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March 8th 2009
Published: November 26th 2009
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Inside of cruise shipInside of cruise shipInside of cruise ship

Cruise ship lobby
We set sail for a wonderful 7 day cruise on Sat. March 7. I wore the cutest outfit, skirt w/ pink shirt and pink jacket and a big white hat!! It was a wonderful day for sailing. Upon take off, we missed the "sailing away" party, which featured lots of kids, characters and....well...lots of people. We opted to go to the back of the ship and watch Port Canaveral disapear from view. And we saw wild dolphies!! Or....dolphines. They were swimming along side the ship, wishing us a bon voyage.

Dusk faded into night time and we had the opportunity to go to dinner and meet our wonderful staff and our dinner mates. Brian and Diana, which is funny cause Jay knew Diana from work!! And we met another older couple from Canada (I forgot their names) but their daughter worked on the Disney cruise ship. I love how they always put cast members together on these ships, but its a lot of fun meeting the other people as well.

The next Day Mar. 8, we were in KEY WEST!!! Its simply beautiful. I've been there before, back in 2004 and was glad to have the opportunity to return.

Sittin' in the lobby
We hadnt planned any excersions for that day, which Im glad cause the excersions get expensive! We walked to the "southernmost point" in the continental United States. And, OMG there was a LINE to take a pic of it!! I decided not to.....and took a picture with it from the other end. We did ALOT of walking. To the beach, to stores, to lunch, along DUVAL street!! A huge party street, apparently. Sadly, I did not get to "party" there on my last visit or this one, but thats quite alright. =)

The highlight of the day, for me anyway was....the petshop!! Along Duval street we passed a petshop and TWO of my favorite kinds of dogs were in there. A puppy english bulldog and a puppy french bulldog. I would have taken both of them home right then and there. I named the frenchie "Bugsby" which is a favorable name, if I ever do own a frenchie =)

For lunch we went to Sloppy Joes. I had yummy chicken! I forgot what Jay had. I drank a pina colada and him a margaritta. He is not a big drinker, but always nice to see him "let loose"

Me in a Silly Hat
on a trip at least. =) We went back to the ship early, and had planned to take a nap, then come back and watch the fabulous Key West sunset....and....we napped too long!! The entire cruise I did not get one wonderful sunset picture!! Oh well.

Well, that night was dinner....I wore a cutsey orange dress. Jay began to feel sick in the middle of dinner and had to leave. I enjoyed my grouper throughly. I enjoyed it a little too much.

At 5am I woke up with the most weirdest stomach cramps I have had in a long time. I thought it was "female" cramps so I ignored it and went back to sleep. Well, I woke up a few mins later and it had gotten worse. "Diareah cramps?" I thought? And went to the bathroom. Well....I did my business...came back and decided to lay on the couch instead. My stomach began to hurt big time. All the sudden I thought "I think i'm about to throw up" now, mind you, I have not "thrown up" in 9+ years. Not even from a night of drinking. I actually forgot what it feels like to "about to throw
First picFirst picFirst pic

The cruise had just left port
up" I made it to the bathroom and....yep....throw up I did. But that wasnt the worst of my problems. It came out both ends! And since I did not anticipate that, I had been kneeling in front of the toilet....I felt a weird sludge in my underwear....yeah....you guessed it. Well....Im not going to go into any details, although I would like to, because looking back its actually a pretty funny story and all my friends who are into bathroom humor thinks its hilarious. Well....lets just say, that is the only time since age 4 that I have "pooped in my pants"

Well....I kept waking up to do my business....every 30 mins or so. I did not wake Jay. Finally, around 7 or 8 or so, he woke up and I rolled over to say I had been sick. I asked him if he felt sick from the dinner the night before and he said no. I remembered that I was the only one on our table that had eaten the grouper. It HAD to be that, even though I love fish. Well....I had cleaned up the bathroom pretty well. I was terrified what Jay would think, or even the
First Drink!!First Drink!!First Drink!!

Bahama Mama -- I think
cruise ship housekeeper guy. So....I left not a trace of...."evidence" on the floor of that bathroom. I even appologized to Jay "sorry if it smells in there" all he said was "it doesnt smell" aww...how sweet....lol

Well...long story short. Mon Mar. 9. It was an AT SEA day. THANK GOD. I was so sick I dont think I could have done anything. So luckily, I dont feel that I "missed out" on anything. I did feel bad that Jay spent most the day alone while I slept. Around 1 or 2ish, I decided to give it a go and we went to see a movie on the ship "Bolt" Walking was a challenge that day, taking every ounce of energy I had. I was convinced I had the "norovirus" or whatever goes around cruise ships, but decided to wait it out before calling their health hotline. Later that afternoon was our one hour massage which I was NOT going to miss. I made it down there, had a great massage, although, to do it over again, we paid way too much for it. We opted not to get a veranda for this very reason, to use that money for

it was Yum Yum
a massage.....I mean, massages are great, but I would have rathered stayed on the balcony looking at the wonderful ocean.

Anyway....by nighfall, I was feeling slightly better and ordered soup from room service. I ate about half of it, drank sprite and passed out. I hadnt thrown up or diareahed since the morning, and I figured I was..."done" for the day.

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We didnt get a veranda this time....so this was our view....next time...VERANDA!!
Key WestKey West
Key West

Port in Key West. Fla
Jimmy BuffettJimmy Buffett
Jimmy Buffett

I have eaten here once before and at the one in Orlando. Good stuff =)
Party!! Party!!

The equivelency to Bourbain Street, 6th Street, Beale Street, Church Street....

Pet Store
my future puppymy future puppy
my future puppy

I love French Bulldogs

"Take me home, take me home" they all said.
So cuteSo cute
So cute

"Are you my new Mommy?"

I just liked this pic cause of the Eiffel Tower

Key West is Pretty
southern most pointsouthern most point
southern most point

I took a pic from the other side cause there was literally a line of ppl

Line to take pic!!

Cool Statue

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