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Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome May 8th 2022

We planned this trip over a period of 2 years having bought the tickets during lockdown. Now at the end , how has it gone ? As with any trip it has its ups and downs. But first Rome. So glad we ended here otherwise for me everything else would have been an anti climax . It has been an amazing visit and it is to do with the scale of the sights that dominate the city. We arrived Saturday late afternoon and got sorted in our apartment and did some shopping, as we planned to eat breakfast and have some evening meals in our place. We were tired from the journey but went first to an expensive wine bar , Chris' final birthday treat. Drinks from me and Adam. One of the wines was 10€ ... read more
Staircase at Vatican museum
Frescos in House of Augustus

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome December 27th 2021

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome August 16th 2021

Sunday and Monday in Romewent far better than the first day. After breakfast at the hotel, we got tickets to a 2-day hop-on-hop-off bus tour with Greenline and got to see and learn much more of the city than if we'd only walked around by ourselves. The tour came with earbuds we could use to hear all about the sites as we drove by and stopped at each one. We got on the bus just a block from our hotel, Hotel Borromeo, at Stop 2 of the tour at The Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore which I shared a picture of in my First Day in Rome blog. Stop 1 was just a bus 'resting place' near the train station, so there was really nothing to see there. Also nearby Stop 2 were the url= read more
Arch of Constantine
Eric's Favorite
Up Close and Personal

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome August 14th 2021

On Saturday, after a couple of disappointing (not to the fault of the city) days in Naples, we checked out of our quaint hotel and hopped on a train to Rome. The countryside was filled with never-ending grape and sunflower farms and mountains in the distance. After an uneventful hour and a half ride, we arrived and found our way to the taxi pickup zone. There was a group of around 40 or 50 young men playing drums and singing some anthem, drawing quite a crowd. We couldn't tell what the words were and I wasn't even sure what language they were singing in. Once we got in our taxi I asked the driver what the excitement was about and he said he didn't know because the group wasn't Italian. After the very brief (maybe 3 ... read more
Mvsei Vaticani
The Pope's Courtyard
One of many masterpieces

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome July 22nd 2021

Bonjour à tous, Peut être avez vous trouvé, que la fin de mon blog d'hier, était bâclé, encore plus de fautes que d'habitude, l'explication est toute simple. J'ai pour habitude de le préparer avant d'aller souper, et de faire une coupure, car pour moi toute cette écriture ce n'est pas spontanée, comme un écrivain de métier. Et à mon retour la tête plus reposée, je me relis, j'essaies aussi de remettre en forme certaines tournures, voir de corriger les fautes, quand elles me sautent aux yeux, mais hier au soi, au retour les batteries de mon pc pratiquement vides. J'ai eu à peine le temps de relire le début et coupure. Il à bien voulu redémarrer quelques minutes plus tard, juste le temps d'envoyer. J'ai essayer toutes les prises de la chambre, mon chargeur de tel ... read more
le Colisée
le Palais Impérial
Piazza de Venezia

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome June 27th 2021

The day at Pompeii wiped all of us out. We slept in the next morning, lounged and slept some more. Finally, we got ourselves up to go out. Kim found info online on couple of historic bridges nearby that we could cross so we did an evening walk, walking down to one, crossing it then walking along the river and crossing the other. It was a warm evening but along the river was nice and we got some walking in. After the day of rest, we got up early and walked to St. Peters. This is a must see in Rome. The basilica was finished in 1626 and has a sculpture created by Michelangelo that is truly amazing. The basilica is huge and everywhere you look there are paintings and frescos. We did not, however, ... read more
St Peters Basilica  and Square
Inside the Basilica
Michelangelo's Pieta

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome June 20th 2021

Finally, after hours of messing around with airplane tickets and this and that, we were in Rome. We found our apartment and settled in. We walked to the Pantheon and back just to stretch our legs. We had to get an early start to the day as we had a guided tour to the Colosseum. I didn’t realize but the tour included the Forum and Palatine Hill as well. I had thought that we’d take in the Forum and Palatine Hill in the afternoon so this was a pleasant surprise. The tour was a 3-hour tour, going thru the Forum, Palatine Hill and the Colosseum but it could have lasted a couple of hours longer. We didn’t go thru nearly enough for me. Alas. I may try to go back while we are here. We’d ... read more
Walking on the road built in about 64 AD
The Colosseum
Animals were held in cages inside these arches

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome March 2nd 2021 1st March- The Colosseum in Rome My first virtual tour with Sara in Rome, I had read that she was a very experienced guide & although I have visited the Colosseum some years ago I thought I’d join the trip on Monday. Construction of the Colosseum began between 70 and 72 CE. The completed structure was dedicated in 80 CE. During the Roman Empire and under the motto of "Bread and Circuses" the Colosseum (known then as Flavian Amphitheatre) allowed more than 50,000 people to enjoy its finest spectacles. The exhibitions of exotic animals, executions of prisoners, recreations of battles and gladiator fights kept the Roman people entertained for years. The Colosseum remained active for over 500 years. The last recorded games in history were celebrated in the 6th century. Since the 6th century the ... read more

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome January 22nd 2021

30/12 Rome Another busy day ‘On Tour’ Saint Peter's Square Rome The dimensions of the square are spectacula: 320 meters long and 250 meters wide. The construction of the square was carried out between 1656 and 1667 with the support of Pope Alexander XII. The paving is varied by radiating lines to relieve what might otherwise be a sea of straight slabs. In 1817 circular stones were set to mark the tip of the obelisk’s shadow at noon as the sun entered each of the signs of the zodiac, making the obelisk a gigantic sundial. The Christmas tree this year is a 30-meter-tall, 7-ton Norway spuce stood glowing with pride, surpassed in height in its immediate surroundings only by the ancient Egyptian obelisk towering next to it. Hailing from the Kočevje area in southern Slovenia, the ... read more

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome October 14th 2020

During the covid-19 period additional rules were applied to the ones which were put in place in 2019. The steps surrounding the monument remained closed to prevent overcrowding. In addition, the social distancing rule of 1 metre, and the mask-wearing law which are currently in place throughout Italy, were being enforced by the municipal police and the military. On August 21st 2020 the police handed out the first fine of €400 to a visitor at the Trevi fountain who refused to wear a mask. (23 Aug 20, The Local Italy, ''Covid-19 : Rome's First Fine for not wearing mask handed out at Trevi Fountain'') The current law, states that all people must wear a mask whilst they are outside, as well as inside. The mask should be worn over both the nose and mouth, apart from ... read more

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