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North America » Canada » British Columbia » Salmon Arm July 11th 2018

Ladner, where Wayne and Lori’s home is located, is a small suburb of Vancouver and is part of the Municipality of Delta. It began as a fishing village and is named after two Ladner brothers who began large farming and fishing operations in the area in the middle 1800’s. However, the highlight of today was that we travelled with Lori to Shuswap Lake, where they have their ‘holiday’ house, which reaches right into the waters of the lake. It is a sensational place. Before I rave more about our abode for the next 9 days it must be said that the drive through the cloud and misty covered mountains, the deep valleys, along the many lakes and the powerful, fast flowing Fraser River, brought back many memories of our time in BC in ’86, 32 years ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Delta July 10th 2018

Rob and Mary kindly drove us to Manchester Airport, about an hour from Caldy. We had the best time with them. A flight to Heathrow and then onto Vancouver ensured where we were met by our very good friends, Lori and Wayne Henderson. We left Heathrow about 50minutes late due to a ‘technical malfunction’ (it’s how everything with airlines is explained) of disengaging the passenger walkway from the aircraft. The plane landed only 20 minutes later than the scheduled time, however, another ‘technical malfunction’ this time with the baggage carousel saw us exit the building 75 minutes after landing. All that faded into the background when we hit the road as conversation flowed and drizzly rain began. We loved the coolness after England’s ‘heatwave’! We are being treated like royalty in all ways.... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Merseyside » Wirral July 8th 2018

Final day in Caldy and England and now two thirds of the way through out journey. The weather ‘turned-it-on’ for us again so to cement our memory’s we worked our way through a bush track to the top of Caldy Hill where we enjoyed clear views across the River Dee to Wales, over West Kirby to the wind turbines on the horizon. We continued on down the other side working our way back to the West Kirby Lake which we walked around and finally, covered in a good workout sweat, returned to Mary and Rob’s. I checked the AFL site and saw that the West Coast Eagles had done the right thing to defeat the Giants. Rob and Mary’s son, John, his wife Mandy and daughter Mollie put on a top-notch going away bbq for us. ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Merseyside » Wirral July 7th 2018

It draws so ever closer. Our bodies must have known as they woke very, very early for have us enjoy the view we have woken to every day we have been here at Rob and Mary’s. The tide was in, the boats were standing upright as they floated at their moorings and it was clear right across the River Dee to Wales. Squirrels with their bushy tails held high were scurrying about in the green yard below as they competed with the many birds for their morning breakfast and there was not a breath of wind. A lone, soundless airliner, high in the sky, was leaving its long, white vapour trail stretching behind. It was a morning not to be wasted. With no-one about, a ride was in order. We covered ground not before ridden … ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Merseyside » Liverpool July 6th 2018

It took only 30 minutes after catching the train from Hoylake to Liverpool via the Mersey River Railway Tunnel. I enjoyed the day as I was totally surprised by the ease of moving around. There was no congestion on footpaths or roads. From exploring the inner city to the waterfront to the cathedrals to quiet streets to the Radio City Tower it was a day of new learning and appreciation. Mary was kind enough to let us drive her car to the Hoylake Train Station, where one is able to park free for 24 hours! With return tickets in hand we were set for the day. The temperature was kind to us and very conducive for comfortable walking. As I had not been into the ‘depths’ of Liverpool city before, I took it slowly, so as ... read more
Liverpool Town Hall
Match these.

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Gwynedd » Caernarfon July 5th 2018

Rob docked at Caernarfon (north Wales) today so we drove to greet and pick him up. He and a long-time friend, Allan, sailed Rob’s newly purchased yacht from Dartmouth in southern England to Caernarvon in north Wales, passing around Lizard Point, Land’s End, across the Bristol Channel, passing St David’s Head, across Cardigan Bay, into Caernarfon Bay to their destination. Rob and Mary have been sailors all their lives so this ‘little’ jaunt was a stroll-in-the-park for a person of Rob’s experience. Many a plan has already been made by both of them with regards to ‘tarting’ the boat up. Sadly, we will not be here to enjoy the fruits of their labour … however … we will return …... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Merseyside » Wirral July 4th 2018

We continue to experience glorious weather so a long, easy bike ride of ‘discovery’ was in order. I’m sure Mary was glad to have us out-of-the-way, for her to enjoy ‘her’ time. It was good to have Jane go to areas she had not seen or visited before. The unfit state that I am in had me ‘rest-up’ for the remainder of the day, either with light reading or watching Wimbledon. Rest day for the World Cup not only for the players but for the fans and television audience who would have been so intense as they watched England play Colombia. I was barracking for England because to put it really mildly, “I didn’t agree with the Colombian’s ‘treatment’ of opposition players and the referee.”... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Merseyside » Wirral July 3rd 2018

An early rising to sit by the phone for a court case in WA so as to be cross-examined. Followed that by a long, slow but enjoyable cycle in magnificent Australian, sorry, English weather to clear my head. Cycled to a part of the coast and the Wirral I had not seen before. Jane had gone with Mary to have her hair cut. Wimbledon and the World Cup soccer is dominating the channels. England play Colombia later this evening. No complaints from me. We are still enjoying our time here in Caldy immensely. Mary is such a joy and we are enjoying each other’s humour.... read more
Royal Liverpool Golf Club.
Decorated railings alonf part of the cycle way, Hoylake.

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Merseyside » Wirral July 2nd 2018

A late rising compared to other mornings with washing to be done followed by ironing interspersed with a little reading. The afternoon was highlighted by the end-of-year concert by the pre-schoolers, Year 1 and Year 2 students at Mary’s Grand-daughters school. The hot conditions did not make it comfortable for students or adults, however the songs, poems and personal renditions from the students kept the minds of all in attendance focused on the performances more so than the temperature. Jane and I came away strongly disagreeing with the conclusion of the presentation as our educational value system is completely at odds with what occurred. Our views were backed-up by a few children being upset. Awarding trophy cups to 3 students of each level (smaller versions of premiership cups) to children aged 5, 6 and 7 is ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cumbria » Lake District July 1st 2018

The day began with the drive through Keswick to the turn-off onto the road that would take us up and over the 454m (1 489 feet) Kirkstone Pass, a mountain pass in the Lake District. In places it has a gradient of 1:4. We stopped numerous times to take in the scenery and to even walk into a few fields to take photos and enjoy the freshness of the mountains. We also stopped near the summit at the 3rdhighest public house in England, Kirkstone Pass Inn. The road, as has been the case throughout the Lake District, was windy, narrow in many places, enclosed by stone fences and having steep, cliff like drop-offs, numerous blind corners that required 100% focus when driving particularly when vehicles approached from the opposite direction. Before hitting the M6 we came ... read more

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