It's the Catalina Wine Mixer!!

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January 15th 2014
Published: January 21st 2014
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So....I wake up and I'm...hungover... so we had a bit of a late start...close to noon. We had no shore excursions planned for Catalina Island and that was fine by me. The trip was starting to get pricey so I thought we could explore the island on our own, and that is just what we did. After some B-fast and much needed hydration, I was feeling good again and ready to get to that beautiful island known as Catalina! Apparently it is a one hour boat ride from the "mainland" or Long Beach...but for us it took over a day, lol. Im sure most people who reside in California werent that excited for Catalaina Island, but I was...especially beacause of...

The Catalina Wine Mixer!!

Actually there is no real Catalina Wine Mixer, but anyone who has seen the Will Ferrel movie "Step Brothers" will get that reference.

So we had to take a smaller boat off the ship, which Lyle immediatly fell nervous about...he took one of his motion sickness pills...little did he know the quiet ride would be only 4 minuets until we reached the island.

Well you couldnt have asked for a better day. No

City of Avalon on Catalina Island
clouds in the sky, no strong annoying wind breezes. It really was perfect.

We had the option of renting a golf cart to drive around the island, which I considered, but it was $40 per hour!! So we opted to walk around instead. Sadly....everything on that island is expensive...EVERYTHING. From the cheesy souveniers to the good seafood was nearly $30 a plate...and thats for lunch! We did however find a cheap hot dog place and got some fries, hot dogs and drinks...still paid $14 bucks...hmm...maybe I've been in EL Paso too long and I forgot how expensive the "real world" can be!

Truthfully, all we really did was walk around shop to shop and on the beach...uneventful, however beautiful it might be. But doesnt make for an interesting read, so I will not continue boring you.

We did, however, find an interesting art shop with some of the most beautiful paintings I have ever seen. Ruth Myers, I think the artist is named. Simply stunning.

Well, it was back on the boat for more night time debauchery!

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Smaller boatSmaller boat
Smaller boat

Had to take a smaller boat to the island
Spread EagleSpread Eagle
Spread Eagle

Lyle's "spread Eagle" picture...yes, he even told me to caption it as that.
golf cartsgolf carts
golf carts

Everyone uses golf carts to get around and not really cars
Ice Cream! Ice Cream!
Ice Cream!

No, its not meant to look dirty... so many people where around and I felt awkward posing with an ice cream statue
Better picBetter pic
Better pic

This one came out better

SOme fountain thing that I liked
Carnival InspirationCarnival Inspiration
Carnival Inspiration

Feeling inspired yet?
Alright picAlright pic
Alright pic

It was this pic that made me want to reconsider having short hair =/ yikes
playing in the sandplaying in the sand
playing in the sand

Playing in the sand...with my boots on

Some nice guy took this pic for us

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