Our friends Lee and Debbie Davidson were doing back to back cruises and they were already on board so we met them ... read more
Girls Door
Port of Galveston
Gingerbread House on board

North America » United States » Texas » Galveston July 5th 2015

Bonjour à tous. Avant de démarrer ce matin, je regarde sur la grande région de Houston, où coucher ce soir, et je tombe sur Galveston, qui est une station balnéaire, dont j'ai déjà entendu parler en bien, et qui sait, pour faire un petit break. Je vous le dis de suite c'est raté. Le programme du matin rejoindre l'autoroute pour rentrer au Texas, pour le stop au tourisme info. Première chose, une fois équipé de la carte de l'état, et du guide touristique, vite quitter cette autoroute, pour rejoindre Galveston. Exactement comme hier, même configuration une route isolée sur une presqu'île dans le bayou. Super. Le premier panneau que je vois au Texas indique El Paso 1400 km. Imaginé la superficie du Texas ?. C'est les deuxième état le plus vaste après l'Alaska. Plus grand que ... read more
l'église de Galveston !
l'océan marron

North America » United States » Texas » Galveston May 17th 2015

Day 2 was an exciting day since we were leaving Pearland and heading to Galveston to sail away on the Carnival Magic. Parking was easy and we just walked to the terminal from our parking lot. Embarkation was an easy process, it too about an hour though. They checked our bags and we were on our way. Once we were on board we checked out our nice cabin with an ocean view in room 1265. We were close to the elevators so getting around the ship was nice and easy. We were starving so we got a snack at the buffet at the Lido deck on the 10th deck. The food was very good and we all got an ice cream cone. After that we went to the room to relax until dinner. For dinner we ... read more
Our cabin
Northern Lights Restaurant
Northern Lights Restaurant

North America » United States » Texas » Galveston March 19th 2015

Geo: 29.2953, -94.8079What a surprisingly delightful day! Not that I'm truly surprised we had fun because we always do, but surprised because it was an unusual sort of day and everything was fun.We began by getting up just in time for our free Holiday Inn Express breakfast - why does breakfast have to end so early - 9:30am? Sheesh, but it got us up and moving.Today we drove to Galveston, TX with a couple of ideas in mind. We arrived at the Texas Maritime Museum area roughly four minutes before one of their scheduled "Harbor Tour/Dolphin Watching" tours. Great timing! We got on the boat and went up to the top deck. Soon we were trailing a shrimper and sure enough there were dolphins. I guess they like what gets caught up in the nets. After ... read more

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