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After loving goodbyes with Michele, David and Stefanie it was Amtrak to Vancouver. A ‘bit’ of a panic that we would miss our seaplane flight to Nanaimo however some quick talking by me had had whisked through passport control into a taxi for a fast drive to Harbour Air. Easy as! Arrived with plenty of time to spare that we had time to down the complimentary glass of wine, share a turkey sandwich, answer a few questions about my leg braces from a woman with drop foot and video a few seaplanes taking-off and landing. We were now mentally prepared! Take-off and landing were exactly as we liked … uneventful. The views on take-off, flight and landing were sensational. We even saw 2 whales We were met by Gary and Linda Willis, very close friends of ... read more

After posting yesterday M+D drove us to the Boeing complex. Describing it as huge would not be an apt description. Massive might satisfy. It is an airplane assembly building and is the largest building in the world by volume (0.4sq km) and is where the wide-body Boeing 747, 767, 777 and 787 are assembled. It employs over 30,000 people, including its own fire department, security team, daycare and fitness centre. However, the highlight of last evening was going to Mukilteo Lighthouse area to … buy … an ice-cream … made the most of it! As we enjoyed our ice-creams we walked around the beautiful area taking in the returning ferry from Whidbey Island, situated in Puget Sound. Back home, it was a movie, “Snowman”, before bed. We caught the ferry to Whidbey Island and drove to ... read more

North America » United States » Washington » Everett August 8th 2018

Living in a beautiful environment calls for enjoying the beautiful environment and so that was the case for today. Onto the sailboat early we ‘motored’ slowly around Puget Sound but not before we had dropped the crab cages in David’s favourite area. It proved to be highly profitable as the four cages each had more than 8 crabs. Every crab was measured with the illegal sized crabs being returned to whence they had come. 6 very good sized legal crabs were kept... and ultimately cooked back at the house. While we waited for the cages to fill we headed to where the seals were; most sunning themselves on large logs tied together and anchored to the seabed. This brought much joy to all on board. We were very close to the Navy docks so we were ... read more

North America » United States » Washington » Everett August 6th 2018

A memorable day in that we reacquainted with long time special friends, Michele and David, who we had not seen since spending Christmas with them in Maui, Hawaii, in ’86. We continued where we left off; laughing. Naturally, we reflected and laughed even louder! We had said goodbye to our wonderful hosts and friends, Al and Robert, early in the morning. D+M drove us into Seattle to watch celebrate “Seafair” on Puget Sound, with the “Blue Angels”, the US Navy’s flight demonstration squadron roaring overhead. The aviators, from the Navy and Marines, flying F/A – 18 Hornets, performed for nearly an hour, doing sensational manoeuvres and formations. At the same time, in between looking skywards, we watched the annual Seattle Tennis Open beside the Seattle Tennis Club. We didn’t waste time in enjoying our new environment. ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver August 5th 2018

Our final day in Vancouver began with a clear view over the city, the ships waiting to berth to the mountains followed by breakfast at Al’s. A spot of washing and ironing before lunch with ex-students, Adrienne and Tricia, which Adrienne had organised. Sleep followed. Well rested, it was onto dinner with Robert and Al at an Indian restaurant before final packing, ready for our journey to Everett tomorrow. Al and Robert have been wonderful to us. Gratitude … again.... read more
Tricia, Me and Adrienne.
... the going down of the sun ... and ... we shall remember ...

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver August 4th 2018

I must again stress that I am indeed fortunate to have been travelling with and sharing these past 108 days with my beautiful wife, Jane. This is not a soppy, luvvy duvvy, oh what a wonderful husband Belotts is; it’s just straight, deep from the heart truth. It’s been absolutely fantastic. Today there was no conquering a high peak, walking a tough trail, seeing nature in all its wonder but a sedate, wandering, tired sort of day. We did it hand-in-hand most of the time. Loved it. (If you just want to Walk Fast, Walk Alone! But if you want to Walk Far, Walk Together!) … and then … at 5pm I was counselling a young man of 26. This had been requested of me 5 days ago by his parents and I had only met ... read more
Old stomping ground.
Colour change not for the better. Location of my 30th birthday in '86

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver August 3rd 2018

It was walking over familiar ground today as we were back in the same block where we lived in ’86. We were picked up by Al and Robert from Broadway and Cambie sky train station and driven to Roberts condo on W 14th between Hemlock and Granville, where we are staying. In ’86 we lived in the condo below Al less than half a block away on W 15th. Not long after Rob drove Jane in his corvette to lunch. I had to settle for the Kia. However, on the return journey the roles were reversed. Jane locked Robert out of his condo, by locking the incorrect door lock from the inside, of which there is no key. While Robert tried to rectify the situation we were ‘sent’ on our way to walk the streets. A ... read more
View from Condo
View from Condo.
Jane, Robert and the Corvette.

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver August 2nd 2018

Today we were the guests of Georgina and John Worsley. We thank them very much for giving of their time for us to enjoy Grouse Mountain and the happy family meal with their daughters Courtney and Gillian and their families.... read more
Going up
Into the clouds
In the clouds

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver August 1st 2018

Today truly epitomised exactly what travel is about … people, sights and food. Even though the sights were sensational and the food absolutely taste buds insane, it was the time we spent with people that had us on a high. Even trying to explain why or how we felt will do no credit to the individuals or the conversations we thoroughly enjoyed with them. The ‘them’ were Llorn Kylo, an ex-student from ’86 and his 2 very close friends Tom and Pete who joined us. Highly intelligent, well travelled, extremely successful in their careers but more importantly, extremely successful as ‘persons’. To sit at the same table and converse at an intellectual level as we did about many diverse subjects that were important to the 5 of us gave Jane and myself more than joy. To ... read more
Looking over the water to North Vancouver

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Delta July 31st 2018

We are so appreciative of Lori and Wayne for the use of their home while they are in their summer abode on Shuswap Lake. Today was about late up, easy breakfast, washing and ironing, relaxing and a little planning. At 5 we caught the bus for Jane to attend a dinner appointment with Tina, a special person and ex-student from Melville, who now is into her 3rdyear of Bachelor of Science majoring in Bio-Chemistry at UBC, while I continued on to the city and the waterfront, stopping at Steamworks, again, for a bite to eat. Being in the inner, downtown section of the city, Georgia St, Granville St plus Water St and Cordova St, we were very sad to see the dirtiness of the street paths and benches and bus stops. Very different indeed to ’86. ... read more

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