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Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome October 29th 2019

We couldn't help we set to walk to Maggiore...always trust a girl who can read a map upside down.. A wander through some other streets & entered the City through the Wall at Porto Maggiore....can't go wrong there. Maggiore itself is of the four Papal Basilicas...drawing a large crowd today. The outside rear is just as grand as the front. Repubblica Piazza with the the Bascilica Santa Maria degli Angeli. Our last stroll home through some typical Roman streets.... read more
City Wall Porto Maggiore
Old trams still in use
Maggiore facade

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome October 28th 2019

A last day to revisit some sights...tommorrow will most likely be taken up preparing for the big flights home. The Colosso (forum) can't leave without witnessing it's grandeur one last time. A shot of the Arch of Constantine. The Appian Way with all it's columns. The Trevi Fountain, we were so early they were still cleaning out the euros from the day no water running through the fountain. Columns being made use of today in Piazza di Pietra of the stock exchange building which was once the Temple of Hadrian in 145 AD. Pantheon & it's big hole in the that is clever. With the tomb of Vittorio Emanuele who was before Mussolini. Back to Piazza Nuova....the Four Rivers Fountain where we started our holiday. The Column of Marcus Aurelius (Roman Emperor). The Spagna ... read more
Arch of Constantine
Appian Way
Trevi Fountain

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome October 25th 2019

Hit the pavement see the most prestigious ranked Papal Basilica in Rome (even over St Peter's). And we were not disappointed. Obviously dedicated to St John the Baptist. As the Cathedral of the Pope as Bishop to Rome.. it ranks highest. Found our way through the Roman City Walls to S. Giovanni. Huge & moderately ornate compared to St Peter's. So many Masters of the Arts were commissioned by the Basilicas & Churches to paint frescos, mosaic, they were able to produce some magnificent pieces at no cost to themselves...hence they became so good at their own skills. There was demand for art in aiming to be prestigious as weatlthy families commissioned artists to adorn their churches & palaces. So the beginnings of the Renaissance. A walk onto Santa Croce in Guresaleme 325, a ... read more
Outside the wall
Inside the wall

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome October 23rd 2019

Two and a half hours and we are in Rome, ITALY, which is a very busy city with a population of almost five million. This is a picture snapping haven for Chris. In front of the Trevi Fountain, the tourists are 10 rows deep to view the marble center figure of Neptune standing on rocks. SNAP. The Pantheon is a temple dedicated to “all the gods”. Light emits only through a nine meter circular opening in the dome. SNAP. Of course it is important to walk up the 12 flights of the Spanish Steps. SNAP. A new day and onto the subway to arrive at the Vatican. While standing in line, a fellow convinces us to join a group with a guide and a four hour tour. Good decision as 38,000 people visit per day. The ... read more
Pasta Pasta Everywhere!
The Pantheon
The Pantheon

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome September 21st 2019

Dear all. Some friends who are expert travellers have queried my luggage load on this trip and yes, I know 23 kilos is too huge and I usually do carry less. However, on this holiday we are away for nearly 7 weeks, in shoulder season. We are travelling from hot and sunny Greek Islands early September to cold nights in Austria, Croatia and Slovenia mid October so the temperature range we need to dress for ranges from 38 degrees to 5 degrees over the course of the trip (bbrrrr...I need a jacket and jumper just thinking about that). In addition to that, we just finished our 11 night cruise with no option to wash except for very expensive small bags of washing done by the cruise line (add in AUD conversion rate) so we needed day ... read more

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome September 20th 2019

Hello friends. I hope you enjoyed my last blog and that you had a few chuckles, reading about our adventures so far. Update…I did not manage to get Noel to learn/do any dancing with me on this cruise. Our port after Corfu was Santorini. After the calmness of Corfu it was a bit of a shock to wake up to gale force winds of about 50 knots and super choppy seas. But this beauty of a ship handled it with ease and the captain said that the water is too deep to anchor in the caldera so he was using satellite positioning to keep the ship in one place by using rudders and thrusters. I did not get off the ship in Santorini and I can tell you this baby did not move an inch!!! I ... read more

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome September 20th 2019

We have had a wonderful day in Rome today after venturing to Pisa yesterday. It was super sad disbanding the "Fab Four" after meeting up for dinner tonight near the Spanish Steps. We have become firm friends in just a short time. We'll see you again, Deb and Jacquie, before you know it!!! Thanks for the great times and wonderful memories. xxxx Here are some photos to go along with my earlier blog post. Enjoy!!... read more
Changing of the guards
Changing of the guards
First sighting

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome September 16th 2019

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome September 13th 2019

Our last day in Montalcino was fantastic. We started the day visiting Abbey St‘ Antimo. Founded by Benedictine Monks. Another beautiful example of architecture with Roman influence. Constantine had something to do with its founding back in 1350. The afternoon was spent touring two wineries: Podere Le Ripi . The winemaker, Giovanni, personally took us on a tour and explained their organic system thoroughly. We were lucky they started picking grapes that day. Very old school in the processes and all hand picked. We sampled their Brunello , Rosa and Bosai wines. Next we toured Masteo Janni Winery. Owned by the family that owns illy and a much bigger producer of wine. They were set up to produce and sell a lot of wine using the newest steel tanks-over a million bottles of wine per year. ... read more

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome September 9th 2019

Wow everyone awake & on full speed ahead this morning. There is alot of urgency in the movements outside. We have a good people watching window from 4 floors up. People having a very animated chat on the corner (we could hear them from here over the traffic), someone on an errand can't find a park so parks on the pedestrian cossing, the little dog wants to play with the big dog across the street, little street cafes already filling up with lots of chat, elderly lady with her trolly bag (i could use one of those!), children waiting impatiently at the bus stop, music thumping from a car expecting the driver to be blown from the vehicle, 'ding ding' the tram is approaching, more people in animated chat, the scooters, the buses, every second person ... read more
St Peters
Getting on a bit
Good support

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