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24th July 2023

Life is good.
Soak up the elements. Being on water has its own magic to embody. This month of Winter here feels like Spring. :) XX
13th July 2023

Lots of change.
New scenes each day and all filled with character. Have fun. XX
13th July 2023

It feels really good.
From here. :)
9th July 2023

stairs and levels
I imagine all the residents keep really fit with all those stairs etc. No need for a gym. :)
9th July 2023

Catching up :)
I enjoyed this day's blog. Did you stay in one of these?.. Did you get to go inside? :)
29th June 2023

Being out of the story
Hi Andrew and Jane, I had not connected for a while and so missed knowing of Jane's condition until today. 29th June. So grateful that things have shown improvement and that by today, you are definitely further along your planned journey as evidenced by your blog in Naples. I hope that the rest of your travels are Joyful and harmonious with well-being for both of you. Much love. XXX
29th June 2023

No need to cart your umbrella and 'stuff' there. Just turn up and pay. Enjoy!!
26th June 2023

Good news
Glad to hear that Jane is feeling better. Have fun in Italy!
7th June 2023

A beautiful adventure
It is all looking like a soul nurturing journey. Enjoy. XX
2nd June 2023

Keeping up
Hi there Jane and Andrew, Attempting to keep up with your wonderful journey. Cannot always get the time. I went to the WASO performance yesterday. Thanks!! It was delicious and delightful. Keep the Joy alive. Nanami and I are generally smooth sailing. She is not looking forward to her return to Japan. Much love, Pat XXXX
27th May 2023

Black sheep
Love the black sheep - so cute! 🥰
5th March 2023

What a trip!
It was quite stressful reading about your adventures, with the intense bike rides and then cyclone. The rest of your trip sounded lovely though. Enjoy your well earned memories 😊
5th March 2023

Thanks for taking me along in the blog. :)
9th August 2022

Thank you Jane and Andrew
Thank you Jane and Andrew for sending me these trip updates. I enjoyed reading about your adventures. Hope you are settling back into rainy old Perth!
20th July 2022

The company you keep.
Love the dingo and horse companions you have shared the journey with. Continue the adventure with Joy and magic. X
20th July 2022

For sharing the beauty of this magnificent part of the planet. :) X
30th June 2022

Ask your guides for the most benevolent outcome. Have fun too.
From Blog: DAY 22 MARREE
14th June 2022

Bringing it all back mate. I love that trip. Hope the price of fuel is not bankrupting you...I' endure same on my trip north 1st July. Currently both isolating at home with C19. Drive & stay safe .. M/J
11th June 2022

Simply comments
Belotts, wow! I wish that i too could travel some day like you. I know that you will fully live every moment of your trip and create some rich memories. I wish you a happy, adventurous and memorable trip!
11th June 2022

Received and appreciated.
Enjoy the trip including any detours. X
10th June 2022

Magic that the Woodsey/Belotti connection has now happened face to face/heart to heart/hbd to mouth.
8th August 2018

Great photos
When is dinner.
From Blog: Day 111 Everett
18th July 2018

What a beautiful country , mountains , rivers , magnificent forests and two great, fit,good looking Australians (obviously) enjoying themselves and doing it all . Proud of you both . Stay healthy . Regards, Peter .
1st July 2018

This (blog) has all been fantastic Belotts , but with all this commentary and photos (all beautiful) you will need to come home for a rest .Hope you are both fit and well . Love Pete & Dani .
10th June 2018

Wine, wine wine
Cute photo
From Blog: Day 53 Ronda

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