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Day 29 - Monday 27 February 2017 cont'd The rain continued, so we decided to start our packing now as we were not able to do much else. Pat prefers to do the packing, so I just kept providing the coffee and tried to keep out of the way. We went for lunch at 12.30 pm, having a drink on the way. After lunch we did our usual stroll around the grounds. I decided we needed a little walk in the afternoon, so we initially headed left to see what height the tide was and if there was a chance to walk past Sandy Lane again. It was too high, so we headed right (North) in Holetown direction. We just went to the next proper area of beach and both had a swim, as it was ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Barbados » Holetown February 27th 2017

Day 25 - Thursday 23 February 2017 cont'd We actually managed to get in the main pool in the afternoon. Dinner was 7.30 pm in Sunset. We had a drink at 7 pm, before we went in. The meal was good, presentation is excellent. We had a little walk and sat listening to the evening entertainment for a while, then off to bed. More television. Day 26 - Friday 24 February 2017 Good night's sleep. Woke at 7.15 am. The hotel does not have a beach accessible immediately in front of it. There are beaches to the left and right. The fly in the ointment is the tide. The sea comes right up to the hotel wall and it is not sensible at high tide to attempt to go left as the swell can be 1 ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Barbados » Holetown February 23rd 2017

Day 22 - Monday 20 February, 2017 cont'd We started packing and generally sorting things out, when we got up. At 11.45 am we headed off to Speightstown. On the coastal way in - the pretty way - Pat spotted some turtles in the sea. I couldn't catch sight of them at first, but eventually one popped it's head out of the water for me to see. We have run out of both of our coffees now. Me for instant, Pat for filtered. So, I promised Pat a proper coffee in town for her to get some caffeine. The Beach shack didn't look like he had any coffee on the go, so Juma's was our next option. We watched the world going by and the waves breaking against the shoreline for a while. Then off to ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Barbados » Speightstown February 20th 2017

Day 20 - Saturday 18 February, 2017 cont'd Sunset was due at 1804 hrs and we had not watched one here properly. So I suggested to Pat we go out, allowing time to get somewhere to watch one. The Fisherman's pub was selected and we left home at 5.45 pm. The pub had music playing but few people were in. We did some internetting and blog posting, whilst watching the Sunset. Our reservation was for 7 pm at Nino's. We ambled from the pub and I was expecting us to be the only one's there, however the place was full. Our reservation was fine. We shared a dough ball starter, and then Pat had a mushroom and spinach in cream sauce pasta. I had the beef meatballs in spaghetti. All very nice, but sadly the service ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Barbados » Speightstown February 18th 2017

Day 15 - Tuesday 13 February 2017 cont'd We had some rolls and crisps for our tea. About 7.30 pm we popped out in the car to Fisherman's pub to do some internetting. As we arrived we realised that we were the only one's in. They we're closing shutters and tidying up. We managed to get some stuff done on the WiFi before they told us they were actually closing up for the night. It's a long time since I've been thrown out of a place. Home for a good nights sleep. Day 16 - Tuesday 14 February 2017 Objective for the day was to return the car to Fat Jack's in Dover by 12.45 pm. I had spotted a large mall advertised, that was on the way called Sheraton's, so we thought to find that. ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Barbados » Speightstown February 13th 2017

Day 13 - 11 February 2017 cont'd After arriving home we talked about spending time at The Fisherman's pub later to have access to full on internet. The dongle at the apartment works fine but is expensive to operate for us. So we tend to use it sparingly. We can download and upload to our hearts content at the pub. When we got home we cleaned the front windscreen on the car and then tried to find the bonnet catch to fill the washer bottle, with no luck. The wiper broke off due to sun damage, so now we needed to replace that. We had a little food and I typed up the blog, got pictures ready to download and so on. We left the apartment at 7.30 pm and initially headed for a local garage ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Barbados » Speightstown February 11th 2017

Day 10 - Wednesday 8 February 2017 It rained heavily in the night, but it was sunshine when we surfaced, although breezy. Our plan was to drop off some laundry and spend some time on the beach. We started off the day in no hurry and sorted the washing out. We left the apartment about 1120 am and ambled into town. The laundry was open and took our washing at B$16 per load. We seemed to have a load. There was an express service with stuff ready in three days, but we didn't elect for this, so our stuff will be back next week sometime. Next stop the beach. Most places have beach beds, but we chose Juma's for today. We settled down and went for some drinks. The shade provided by the tree was convenient ... read more

Day 6 cont'd - Saturday 4 February 2017 Following our trip out, the rest of the day was quiet. We had hot cross buns for tea. Early to sleep again. Day 7 - Sunday 5 February 2017 Another good nights sleep. Our plan for today was to try and visit a hotel to see if we could book an island tour through them and also take a look at the marina. The internet was not working this morning! We set off about 10 am and headed to the Almond resort just across the main road. The security lady on the entrance approached us and we explained that we wished to visit reception to try and book a tour. She rang reception for us and the answer was no. So we thanked her and moved on. The ... read more

Day 4 A reasonable nights sleep. We are still going to sleep early and therefore waking early. But slowly adjusting a little more each day. A slow start to the day and then a visit to the beach planned for today. Pat has a new full face snorkel to try out and I could certainly do with getting some colour back to my skin. Hopefully not bright pink! We left the apartment at 1045 am and headed towards the sea. We went in the direction we have been a few times but went right (north) instead of left (south) at the coast. After a short while we simply stopped on the beach, dropped our stuff and entered the water. Pat had brought her new mask, but she felt the sea was a little more active than ... read more

Day 1 Slept well. Up nice and early to tidy the house and make final preparations for the leaving the house for a month. Easyjet app advised of a delay on the inbound leg of the plane and that there would be a half hour delay on my departure. Case at top of the drive by 11.15 to await arrival of Leo and Paula for lift to the airport. They arrived in good time and the trip to the airport was uneventful, dropping Paula off at Alison's on the way, for her to get her hair done for her upcoming holiday. Leo and Paula off to Thailand tomorrow, so they are excited to be going away as well. Main case was checked in and they asked if I wanted to check in the other bag, which ... read more

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