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From: Greensburg, PA, United States lives in Loveland,CO United States,United States
Favorite Book: Any of the Harry Potter books
Favorite Movie: LA Story
Favorite Music: Rock n roll
Hobbies: Walking, reading, bicycle riding
Languages: English; trying to learn Spanish
Bucket List: Live abroad
Profession: Retired
Amazing Event: Sleeping in a tent in the White Desert in Egypt

North America » United States » Nevada » Las Vegas May 26th 2017

Geo: 36.0846, -115.172to Travelpod!I have set up a new travel blog site on Wordpress and hope you will follow Jeff and I at:janeandjeffsworld.wordpress.comThere is a "follow" option, so anytime I post a new day you will be automatically notified. I would really appreciate it if some of you who are interested would try the site out. I have just finished posting the first two days of our current Las Vegas trip...Cheers!... read more

South America » Colombia January 15th 2017

Geo: 10.4137, -75.5336Today we got right up when the alarm went off - we have arrived in Cartagena, Colombia. Well, we've not yet arrived as last night's strong headwinds and rough seas have put the Island Princess behind schedule, and several of our dresser and desk drawers have slid open from the ship's rocking. Nevertheless, we get up, gather our necessary things for today's excursion: hats, sunglasses, sunscreen, water, money and go to breakfast. I'm back to oatmeal and fruit, juice and coffee.We're to meet our excursion group in one of the ship's restaurants at 8:30, so we eat quickly and head that way. When we enter the room we see Mary sitting at a table with others in her group. She points Eve and Leroy out to us, they are across the room and Eve ... read more
Traditional dancing
Dancing the cumbia
In the ladies room...

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Panamá January 14th 2017

Geo: 8.99427, -79.5188Today's the day! Today we go through the Panama Canal. I'm pretty excited and not at all surprise that when I wake up at 7 Jeff is already out on the balcony.We know it is going to be at least an hour before the big event, but we want to find a good viewing spot. We head up to the Horizon Court Buffet to get some breakfast. The buffet is at the front of the ship so it is not surprising that the tables at the front windows are occupied. It looks like people have staked out their spots. We definitely don't want to be here because all of the photos would be shot through the windows...dirty windows.We grab a quick bite and head up and out to an upper deck in the front ... read more
Culebra Cut - reinforced with steel rods
See the directional arrow?
Miraflores Locks

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica January 13th 2017

Geo: 9.98102, -84.8392Last night we moved our clocks ahead and Jeff and I remembered to do that before turning in for the night, and we set an alarm for 8a.m. We planned to get up and either go to the weight room or walk the Promenade deck. The alarm went off, and we promptly fell back asleep! About 9:45 we finally went to breakfast. We joined another couple's table; they were from New Jersey and were still overwhelmed by how lush Costa Rica was. Suddenly Jeff said to me, "Look behind you." I did and there sat Mary and Trish! They were sharing a table as well. How funny.After breakfast Trish told us that she and Mary were going to have breakfast in their room in the morning - complete with champagne and invited us to ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica January 12th 2017

Geo: 9.98102, -84.8392Today we are in Puntarenas, Costa Rica, or as Jeff calls it, "home!" During some of our previous trips to Costa Rica we've been to Puntarenas and we know for a fact that there is pretty much nothing here. So, any shore excursions will require long bus rides.And, because we know this area so well, the only reason we sign up for an excursion is because we have so much on-board ship credit to use up. And, though we've been here 4-5 times, we've never really played tourist. This will be fun! We will be going to the cloud forest; someplace we've never been.Before leaving the ship (and we had talked to our traveling companions yesterday about it) Jeff and I decided that when we get back from our excursion, we'll catch a cab ... read more
Parque Adventuras
Hungry hummingbird
Us at the start of a bridge

Central America Caribbean » Nicaragua January 11th 2017

Geo: 11.2529, -85.8705San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua, is a port I have been looking forward to a lot! It is here that the Poudre River Public Library District has its sister library, and here that we will meet Jane Mirandette. Jane has been the big force behind San Juan del Sur's public library; Jeff knows her, but I've met her only once.The seas are rough and this is the only port during our cruise that does not have the facilities for cruise ships to dock so we will have to be tendered in. Being tendered in means that the ship will use some of its lifeboats to ferry passengers back and forth to the pier.To our horror the captain announces that because of the rough seas, we may not be able to use the tenders. OH ... read more
Pokey and Gumby reading at the library
The waiter

North America » Mexico » Oaxaca January 10th 2017

Geo: 15.85, -96.32Well, we slept in AGAIN! Somehow the rocking of the ship justs lulls you into a deep sleep. But we do get up and start scurrying around because we want to attend the next Enrichment Lecture. We go downstairs for cups of fancy coffee and Jeff gets two mini-muffins.We arrive in the Princess Theater just in time for the "Plagues of the Modern World" lecture. Okay, I think this whole medical series is a little weird for a cruise ship, but it is fascinating! Today we learned about SARS, Aids, swine flu, and other diseases that have impacted the modern world. Of course, right now the Zika virus, a mosquito borne illness, is spreading and the areas we are visiting on this cruise are in the heart of the infection area. In addition to ... read more
Chris Atkins
Afternoon tea

North America » Mexico » Oaxaca January 9th 2017

Geo: 15.85, -96.32This morning we wake up to find ourselves in Huatulco, Mexico, on the 'Pacific Riviera.' (It is pronounced "wha-tool-co") We've never been here before, actually never even heard of the place. It's official name is "Bahias de Huatulco" or "Bays of Huatulco" because it is famous for having nine beautiful bays. You can reach five of the bays by road but for the other four, you need to have a boatWe get up early this morning for two reasons: 1) Jeff needs to call the dining reservations number for the reservation for the six of us to have dinner together tonight and 2) we are going on a snorkeling excursion! Today we will snorkel in two of the bays reachable by boat.Jeff successfully makes the reservations and we get ready for our excursion by ... read more
Termite nest
Baby crocodiles

North America » Mexico » Oaxaca January 8th 2017

Geo: 15.85, -96.32Another sea day...and every sea day I worry what to write about. I mean, after all, what is there to do all day on a floating hotel? But somehow we manage to amuse ourselves.This morning Jeff gets up early, or early for us, and goes to the workout room, and wakes me up when he returns. I am such a slug.We go downstairs to get fancy coffee. On board the ship you can buy a punchcard for fancy coffees...lattes, cappacinos, espressos, etc. but we've never done that. Well, for Christmas, Jeff's son, Derrick and his wife Jenn, gave us "cruise credit" and we've spent that money on this special fancy coffee card. Jeff and I share a chai and it is WONDERFUL! We take our chai and hurry to the Princess Theater to attend ... read more

North America » Mexico » Jalisco » Puerto Vallarta January 7th 2017

Geo: 20.6509, -105.215Our first port stop is today and we are in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Jeff and I have been here several times and we have booked a whale watching excursion. Puerto Vallarta is where Banderas Bay, the 7th largest bay in the world, is located and it is to this bay that the humpbacks in Alaska make their way south beginning in late December/early January through early April. We are at the beginning of the migration. The Bay of Banderas is the breeding and birthing grounds of humpbacks and dolphins and we're hopeful that we'll see some whales.We have a quick bite of breakfast and join our group. We board a mid-sized rubber dingy that seats maybe 20 people. Jeff and I, bringing up the rear of the group, end up sitting in the very ... read more

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