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March 11th 2009
Published: November 26th 2009
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This was the longest day of the trip. Sadly, I hate saying this, but if I could do it over again, I would not have opted to go to the Tulum Ruins for our excersion. Dont get me wrong, I throughly enjoyed it. But we were gone literally ALL DAY. Nearly a 2 hour bus ride to and back, it was very hot that day, and sadly, I was in a very very grumpy mood with Jay. I regret my actions towards him. Most my friends dont know the "moody angry Erin" but lord knows, Jay does and it aint pretty. Sadly.....after the sickness, the female problems started and wearing a short skirt, with a long bus ride and limited bathrooms is not good when its "that time" and I sure as heck wasnt going to wear pants!! And it was so darned hot out!

Well... the most interesting part of the day, we boarded a ferry. We were in Cozumel, boarded a ferry to go to Playa del Carmen. It was a 45 min ferry boat ride. biggie. Until we were on the water. It was the most choppiest boat ride I have ever been on. Side to side, front to back....ick. Luckily, I am not prone to motion sickness, but other people are and the staff of the ferry was passing out sick bags!!! Luckily, I didnt see anyone around me using them. I just wanted OFF. Well, once landed on the island....OH. MY. GOD. I had never seen such beauty. The ocean was a sparkling tourquois. It was almost as if I was looking at a paiting of the ocean. Well....that was not where the ruins were. We walked through the cutsey areas and boarded a bus. And drove. And drove. And drove. Well....the bad mood hadnt started yet. We had a wonderful tour guide named Miguel. He gave us alot of information about the ruins and Mexico in general.

We stopped somewhere for a bathroom break. A little gift shop in the middle of nowhere. Thats also where we got lunch, subway subs. My stomach was acting up so I didnt eat much, and I think THATS the reason for my cranky mood later on.
It was kind of funny, in the bathroom they had signs to "not drink the water" from the faucet....yikes.

Well, we finally made it to our destination. I
No wayNo wayNo way

was hot, cranky, and tired. Other tourists were there, we had to wait in line to baord a little tram out to the ruins. I hate to say, my excitment was gone. The heat was REALLY getting to me. Although, thats no excuse to act that way. I was acting like a baby!! Poor Jay =( Well, while waiting in line for the shuttle I heard some lovely music playing. I just thought it was through loud speakers around the area. Well, I look up at a pole and saw a guy siting there playing some flute like instrument. THEN, I see some guys climbing the pole, they attach themselves to a rope of some sort and then HANG UPSIDE DOWN SPINNING while the guy plays music!! I'd heard of that before and knew they do it in Mex City but hadnt expected to see that here too. It was pretty amazing and scary!!

Well, we made it to the ruins, had to do a lot of walking first where I, of course, was crabby. Complained about it being hot, too long to walk, my feet hurt...etc.

Tulum is the third most visited archeological site in Mexico. Behind

It was a long walk to the ruins
Chichen Itza and Teotihuacan. Tulum is one of the best preserved coastal Maya sites. It is a pre Columbia Maya walled city. Along the tour we saw many Iguana lizzards. And I mean alot!!

Well, after the tour we had some time and Miguel said we could go to the....BEACH!!! The ruins are right on top of a cliff and let me tell you, overlooking that ocean is magical. Im sure Jay would disagree seeing as how grumpy I was that day, but it was beautiful. The water was the bluest Ive ever seen. And....I expected it to be like a typical ocean and feel chilly....I put my feet bath water! it was warm and vibrant and heavenly! I looked over my shoulder and saw
a man standing on the beach with his arms straight out. He stood like that for about 15 mins. I kept thinking "he must have really needed a vacation!"

Well...long story short, I fell asleep on the bus ride back to Playa del Carmen. The ferry boat ride back was much better and my mood had improved significantly. We had some time on the ship and sat out on one of the decks in lawn chairs watching the sunset over the loud city of Cozumel. We could hear all kinds of music and chatter among the local resturants. I said to Jay "do you ever wish you could freeze a moment?" "No" he said (typical guy thing to say!) and I said "there are certain times in life I wish I could freeze frame a moment and save it and go back to it later. And this is one of those moments."

And it was.

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THese are bigger than my dogs
Tulum Ruins!Tulum Ruins!
Tulum Ruins!

I like this pic

Quite simply the most beautiful place I have ever been to

Poor guy, I was being so crabby to him

Looks like this guy needed a vacation

What is he doing??!!
Quite a dayQuite a day
Quite a day

I wonder if this guys job is in hell too?? lol

I dont deserve this...

Playa del Carmen

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