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North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver July 30th 2018

Ken drove us to the ferry at Langdale. We had enjoyed our time with Ken and Joanne immensely. 29 years! … nah … just like yesterday. A beautiful morning crossing and then it was a bus into Vancouver. We made our way to the waterfront and “Steamworks”, the venue for meeting a few of my ex Champlain Heights students from ’86. Deepest thanks to Justin, Shona, Nabila, Annie, Allison, Hoai, Yvonne and Leanne for taking the time out of their day to come and say hello. We shared stories about our lives and naturally, what they remembered about our short while together in ’86. The team games of ‘leaderball’, ‘tunnelball’, ‘passball’, Aussie Rules, plus this song: which they all sang spontaneously,<... read more

Jane went for a long paddle on the Bay with Joanne and thoroughly enjoyed it. Ken had gone off to crew on a yacht in the scheduled weekend race while I nursed a headache. Upon Jane’s return I headed on the kayak from the Bay to the inlet’s entrance to the sea. The tide had turned and was coming in with power. Jane and Joanne had gone onto Madeira Bay to do a spot of shopping. We all linked up at approximately 4pm. We were invited to a very high end party. In attendance were a few of the ‘movers and shakers’ of BC. Everything was provided with virtually everyone arriving by tender as their launches were moored elsewhere on the inlet or at a waterfront home. We had a good time as they ‘rubbed shoulders’ ... read more

Ken, Joanne, Jane and I climbed Mt Daniel today. The trail led to the 450m summit and gave spectacular views over Pender Harbour. Switchbacks and steep grades were very common with quite a few rough sections of very loose rock and many sections of exposed tree roots so coupled with the incline it made for strenuous walking (climbing). Even though the forest enclosed the trail totally and we were walking in shade, we all sweated profusely. Coming down was definitely not a cake-walk as our knees took much of the strain. The view definitely was spectacular and after the effort to reach the summit it was our reward to stay a while to ‘soak-it-all-in’. A relaxing lunch followed by a ‘long nap’ by the 4 of us followed.... read more
Going up.
... and up ...

Made it to Pender Harbour and Ken’s home courtesy of Al and Barb driving us there. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay with them both and the beautiful area and community of people they live in and with. Lunch had been prepared for all us by Ken which we enjoyed on the outside balcony overlooking Gunboat Bay. The views for 360 degrees are awesome. The house is luxuriant in all aspects. We have again, ‘landed-on-our-feet’. Considering it has been nearly 29 years since we last saw Ken when he visited us in Como, the conversation flowed easily. The year 1986 was definitely good to us. Ken, the dog and I hit the water for a few hours of gentle paddling. Again, it is always a different perspective from the water. I got to see Mt Daniel … ... read more

I didn’t get to sleep until after 2.30am and awake by 6. What is it. I should be tired from all the activity. I went for a walk by myself as Jane and Barb wanted to read and Al was pottering. I found myself on the ‘beach’ side of the jetty we visited yesterday, stumbling over totally encrusted barnacle covered rocks heading for the creek and huge boulder rocks beyond. Sitting atop the boulder and with no-one about except for 2 sea kayakers an hour or so later, I gazed out over the waters, which were at low tide, and thought about how artists, be they painters, sculptors, musicians, dancers or photographers or writers or poets, could not help but be inspired into action when in such a beautiful, peaceful environment. Canadian Geese slowly made their ... read more

I sat alone on a rocky outcrop 5m up from the water below with the sun warming my back and a very gentle breeze hitting my face as I gazed at the view that the beautiful Halfmoon Bay and the surrounds were throwing up to me. I watched 3 seals pop their heads and survey the scene above water before sliding back down into the inviting depths. They did this a number of times as they made their way slowly across the bay. The silence was broken only by an occasional sea plane crossing the sky. The huge barge full of gravel, being towed by a tug, moved slowly and without sound, far out at the entrance to the Bay. Being alone, I thought about what I was experiencing and what I had experienced on this ... read more
A woman's best friend!
Looking out to Halfmoon Bay

The cloud free, bright sunshine day began with a walk around the neighbourhood which took us through a track covered over by forest of large Douglas Firs and Alders which made it pleasant walking and past the local Pickleball court where a number of locals were playing and socialising. We joined them after the track walk and watched a few games of doubles before moving on. Many birds, particularly the robin red-breast, various canaries and red tailed hawks were about as well as the occasional garter snake of no more than 40cm long. Not long after we hit the “Big Tree Trail”. Yes, the trees were big. Again, the forest covered us and the trail with the sun breaking through only occasionally which suited us fine as hiking in coolness in a forest always gives you ... read more
Pickleball/Tennis Club lake and clubhouse.

It took us 20 minutes to walk to the bus pick-up point for our journey to Bridgeport before we transferred to the sky train and get-off point at the Olympic Village Station. We made our way to Cittadella, a café, for a coffee and waited for Al and Barb, our hosts for the next 4 days, to pick us up. Our greetings were boisterous and full of energy of friends long not seen. Al took us slowly through Vancouver city through Stanley Park, over Lions Gate Bridge to West Vancouver and Thunderbird Marina where we stopped for a brief walk and look around before heading to Horseshoe Bay and the Sunshine Coast ferry. We drove onto the ferry as did approximately 300 other cars and a few motorbikes. Oh, the memories and the views, as we ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Delta July 21st 2018

Another beautiful day in Ladner. We cycled for over 4 hours, exploring areas we had not seen before. We rode along track at the top of the man-made dyke that protected the farmlands (and wetlands) and bird sanctuary from the tidal effect of Boundary Bay. As the weather was conducive to ‘being-at-the-beach’ many of the locals of the area were out enjoying the sunshine on their beach. (See photos). Definitely not Cottesloe however one makes do with what one has. We stopped for a short while at a small café, Beach Grove, and had the best coffee in all of our travels. The blueberry lemon muffin was first class too. I wasn’t ‘allowed’ or ‘encouraged’ to sample anything else! Retracing our tread-marks we made it to the major bus stop to check the departure time for ... read more
Bird Sanctuary
Day at the Beach

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Delta July 21st 2018

Description for today: Organization and Recovery.... read more

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