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North America » Canada » British Columbia » Delta July 20th 2018

This would have been a painful departing, however, knowing that we are returning to this beautiful environment in 3 weeks or so puts the pain on the back-burner for a while. Lori took us along the ever changing and beautiful scenic route until we joined the main highway to Ladner. One cannot get enough of the magnificence of each scene. The ultimate … we saw a bear … in the wild … sadly no photo. On reaching Lori’s home we found that Anni Lind and her husband, Brian, were waiting for us as we had organised dinner at a Japanese restaurant in Ladner. Anni was a teaching colleague from Champlain Heights in ’86 and a very close friend of Lori’s. I had had much fun with Anni whilst working and socialising with her in ’86. For ... read more
The 2 Amigos

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Chase July 18th 2018

I rose late this morning at 7 and lazed around until I took my first paddle stroke at 9 as I couldn’t resist the lake’s glass like invitation and the surrounding mountains whispering, “Come see us close up.” The lake and the mountains fulfilled their promise of beauty and silence which was broken by a thumping thunder with me wondering, “Where the hell is that coming from?” Looking up at the mountains I saw a huge freight train about 80m up on a railway line cut into the side slope of the mountain. Two huge engines were pulling and eventually I saw the rear of the line of wagons where another engine was pushing as the train thundered its way up a 10 degree slope. Beautiful to watch such power. Then, silence. Returned by 10.30 to ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Chase July 18th 2018

Began the day with a half hour double kayak paddle on Shuswap Lake with Jane. Very good unison even if I say so myself. From there I left with Wayne to Adams River to ride the trail that follows the river and to find the rapids we aim to raft down. Great ride and we found the fast flowing, water churning, white rapids too. The trail is completely through cedar forest which extends from the bank of the river. We spent the afternoon skiing … well, Jane had more success than me, which wasn’t very hard … while Lori and Wayne excelled; Wayne on one ski doing all sorts of tricks. I’ve got to find something that he has difficulty in doing and I excel … could be pretty difficult. The water was just so beautiful ... read more
Enjoying the silence and the view.

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Kelowna July 17th 2018

Another absolutely awesome day. We drove through the Salmon River Valley and beside Kalamalka Lake until Kelowna before making our way to Myra Canyon and the old Kettle Valley Railway Trail. It was an easy return ride on a relatively flat trail of approximately 30 kms over 18 trestles (railway bridges) and through 2 tunnels. The trail for the most part had a cliff like fall of hundreds of metres on one side and sloping rock faces covered by cedar pine on the other. You did have to concentrate during the ride because it was easy for misfortune to occur. It was clear to see that the area was still recovering from the destructive fire that had ‘rolled up’ the slopes in 2003 destroying virtually all of the forest covering and 12 of the 18 trestles, ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Salmon Arm July 16th 2018

France win the World Cup. West Coast Eagles still waiting on definite prognosis of Nic Nat’s right knee. Trump says the Queen is beautiful … inside and out. The sun is still shining strongly on Shuswap Lake. So, from that intro, one can see that we had a totally replenish-the-energy-batteries day. Lori drove us into see the town of Salmon Arm where the longest wooden jetty in North America stands. On the return to the lake Jane and Lori spent hours out on the pontoon talking and sunbaking (not good) while I hung out the washing (very good) and dozed a little. Wayne played in a pre-arranged golf tournament. Compared to many of our previous days, today was a slow day. Tomorrow will be very different!... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Salmon Arm July 15th 2018

Want relaxing or activities or both? Well, we’re at the perfect setup. It has it all for activities from extreme to recreational to doing nothing to doing as you please to mixing everything together. So, today for us it was watch the unfinished Men’s semi-final from Wimbledon, followed by the Women’s Final, before setting up on the jetty to soak in the sunshine, lazily swim, try paddle boarding, sail the Hobie cat, eat goodies and float around on the boa...rd. For a little excitement we travelled to the Chase Canyon for the thrill of zip-lining. We ziplined 30-100m above a roaring river and waterfalls through the canyon on 3 different lines varing in length from 100 to 200 metres. Unreal but too, too quick. We finished the day with dessert and then fast tubing behind a ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Celista July 14th 2018

An absolutely awesome day as we discovered more enchanting nooks and crannies of Shuswap Lake on our 130-140km return boat journey. The aim of today was to hike the Albas Falls Trail (Lori and Wayne had not done this either) which is located in a remote area of the lake nearly at the end of Seymour Arm, a waterway of Shuswap Lake system. (see map photo). The shoreline was scattered with cabins and houseboats. At our destination we moored in the crystal clear waters of Steamboat Bay and began our hike from the beach. We hiked through tall forest alongside the creek to the first set of waterfalls. Many of the trees were covered in moss. We continued up the ‘easy-on-the-feet’ trail, deeper into this remote forest, hearing only the sound of the rushing water of ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Salmon Arm July 13th 2018

The early mornings, anywhere in the world, particularly in nature, are definitely the best times and this morning paddling on a calm Shuswap Lake again vindicated this belief. No humans. Silence … and then … the 2 otters popped their heads up and sped past me. Nature gives me another one to one experience. It was a beautiful lazy day for both of us. Lazing on the jetty soaking in the sunshine whilst talking with Lori for 2 hours again was an example of friends just continuing conversation from where they left off those years ago. Lunch came and went and we headed into the village of Chase which is located downstream from Shuswap Lake at the outlet of Little Shuswap Lake. We did a little shopping for necessities, visited the beach on the shore of ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Salmon Arm July 12th 2018

I rose very early which has been quite normal throughout our time away. It was a beautiful, still and slightly cloudy and the sun had not yet risen. I made a cuppa, went down to the floatable jetty and in-between stretching and sitting on one of the chairs available, waited for the sun to rise. With no one about I had the silence to myself. I stayed well after the sun rose to face the mountains behind our accommodation so as to watch the mist and cloud that had enveloped them and their cedar tree covering, rise and evaporate. This was a special part of the morning for me. With Wayne at the helm of his bow rider, Lori, Jane and I hit the water for a few hours on the lake, firstly making our way ... read more

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