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March 10th 2008
Published: March 3rd 2010
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last pictures of Rome =(last pictures of Rome =(last pictures of Rome =(

these last few pictures were taken out the bus window on our way to the airport
This was by far the best 10 days of my life. Indescribable. I laughed, I cried, I got annoyed at beggars. I ate the best food, met some of the nicest people, my desire for travel has definatly intensified.

It was a day of sad goodbyes. Sad, to leave, but happy I have met the group and our wonderful tour guide, Joel. Seriously, he was AMAZING. Once returning home, so many people asked me "how did I get to go to Europe?" As if its an impossible feat. Well....I saved. For one whole year I saved my money. As much as I wanted to go out drinking, or buy new boots, or spend money on a new hairdo....I wanted to go to Europe more. So I saved. Every moment spent in my cubicle hating my job, was another moment I'd spend in Europe that I'd LOVE.

Seeing the monuments, eating the local cusiene, trying my hand out at speaking a foreign language....I loved all of it! Tossing a coin into the Trevi fountain....riding the crowded "Tube" ... seeing the colorful paintings in the Louvre.....nothing can replace these memories....


Europe. Until we meet again.

Until we meet again....

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last picturelast picture
last picture

Not sure what this building was exactly.
colorful buildings wizzing bycolorful buildings wizzing by
colorful buildings wizzing by

the bus ride to the airport was rather quiet. Some excited to go back home, others sad to leave Italy.
colorful buildingcolorful building
colorful building

*sigh* I love, love, LOVED Rome. Those of you out there who want to go to Rome/Italy/Europe, GO! What are you waiting for??
Jay is sadJay is sad
Jay is sad

Jay is sad to leave Rome....or annoyed that I took this picture? You be the judge.

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