Butterflies and Turtles

Published: November 26th 2009
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The boat had to "tender" to take us to shore
This was one of my favorite days on the trip. I had never been to Grand Cayman and found it to be a wonderful island. I woke up and immediatly said to Jay "I feel like eating today" and eating I did. I was so glad my sickness was done. And I didnt have to miss out on any excursions!!

So this was my first experience with "tendering" meaning the ship cannot fit up to port, they basically "park" the boat still in the ocean and we have to board a smaller boat to get to shore. It was ok, but took forever!! Once off the little boat, we had a while before our excersion started and we walked around a few streets for a while. Everything was so touristy and I imagined all the people that we passed along in the streets were other cruise ship tourists as well. We didnt buy anything, though. Well, it came time to start our tour. We had choosen the "butterfly farm and turtle farm" excersion. It was only about $40 and lasted three hours. It was fairly small, maybe 20-25 people and only had about 2 kids on it, which was nice.

The little boats
Its gets tiring listening to screaming children.

Anyway, we had a lovely driver who told us alot about Grand Cayman. AND they drive on the LEFT side of the road!!
Well, the butterfly farm was so cute!! I love nature and some of those butterflies are so colorful!!

After that, the bus driver took us to a beautiful beach for about ten mins so we could take pictures. Some of those pics I took I think could be post cards!! Well, we went to the turtle farm which was my favorite!! We had a guide named Tony who gave us alot of information. Some of those turtles get up to 500 pounds!! I took some cute pics of the turtles and got to hold one!! I was afraid the turtle would squirm and I would drop it. But he didnt.

Well, once back on the ship we napped and prepaired for dinner. I felt good enough to eat and we got to meet up with our dinner crew again. We explained I had felt poopy. I ordered scallops. I seriously love any kind of seafood and would eat it every single day if I could.

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Our magnificant ship!

It was a beautiful sunny day!!

I love it
Butterfly farmButterfly farm
Butterfly farm

This butterfly landed on this womans hat, up close and personal!!
Tour guideTour guide
Tour guide

Butterfly tour guide guy
Cocoons!! Cocoons!!

Circle of Life

These butterflies just loved that hat!

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