Andrew Belotti


Andrew Belotti

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Perth » Como July 29th 2022

I loved: - Steve Woods friendship and hospitality, Coolgardie - Royal Flying Doctor Nullarbor Highway airstrips - the Bunda Cliffs, Great Australian Bight - Head of Bight - Windmills, Penong - Fowlers Bay and the sand dunes - Meeting up with John and Pauline Gummery - Bunyeroo Valley Geological Trail, Flinders Ranges - Acacia Ridge hike to the summit, Arkaroola, Gamon Ranges - Farina Bakehouse - Oodnadatta Track - William Creek Pub - Painted Desert - The Breakaways, Coober Pedy - Coward Springs on Oodnadatta Track - Marree Pub dinners number 29 twice! - Helpful mechanical advice from Sam Belotti - convoying with David Date and Kerry Date, Birdsville Track - free camping at Tippipilia Creek with David and Kerry - Koonchera Dune on Birdsville Track - Birdsville Track - Diamantina River - Big Red ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Kalgoorlie July 29th 2022

An unplanned stopover. Prado problem. Excellent organisation day. Walked Hannan Street from Town Hall to Monty's and returned opposite side. Afternoon tea at Viennas cafe where we had spent enjoyable times in '80 and '81. Drove down Piccadilly Street and pinpointed the position on the road that Jane had asked me out on 5th April, me on a treadly with a steak and kidney pie and a pavlova on the carrier, Jane in her red Ford Escort. Made in heaven! Final meal, finishing off our produce ... also made in heaven. Reminisced on the 'best' of most things during the trip with no collusion. We each summarised the trip in 3 words again with no collusion. Gee, we have had some belly laughs. Love it. Tomorrow we spend the 50th day on the final leg home. ... read more
WOW! The works ... tablecloth, serviettes and a stripper
Ordered to be sensible
Hannan St from the top end

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Kalgoorlie July 29th 2022

From The Pines campsite we continued our onwards journey towards Kalgoorlie but not before rising to a beautiful sunrise and a deviation to Giles Breakaway a further 70km down the track. We were greeted by a landscape full of rich colours and rugged with drop away cliff walls. One not to be missed with camping available under trees We hit the bitumen just before Laverton, slowly fuelled due to the blowback. Pulled into Leonora where we did want to stay for a few days, however plans have changed. On the way out we came across more than 6 wedge-tailed eagles and crows feeding on a road killed kangaroo. It was a beautiful sight as we had never seen that many in one group before. Broad Arrow beckoned as did the Broady Burger. Kalgoorlie. Running total of ... read more
Giles Breakaway

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia July 29th 2022

We said our goodbyes as we departed a beautiful campsite. There is something different about experiencing a sunrise and a sunset in the outback. We have been fortunate to have enjoyed many whilst on this very memorable trip of ours and this morning was no different. Our spirits were high as we hit the road and it was not long before we came across roadworks. We stopped at Tims Tree, a memorial for Tim Ballinger by his family as Tim lost his life at the age of 21 on this road. Oh, how things can change ‘just-like-that’. The fuel warning light began flashing even though We still had just over half a tank. Stopped, checked the Prado manual which said that we were being warned that only 22 litres remained. Didn’t make sense so we continued ... read more
Tim Ballinger

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Warakurna July 29th 2022

A leisurely get up. A solid breakfast. Systematic pack up. Onto Giles weather station, a short drive from Warakurna. We were to be disappointed. Sunday, closed to visitors. Appointment by internet had to be made. We hadn’t. The road was ‘pretty good’ even though corrugated in a few sections. Some sections were as smooth as a baby’s backside. We stopped to help 3 young Aboriginal men (all in their 20’s) who had ‘numerous’ problems with their vehicle. They had improvised extremely well (see photo and description). We lent them the tyre plugger for their front bald tyre which had already been plugged 3 times (thank you Widodo). The windscreen was smashed but hadn’t caved in (see photo). We shared good conversation and laughs. We shook hands, wished them well, waved goodbye and moved on. Burnt out ... read more
Our backyard
Giles Weather Station

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Warakurna July 29th 2022

We HAD eagerly set off for our destination, Kaltukatjara (Docker River), where we HAD planned to stay 2 nights. 50km from Yulara and with Kata Tjuka at our backs we photographed the road signs to the WA Border and Kaltukatjara and the road ahead knowing that 95% of the over 1000km to Laverton would be unsealed. The road that we covered today proved to be worse than what we had heard. Bone shaking corrugations over many varied surfaces, stony surfaces the worst. Before arriving at Kaltukatjara, we turned off the road and followed a track that led us to Lewis Harold Bell Lasseter’s Cave. The photograph of the plaque at the cave site tells of the why and what. Onto Kaltukatjara, a remote Indigenous community in the Northern Territory, overlooked by the Petermann Ranges and only ... read more
The road ahead
Taking a break
Fuel tanker

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Kata Tjuta July 22nd 2022

Today, it was totally KATA TJUKA. Located approximately 50km west of our accommodation at Yulara, Kata Tjuka means ‘many heads’ and is sacred to the local Aboriginal Anangu people. It forms an important focus of their spiritual life. The ochre-coloured shapes are an intriguing and mesmerising sight. We stopped at the dune viewing platform, still 25kms from Kata Tjuka, and viewed the large dome rock formations, of which there are 36, for an overall view. The highest dome of this sandstone monolith stands 546m above the surrounding plain. On arrival, we walked together to Karu, the first lookout on the Valley of the Winds trail, before fleet footed mountain goat Jane continued to the second lookout, Karingana, a grade 4 difficult walk. I returned to our starting point. We visited and walked a small section of ... read more
The adventurous travellers
Kata Tjuka

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Uluru July 21st 2022

Today, it was totally ULURU. Even though we had visited this spiritual place 16 years previously, it didn't fail to have the same effect on us again. This time we rode bikes around the base compared to walking all those years ago. We rode. We stopped, We walked. We photographed. We viewed. We marvelled. We lived the moment. We remained quiet. We sensed. We shared. We smiled. We were in awe. Mother nature capped it off by delivering a stunning sunset onto Uluru.... read more

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Ayers Rock July 20th 2022

A leisurely drive from Kings Canyon to Yulara had us arrive relaxed. Along the way the scenery remained fairly constant with grassland and low scrub with spindly trees dominating after the turn off on Lasseter Highway towards Yulara. Mt Connor stood out to the south of us. Yulara came about due to the unstructured and unmonitored tourism in the early 1970’s. This was having detrimental effects on the environment surrounding both Uluru and Kata Tjuta. The town of Yulara was proclaimed a town on August 10, 1976. It is 14 km from Uluru. We are staying at the Desert Gardens Hotel for 3 nights. Tonight we ate in the restaurant and toasted our wonderful adventures.... read more
Mt Connor

Oceania July 19th 2022

Jane walked the Kings Canyon Rim … 2.5hrs for 6km with steep climb at the beginning. She completed the walk with ease. She isn’t nick-named “mountain-goat” for nothing. Andrew walked the Kings Canyon Valley (creek) … 50mins for 2 km with no climbs anywhere. However, he did have a 1.5m black snake cross the path over his boots, which had him being likened to a “leaping springbok”. The weather has warmed considerably. The scenery is constantly beautiful. We are tired. 3 days of luxury R&R ahead at, “Desert Gardens” Ayers Rock Resort, Yulara.... read more
All walks leave from here

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