Andrew Belotti


Andrew Belotti

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Perth August 18th 2018

A filling breakfast looking onto a beautiful outlook at Willoughby’s restaurant attached to the Airport Honolulu Hotel and then by courtesy shuttle to our flight. Our take-off took had us with a good view of Diamond Head and the surrounding ocean. We were fortunate to have a vacant seat next to each of us on the Honolulu-Sydney leg. We watched movies and tried to sleep, with little success, on this 11 hour flight. I watched, “Beirut”, “Breath”, “The Crimes that Bind” and “The Greatest Showman”, all of which I enjoyed. The adrenalin flowed as we flew over the Blue Mountains knowing we were in the greatest country in the world. However, the adrenalin quickly subsided at Sydney International Airport as the experience was not one would brag about to an international visitor. Disgrace, to put it ... read more
Spirit of Australia; QANTAS

North America » United States » Hawaii » Oahu August 18th 2018

The morning began well with some packing, breakfast and completion of packing before I ‘threw-a-spanner-in-the-works’ by having a severe headache which caused me to not care if the world ended. As a result, my final few hours with our most wonderful friends and hosts, Lori and Wayne, who couldn’t do enough for us, was spoilt by me. Jane held the fort. All that I had hoped to say and do did not eventuate, even at the drop-off at the airport. The headache worsened which resulted in much vomiting. Seated on the plane, which was due for take-off at 6.15pm, I took for the first time in my life a sleeping pill that Lori had given me and must have fallen asleep quickly because unbeknown to me, the plane sat on the tarmac for another one and ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Delta August 16th 2018

Sadly, we departed 683 and headed for 4445 arriving at 4.05pm. A half hour later the 3 of us sat down to wine, cheese and crackers. Wayne was yet to arrive as he left a few hours later by motor bike. We all met at an Italian restaurant for dinner in Ladner at 7. I’m lost for words at the moment. The realisation that our stay with Lori and Wayne is very close to completion. They have thought of everything. There has been no pressure (only tension when 2 letter words are used in scrabble and the user doesn’t know the meaning of the ‘word’). Wayne and I swapped hats; He received my West Coast Eagles cap while I received a Stetson. Love it.... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Salmon Arm August 15th 2018

Flow varied from 10kph to over 30kph. A grading of 3 for river rapids. Highest grade is 6. Total fun and awesome scenery despite the smoke haze.... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Salmon Arm August 15th 2018

I spent quite a bit of time early this morning just staring … staring out at the lake, calm as calm, the opposite shoreline and mountains hazily visible through the smoke, and coming to the realisation that this ‘life-style’ journey that Jane and I have been on, is drawing to a close … at least here in BC. We have been more than fortunate to have had so many friends from yesteryear support us in our joyous journey: Mary and Rob, Wayne and Lori, Al and Barb, ...Ken and Joanne, Al and Robert, Gary and Linda, Deirdre and Peter, Georgina and John, Michele and David, and the many, dare I say it, facebook friends, who have followed and made comments about our posted experiences as well as the communications from back home plus the numerous friends ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Salmon Arm August 15th 2018

“B.C. Wildfires 2018: Feds offer air power, troops to help battle nearly 600 blazes” That is one of the headlines here in BC. 90 of those fires have been started deliberately by humans! The others by lightning strikes. The images on the net show that virtually all of BC is ablaze. Firefighters from Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and other Canadian provinces have arrived to fight the fires. Where we are, smoke has enveloped us all. For people coming to visit ...“Beautiful British Columbia” as it is known, it would be impossible to see; impossible to appreciate, due to the smoke. Our day today has been completely different from yesterday. Apart from a drive into the smoke covered and enclosed small town of Chase for supplies, activity for us didn’t begin until we hit the smoke surrounded ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Salmon Arm August 13th 2018

My day began with me arising early and after making Jane a cup of coffee I headed to the jetty as the mist was low and overcast and I could only faintly make out the opposite shoreline and mountains. I stood and sat out on the jetty for approximately an hour and a half … and … was rewarded with a Canadian Beaver swimming past with a stick in its mouth, ignoring my presence, as it continued on its way. I captured it on video which made me pretty happy. We all... have heard of the term, “Busy as a Beaver”, I’m sure. 2 Otters fished another 30m off-shore. There was no other human about. It was as silent as a vacuum. It was cool around my hairless head so the hoody was used. Over 30 ... read more
The Olympic competitors

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Salmon Arm August 12th 2018

It was up early to the great news that the West Coast Eagles had ‘stolen’ the valuable 4 points, breakfast and drive courtesy of our wonderful hosts and new friends, Gary and Linda, to Dukes Point, south of Nanaimo, for the “Coastal Inspiration’s” 2 hour ferry to Tsawwassen. Bus to the airport, very quick baggage-drop and a good relaxing break before the 1 hour flight to Kelowna where we were picked up by Lori and Wayne in their ‘new’ vehicle which guaranteed us a very smooth ride onto their place on Shuswap Lake where we had begun our BC visit. It was good to be back in beautiful, familiar territory with close friends. A healthy dinner prepared by L+W was enjoyed by all. Followed by 12 sets of vigorous table tennis between Wayne and myself definitely ... read more

Today we visited Quadra Island in the Discovery Island group of about a dozen between Campbell River on Vancouver Island and mainland BC. If the line-up of vehicles on both sides of the ferry route were any indication, then life on Quadra seems to be quite vibrant. After speaking with a few locals at the Heriot Bay Inn Pub we found that the locals are involved in fishing, shellfish aquaculture, forestry, art, writing, building and a wide range of professional services. A large number of active, community minded retirees live on the island too. We landed at Quathiaski Cove by ferry and made our way to Heriot Bay. Returning along West Road we called in to visit Richard Christie who had been my exchange teaching partner in ’86. He lives in a sensational home overlooking magnificent ... read more

This was a ‘steady-as-she-goes’ day as we took our time over breakfast before making our way to Mt Washington, an alpine skiing resort, 1 590m above sea level, with 82 ski runs, receiving 10.5m of snow each winter season. We took the chairlift up and down admiring the view, whether looking down or up, on each ride. Whilst at the summit we walked 3 of the trails to various viewing points, each giving us a different perspective. We had 360 degree views on all occasions so were able to see across the sea to the various islands and to the BC mainland. The views into the valley and up the opposite side to the snow covered mountains were the ones most enjoyed. Bird wildlife, particularly the Whiskey Jack’s, were in abundance and proved to be, surprisingly, ... read more
Mt Washington ski run and chairlift

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