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Sadly, the time had come to say our goodbyes. Saturday morning came, the day I'd be traveling back to San Jose, on a bus, for 8 hours...alone. Neil's 3 week trip had ended too, but he wasnt coming back with me. He was off to go diving somewhere, and more adventures for him! This was the only part of the trip I was nervous about. So many people asked if I was nervous traveling alone. No, no I wasnt. Only traveling from Panama back to CR not speaking the language....well, I was nervous. Plus I worried there would be some hassel at the border. Luckily, there wasnt. The trip went like this....I said goodbye to Shen and Neil. Erick and I loaded into a boat, along w/ a driver and we made the 45 min boat ... read more
good pic

friday 3/26 Another day I was looking forward to. We knew we would be working on the reforestation project today. Reforestation is basically: "the restocking of existing forests and woodlands which have been depleted." We hoped on the motor boat and drove to a secluded location....a secluded, marshy location. There were extra ankle length boots waiting for us, thankfully. The mud we'd be walking in would cover our ankles. I put on plenty of sunblock....except for my back!! And face! Normally I am very anal about covering my face...this time I simply forgot, but my back got the brunt of it. Erick and Neil carried the heavy trays of plants out from the motor boat. There were three other locals there that did not speak english but were very grateful to have us there. Our job ... read more
he was very friendly

night patrols Ok, I have saved the turtle night patrols for one blog because, well, there is alot to explain and I thought since that was the sole purpose I was down in Panama to begin with, it deserved its own blog! Ok night patrols. Between March and April the female leatherback turtle swims ashore, lays her eggs, buries them, and then leaves. Well, would be nice if it was that easy, but its not. There are human predators as well as animal predators. Everyone wants those eggs. The Mama turtle lays anywhere from 50-80 eggs. They are about the size of a golf ball. The night patrols consisted of us getting together in small groups of three or four people. We'd basically walk up and down the beach for about 3 hours until we saw ... read more
my new friend
I like this pic

thurs 3/25 This was one of the hottest days yet. But a day I was excited for because we'd be going to the manatee platform to feed them!! It was a "free day" for Neil, so he had the day off to go explore and be a tourist in the nearby cities. So, Shen, Erick, and I went to do the "Aquatic path" The Aquatic path is basically the river....but we'd turn on little narrow mangroves to reach the manatee platform. We took a tiny motor boat and road out to the path....once we got there, it was too narrow and too shallow to use the motor so all three of us rowed!! Little ole' me was rowin' a boat!! My shoulders and arms hurt, of course. Geez, Im out of shape! but I kept thinking, ... read more
banana leaves
just keep swimming...
so big

scenery and animals around San San Ponds. I have to say, from what I've seen of Panama, it is stunningly beautiful! Sure, I really only stayed at the camp area for the volunteer project, and I didnt get to see any large cities, or the canal or whatever, but from what I have seen of Panama, I absolutly love it. Shen, Neil and I went swimming in the river to cool off every afternoon. The water is a brownish-green-blue, depending how it looks for that day and who knows how dirty it is, but it certainly is refreshing! I kept wondering if piranah's were in there, lol. I took several pics of animals, as you can see. We had a very IRRITATING rooster whom I nicknamed "middle finger rooster" EVERY DAY that damn thing would crow. ... read more
bathroom area

Our first full day in Panama! We woke up to a yummy breakfast. I am one of those people that absolutly cannot function without breakfast. I wake up starving and have to eat NOW. Evelyn was our cook, and a good one at that. Every day we had coffee and hot cocoa waiting for us, fresh fruit like papaya and pineapple. some days eggs, other days some hot dog bread thing, other days corn flakes! It was all very good and I made sure to eat alot of breakfast because we'd be working hard. We started off doing "turtle training" which sounds kind of funny. Erick has us build a sand turtle! it was cute and I took lots of pics. Neil built the turtles head and made him have a sad face!!! I sculpted the ... read more
sand turtle

OMG.....5am bus....we didnt get to Panama til nearly 4:00. We took the 5am bus to the bus station...took another 6am bus that would take us to Changuinola, Panama. It was a crowded bus ride, the entire time. The first several hours of the journey the bus driver blasted spanish music. And I mean BLASTED. Ok...listen to the radio, fine, but WHY BLAST IT???? Luckily, I somehow managed to fall asleep, nearly the entire journey. Around 1pm or so....the bus breaks down. Carlos, a guy that is with I to I had ridden down from San Jose with us to make sure we got there ok. Well, Carlos tells us "the bus broke down, another one is coming" .... so we wait there....for an hour!!! I....fell asleep on the broke down bus....and finally, the new one gets ... read more
Shen and I
brokedown palace

So we met up at 8:30am with Nikki meeting us at the hostel. She was going to walk with us the 15 minuet walk to the i to i office for our orientation and introduction to the volunteer projects. It was a very pretty day, excellent weather. I was just happy to be feeling better, and starving!!! The i to i "office" was actually a house, a very pretty house and we had our orientation on the patio of the backyard. I forgot whose house it actually is, but the woman works at i to i. Anyway, she gave us an intro to the program, and the country of Costa Rica and we watched a few videos of "culture shock"... in one particular video there was an American student who seemed very ignorant who kept saying ... read more
British invasion

The day I had been waiting for had finally come! My trip which I had been planning for the past 5 months had finally arrived. I flew jet blue, and to my surprise and delight....had the entire row to myself! I got to stretch out, take my shoes off, and gaze out the window. And of course, me being on a plane time! I am no longer a nervous flyer, but usually I like having a drink or two (or three!) when flying to start out my vacation. Well....for some reason the (male) flight attendant did not charge me for my three wines I had ordered. There was a row of girls across the aisle from me ordering drinks and he kept giving them free drinks too so I couldnt feel too special, lol. Well, ... read more

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So... I leave to Costa Rica in 5....I repeat....FIVE days.....I am starting to freak out a little! I have traveled alone before, but always to visit a friend and always in the states. This is my first solo trip outside the country. I am NOT prepared! Ive had 5 months to plan and prepare....ugh, such a procrastinator! Alot of "what if" scenerios have gone through my mind....what if I get food poisoning? What if I lose my passport? What if I get robbed? What if I get eaten by a shark? What if I get bit by some mosquito and get some unknown deadly disease? What if everything is more expensive than I budgeted for and I go broke? What if something happens to my phone and I have no form of communication to people back ... read more

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