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Andrew Belotti

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome August 11th 2023

Departed “Just Chillin” by arranged transport at 10am for Rome’s Fiumicino airport and the beginning of the return legs to home base, Perth. The HIGHS: (Likes) Robert and Mary Elliott – their love, care, sharing and humour Sheep – the black ones, the white ones, the mixed up ones, the lambs Hairy cattle – the brown and the black Shetland Islands … remoteness, vistas, cliffs, narrow roads Climbing Cairngorms – the view Scotland – the vistas Anne Boyd – renewing and humour Ferry journeys - overnighters Yorkshire Dales – the stone fenced fields Viaducts The hikes Hilary and Peter Shaw – friendship and care Sorrento – clean and vistas Ravello views … of Amalfi coast Matera/Sassi … Puglia region Lecce Old Town … Pulgia region Dubrovnik wall and Old Town Sailing Croatian Islands … Komiza and ... read more

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome August 10th 2023

A forecast temperature in the mid to high 30’s resulted in us beginning our sightseeing much earlier than yesterday. A coffee to begin with and then we hit the hard paths. What follows are summaries of researched background information. First stop the Trevi Fountain which we first visited in 1984. The fountain was completed in 1762. It was constructed at the intersection of Rome’s then 3 most important thoroughfares. Standing 26.3m high and 49.15m wide, it is the largest baroque fountain in the city and one of the most famous fountains in the world. In January 2013, it was announced that the Italian fashion company Fendi would sponsor a 20-month, 2.2-million-euro restoration of the fountain. Restoration work began in June 2014 and was completed in November 2015. Second stop the Victor Emmanuel monument, also first visited ... read more

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome August 10th 2023

We didn’t rush to rise. When we did it was a short walk to a breakfast venue we had decided on the previous evening. From our seats we could see calendars for sale. We’ve seen the firemen calendars, naked women calendars, animal calendars, numerous calendars, and today Catholic priest calendars. Back to “Just Chillin’ to try and contact Vueling with no success by any medium. It was only after I knew the result of the Eagles game at 11.15 that we left our accommodation, silly really, as it was heating up fast. We made our way to the Colosseum, where 1000’s of other human beings were too. It is impressive. For readers of this post who have visited the structure, I’m sure you would agree. The Colosseum is an elliptical amphitheatre and the largest one standing ... read more

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Split August 9th 2023

We said our goodbyes to our sailing companions after disembarking in the morning and made our way to Split Airport for our flight to Rome. Little did I know that I would be channelling John McEnroe again. “You can’t be serious? ”Presented our flight details at check-in only to be told that the Vueling flight had departed at 8.40am. All our information in black and white had 3.45pm. The airline official checked our information, saw that we were on the flight manifest, everything was correct except … a big except … the departure time. We had received no email, no sms, no phone call, no smoke signals, that the flight time had changed … changed big time! We had to purchase tickets again … this time with Croatian Airlines leaving at 12.05pm … 854 Euros please ... read more

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Milna August 5th 2023

Jane and I were up early. We wanted to see a little more of Milna. Jane went in the direction of last evening while I strolled in the opposite direction where we eventually met up and headed for a coffee venue. The yachts and cars in the parking lots were covered in ash brought in by the wind overnight from the fire on the mainland. Brian washed our yacht. “Ocean House” needs to be returned refuelled. We were 10th in line when we joined the queue at 10.15am. It was a slow process with patience required. The sun was setting the tone for the day … a hot one. Fuelled, we headed, under sail, for Stomorska, our first evening destination that we were turned away from due to being ‘full’. A stroll around small Stomorska, a ... read more

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Milna August 5th 2023

A leisurely stroll with Jane for an early morning swim after a late night. The stroll took us past some beautiful vistas. Breaking away from the dock we hoisted sail promptly and headed for the open sea. It took three long tacks before we were through the heads and away. The breeze allowed for a speed of 6-7 knots before increasing to 9. It was a very comfortable cruise to our destination, Milna, on the island of Brac. Not a cloud in the sky, the sea as blue as blue and the sun shining a comfortable heat. I sat under the mainsail boom for the total sail, joined by Jane a half hour into the sail. Not a hint of seasickness today. There were many yachts about, over 2 dozen of various sizes. Ours is one ... read more

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Stari Grad August 2nd 2023

Out through the Heads that protected Vis, into the open sea with mainsail and headsail catching the strong breeze and pushing us along at a great speed of 10-12 knots coupled with the heal (lean) was a terrific feeling … a feeling that was to leave me … Feeling the wind, watching the waves and swell of about 2m and feeling the boat race across the crest, plunge bow first into the next and rise again to repeat was enjoyable and exhilarating to me, the non-sailor … until … I decided to go below to use the Head. With the boat on a lean, I negotiated the stairs, placed feet on the angled floor and then it ‘hit’ me. Head spinning … no balance … sea sickness. Made it to my cabin, collapsed onto the bunk ... read more

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Vis August 2nd 2023

The wind did not let up. The Vis bay became packed with yachts seeking safe anchorage. While were away from the yacht the Vis port manager whizzed around on his runabout ordering everyone to vacate their moorings and find another anchorage position on the opposite side of the bay as a fleet of over 50 “Sail Croatia” yachts had booked the mooring area plus other positions. Feedback told me that Peter and the other Skippers were not happy chappies. I had walked back from the town only to find no “Ocean House” and numerous yachts roped together where my yacht had been. I assumed we had been moved … Peter wouldn’t have pulled stumps and left me behind … would he? Jane met me as I was returning to town and to the other side of ... read more

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Vis August 1st 2023

This has been a far from uneventful yacht cruise. This morning the winds were blowing at 30knots from the direction of our planned sail. To add to the raised heart rate the generator which supplied the yachts power was NOT working. A face time technical phone call to Kastella with the yacht company’s electrician rectified the problem. By this time the wind had increased, and the sea was up. I was hoping that we would head into the wind and stick to our plan, however that was not the case. We ran with the wind and the sea rounding the island of Vis and headed into the town of Vis and its safe anchorage. There were no port tie-ups or docks available so it was a matter of finding a mooring. Easier said than done. Found. ... read more

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Vis July 31st 2023

I’ll begin by saying that at this point in time, Komiza is by far my most favourite of places in Croatia. After doing something I haven’t done in years, sleeping over 7 hours straight, I was refreshed and ready to experience what the day would bring. An ocean swim. Swam like I was in my late 20’s early 30’s. Stroke was long and easy, kick fast and strong … all because … the high salt content had me so buoyant. Loved the feeling. Onto a little breakfast before sitting with my legs over the side of a yacht under sail as we cut through a sea so, so rich in its blue. The only thing missing were dolphins leaping out of the water at the bow. At times we could see not a soul in a ... read more

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