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January 14th 2014
Published: January 20th 2014
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Elegant NightElegant NightElegant Night

And my new short hairdo!
Aw...gotta love the day at sea. Truthfully, we did not have cheeseburgers the entire time...I guess I thought it would be a cuter title than "Day Two" ... then again I guess I could quote another Jimmy Buffet song "It's 5'Oclock somewhere" as a catchy, yet, cliche title.

Anyway, I did not realize until we had gotten back that I did not take any aerial view type photos of the ship. No pics of the decks or pool or pool well. I think Im trying to get away from the era of "take a pic of anything" type days just to document my entire second on earth... Plus I think in the grand scheme of things, some people do not want to scroll through 1,000 pics of mine to look at a trip they did not go alas, less pics this time. Plus now that I am no longer on facebook, I guess less of a need to take "selfies" or pics that say "look at how awesome I am!" I dont have to post that, or take pics like that...I simply, already know it =)

Anyway, we slept in a bit, but still made it to
Getting ReadyGetting ReadyGetting Ready

Getting Ready to go out
breakfast. This was the only day we made it to breakfast in the dining room. It was delicious. Eggs and bacon for me, as always. A classic. We were seated with a few other people, which I dont mind. One couple was there with his entire family, his son was to propose to his girlfriend the following evening. Another couple was there with their kids, and we sat next to some nice young girls from Las Vegas on their first cruise.

Well...dumb ole me...thought that a cruise in the Pacific ocean would be instead of packing my colorful summer dresses, flip flops, straw hats and bikini tops...I packed leggings with boots, berets, scarves jeans and sweater dresses! What the hell. The weather was unseasonably warm...which also mean beautiful, stunning, not cold AT ALL ever on the entire trip. It also mean...that Erin forgot her bathing suit! Who goes on a cruise and forgets a swim suit? Me, thats I did want to sit by the pool, I just did not want to sit by the pool in leggings and boots.

So I made a "make-shift" bathing suit... I wore underwear to the pool. Thats right. I did, however, have my super colorful scarf which I wrapped around my waste to look like a bathing suit cover and I wore a tank top as my top....when in actualality, I sleep in that tank top. ANd yes...I wore my boots...god what an eye sore.

The gift shop did NOT sell bathing suits?? What the F !!! Well, a good thing, anyway, it would have been overpriced and the next time I will find myself in beach wear will not be until the summer anyways.

So, we're at the pool just as their starting the "hairy chest competition" ... the only actual hairy competitors were two old dudes, with a bear belly and probably in mid 50s or older. Everyone else looked like a frat boy. SOme were actually kind of cute. They basically had to take off their shirts, and strutt their stuff to some music in front of three female judges. THe two old guys "performace" if you want to call it that, was the most hilarious. Everyone else was kind of cheesy- look at me cause I'm good looking and I live in California. No...just no.

Well, Mike, his name was, pulls down his trousers and reveals an American flag printed speedo type thing..mind you...his chest has gray hair all over, his stomach protruded over his waste...much like a muffin. But it was his enthusiasm and lack of sobriety that won the crowd over. The song they played for him was George Thorogood's "Bad to the Bone." Appropriate.

As you guessed, this guy won. A free bottle of champagne, which I bet was drank within the same afternoon.

Well, busy night... I wont bore you too much longer. Elegant night, means everyone dresses up...just like an adult prom. My favorite of all the nights. Lobster was served in the main dining rooms. Wine was drank, we made a trip to the Candlelight lounge, where stand up comedy was being performed. THen we went to the Piano Bar, which, this was by far the highlight of the cruise for me. I'm not sure why. Probably because we dont have Piano Bars in EL paso. Probably because it reminded me of my old days living in Orlando, hanging at Piano Bars where I always seemed to think the Piano player guy was hot. Well, this was where I got the drunkest. ANd so
ok picok picok pic

I look kinda dumb
did Lyle. We had a small group in there, about 15 people. All of us got to know each other.

After several songs and way too many glasses of wine, we retired to our room at 1:15am, where Lyle drunkingly and agressively punched the towel animal against the wall.

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