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Oceans and Seas » Caribbean » Gulf of Mexico March 12th 2009

Wonderful day at sea. This was the most relaxing day of the trip. We slept in, had breakfast, I sat out on a lawn chair reading. It was so windy out though and my cutsie cowboy hat that I bought for $1 kept blowing away! poop. We used the hot tub and pool for a bit. of course, thoughts of "this is life" entertained my mind. And I ate. Ate ate ate. Food is available on the ship every second of the day, pretty much. Pizza, hot dogs, and hamburgers for lunch. I had my fair share of a billion cups of ice cream. And I remember we played basketball on the back of the ship. I was fortunate enough to see a nice sunset as we sat on the back of the ship looking out ... read more

North America » Mexico » Yucatán March 11th 2009

This was the longest day of the trip. Sadly, I hate saying this, but if I could do it over again, I would not have opted to go to the Tulum Ruins for our excersion. Dont get me wrong, I throughly enjoyed it. But we were gone literally ALL DAY. Nearly a 2 hour bus ride to and back, it was very hot that day, and sadly, I was in a very very grumpy mood with Jay. I regret my actions towards him. Most my friends dont know the "moody angry Erin" but lord knows, Jay does and it aint pretty. Sadly.....after the sickness, the female problems started and wearing a short skirt, with a long bus ride and limited bathrooms is not good when its "that time" and I sure as heck wasnt going to ... read more
No way

This was one of my favorite days on the trip. I had never been to Grand Cayman and found it to be a wonderful island. I woke up and immediatly said to Jay "I feel like eating today" and eating I did. I was so glad my sickness was done. And I didnt have to miss out on any excursions!! So this was my first experience with "tendering" meaning the ship cannot fit up to port, they basically "park" the boat still in the ocean and we have to board a smaller boat to get to shore. It was ok, but took forever!! Once off the little boat, we had a while before our excersion started and we walked around a few streets for a while. Everything was so touristy and I imagined all the people ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Keys » Key West March 8th 2009

We set sail for a wonderful 7 day cruise on Sat. March 7. I wore the cutest outfit, skirt w/ pink shirt and pink jacket and a big white hat!! It was a wonderful day for sailing. Upon take off, we missed the "sailing away" party, which featured lots of kids, characters and....well...lots of people. We opted to go to the back of the ship and watch Port Canaveral disapear from view. And we saw wild dolphies!! Or....dolphines. They were swimming along side the ship, wishing us a bon voyage. Dusk faded into night time and we had the opportunity to go to dinner and meet our wonderful staff and our dinner mates. Brian and Diana, which is funny cause Jay knew Diana from work!! And we met another older couple from Canada (I forgot their ... read more
First pic

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome March 10th 2008

This was by far the best 10 days of my life. Indescribable. I laughed, I cried, I got annoyed at beggars. I ate the best food, met some of the nicest people, my desire for travel has definatly intensified. It was a day of sad goodbyes. Sad, to leave, but happy I have met the group and our wonderful tour guide, Joel. Seriously, he was AMAZING. Once returning home, so many people asked me "how did I get to go to Europe?" As if its an impossible feat. Well....I saved. For one whole year I saved my money. As much as I wanted to go out drinking, or buy new boots, or spend money on a new hairdo....I wanted to go to Europe more. So I saved. Every moment spent in my cubicle hating my job, ... read more
last pictures of Rome =(
last picture
colorful buildings wizzing by

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome March 9th 2008

And then, there it was. The Pantheon. No, not the "Parthenon" like in Athens, but the amazing, simply beautiful, Pantheon. It's famous for its dome and is home to the tomb of the painter Raphael. For going to Europe in the supposed "off season" it was crowded with tourists and locals alike. I took a few pictures of the dome opening. Joel even told us, "I find this even more amazing than the Colosseum" it's just unbelieveable its stood the test of time after all these years. And this, is when I had to use the bathroom. Bad. "I gotta go to the bathroom," I told Jay, once outside in the square. "Didnt you already go when we were at lunch?" "Yes, but I gotta go again." I ran to the McDonalds across from the Pantheon. ... read more
buildings in the Piazza
the fascade of the Pantheon

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome March 9th 2008

To say that seeing the colosseum was amazing would be an understatement. Seeing the Colosseum in person makes you gasp outloud, smile, cry, twitch.... it leaves you breathless and wanting more. Your breath catches in your throat, the first time you see it.You could see a thousand pictures over the course of your lifetime, watch a million documentaries, but to see it in person? To see its exquisite imperfections? Thats quite remarkable. We've seen many "famous" monuments over the course of this trip. From the Tower Bridge, to Big Ben Clocktower, to the London eye, to the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Sacre Coeur and St. Peter's Basillica, but perhaps none is more famous than the Colosseum. And its just as stunning today, as it was centuries ago when it was actually used in gladiator-style killings. ... read more
side view
another view

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome March 8th 2008

So I have to split today up into several different parts, Too many pics and text to put all into one blog, so just bear with me!! Rome - Saturday March 8 - Part II Continued from previous blog…. So after the scarf lady incident, we were basically on our own for the rest of the day. We weren’t meeting up with the group again until about 6pm. As Joel had us all bunched into a group just before dismissing us, he said, “don’t be scared of Rome, go out and experience the city.” Some of the group members went on to do an excursion, but this one we did not add to our trip. So Jay and I were both on our own. And both a little nervous. See, its kinda funny thinking about it ... read more
St. Peters
closer up view

Europe » Vatican City March 8th 2008

Rome - Day 8 - Vatican -- March 8 ---PART I To say that the Vatican is amazing would be an understatement. It was the single best, most incredible thing I have ever seen, or probably will ever see. It had been a dream of mine over the course of the last two years to see the Vatican. Literally a dream. There was nothing I wanted more than to see the museums, the paintings, the sculptures, and to learn the history of the amazing, centuries old Vatican. We had to be up extremely early to be on the bus on our way to the Vatican. To be honest, this was the best day of the entire trip. Nothing could top it. We arrived at the Vatican after a 45 minute bus ride. We had a tour ... read more
Cortile della Pigna
Cortile della Pigna

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome March 7th 2008

Day 7 ---March 7---Friday---Rome Buena Sera! We are in Rome, the city I have wanted to see since I was a teenager. It was an interesting day to say the least. We were up pretty early again, 7:30 and checked out of our hotel in Paris and headed to Charles de Gaulle airport. The weather was cold and drizzly, and miserable. I had hopes that Rome would be nicer, sunnier and warmer. We got to the airport rather early and had plenty of time to hang around. Myself, and some members of our group, sat near our gate gabbing away about the trip, our lives "back home" and what we thought of Europe so far. I also bought a really cute wallet from the gift shop there. The airline we flew was Alitalia, or "Air Italia" ... read more
Buildings in Rome

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