Barbados 6

Published: February 18th 2017
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Day 15 - Tuesday 13 February 2017 cont'd

We had some rolls and crisps for our tea. About 7.30 pm we popped out in the car to Fisherman's pub to do some internetting.

As we arrived we realised that we were the only one's in. They we're closing shutters and tidying up.

We managed to get some stuff done on the WiFi before they told us they were actually closing up for the night. It's a long time since I've been thrown out of a place.

Home for a good nights sleep.

Day 16 - Tuesday 14 February 2017

Objective for the day was to return the car to Fat Jack's in Dover by 12.45 pm.

I had spotted a large mall advertised, that was on the way called Sheraton's, so we thought to find that.

We left at 10.00 am, heading for Bridgetown, got slightly lost trying to find the highway, but were soon back in track.

40 minutes later we arrived at the mall and it was much what we were expecting and hoping for.

We did purchase a few things and generally spend money. We had a coffee and at 11.45 am headed off. Topped up the car with B$20 worth of petrol, to get it back to the level when we picked it up.

We managed to find the rental place straight away. Parked, tucked the keys under the mat, as requested and walked off.

Pat had heard of St. Lawrence Gap which was on the way back and wanted a look, so we walked West along the coast. This area is much more touristy and there were booths trying to sell tours and all sorts of things we had been looking for, but by now we had done most of these things on our own.

We managed to find a Barbados shirt for me at B$40, at a little shop which was my size rather than gigantic for the American market.

It was raining a small amount and it was lunchtime, so we stopped at a small restaurant for food, drink and shelter.

Pat had a smoked salmon sandwich, with cream cheese. I had a hot dog, onions and fries. Both were lovely.

After lunch the rain had stopped and we continued walking.

We found our way to a bus stop and caught the next mini bus back into Bridgetown.

Another item I had been trying to purchase, some cheap slip on sandals was made on the way through town.

Then visited the big department store Cave Shepherd and up to the food court for a cup of tea and some WiFi.

After that we went to the Speightstown bus stop and home. It rained heavier as we got towards home, but we didn't get too wet. Back at 5.00 pm.

Rolls and crisps for our tea.

Day 17 - Wednesday 15 February, 2017.

A really good nights sleep.

A slow start to a beach day in Speightstown today, after the last few day's buzzing around in the car.

We left the apartment at 11.00 am for a slow stroll to town. Found our way to the Beach shack bar, bought some drinks and settled into some sunbeds.

Now and again we cooled off in the sea, but nothing too energetic. Lunchtime came about 1.00 pm and our plan was to try a place called Island Plates. It is only a small place and all tables were reserved when we arrived. So after some thought we ended back to the Beach shack. There was a limited food menu, but adequate for our needs. Pat opted for the catch of the day - grilled marlin and I had chili con carne. Both very nice, but expensive.

We rested on the sunbeds for a while longer and then headed off to Jordan's for some shopping. I popped in to Dollarwise (everything is B$3) on the way past to pick up some super glue to mend my new shoes.

Off to the laundry which was nearly on our way, on the off chance our washing had returned, it had.

I had already said we would stop in Fisherman's on the way past to rehydrate some more, and we stopped for a drink. It was busy and the internet was not really working so we drank up and ambled home fully laden with our various bits and pieces.

Our upstairs neighbours were outside on arriving home and we said a quick hello.

Then unpacked and headed for a shower.

Quiet for the rest of the day, with our now usual roll and crisps for tea with a banana.

Day 18 - Thursday 16, February 2017

A really good nights sleep. Rained in the night but sunshine when we woke.

Our plan for today was to catch up on a few chores at the apartment. Then an amble to Speightstown to research a haircut for me and Pat to have her nails done. Home for a snack lunch. This evening we plan to visit Holetown, they have a festival running this week and we wanted to have a look and have something local to eat off a stand maybe?

Pat did some washing and I tidied up and made a nuisance of myself.

At 11.30 am we left. At the traffic lights, we thought we had seen a barber. As we approached and went upstairs, we were asked if we wanted a barber. Which of course I did.

So for B$15, I have now had my haircut in another different country. The last time was Australia, before that Greece and Turkey.

Four haircuts in ten years in four different countries. Pat normally does it whilst we are in Cyprus, just in case you are wondering what I am on about.

After that we meandered, looking for a nail salon. We spoke to our friend in the Laundry, but she lives in Bridgetown, so didn't know local stuff so well.

We did find one place but she only did acrylic, Pat wanted gel.

Then off to Fisherman's to try and catch up on some downloads. The pub was busy with a lunch crowd but the internet speed was fine.

A beer and a lemonade and we were all caught up and on our way.

Our neighbour was just leaving in a hire car as we arrived and we chatted with her briefly.

Some rolls, crisps and a banana for lunch, then a quiet afternoon.

At about 5.30 pm we ventured out to get the bus to Holetown. There was a yellow bus waiting and we hopped on.

Holetown was just really setting up for the evening, so we walked for a while then had a drink in the Limegrove mall. We tried to get something to eat and everywhere was really busy and to cut a long frustrating story short, we decided to head back to Speightstown.

We walked around and thought about our options for food and ended up at KFC.

Back home for 9.45 pm.

Internet had run out again.

Day 19 - Friday 17, February, 2017

A reasonable nights sleep.

Another visit to Barbados planned for today.

We left the apartment at 10.30 am and as we were leaving I could here a conversation about cricket outside, so I said we had been the other day, and joined in for a little while. Turns out the guy was a player at one time and played with a few of the greats.

We then headed for Speightstown and the Digicel shop first, to sort out the internet dongle. Turns out we still have credit and it was working. Either it or us was having a moment last night!

Then on to get some money from the RBC ATM and up to the main road for a bus to Bridgetown.

Whilst waiting for a bus, a lady got talking to us and in conversation informed us that pensioners are not required to pay on the blue busses.

Not long and a yellow bus - panty dropper - came along and off we went.

Holetown was a lot busier with stalls today, so Pat thought it was probably building up for the weekend.

On arrival we went to the big department store Cave Shepherd first for refreshments.

Then off to the Barbados parliament. There is a tour and visit to a museum and at a cost of B$10 each is very good value.

We went into both the chambers of parliament and were given information along the way. Fascinating.

Lots of British history tied up in all of this, with portraits of many of our royalty adorning the place. Amusingly, Oliver Cromwell gets an equal footing here.

The museum features the history of Barbados and 10 great Barbadians, again all very informative and interesting.

We had lunch in our favourite take away Chinese place again. Good food and good value. It was busy and a local gentleman offered to share his table. With an almost customary “welcome to Barbados” salutation. His nickname was Major, real name Michael Cox and offered to find us a cheap apartment near Oistins if we came to the island again.

After lunch we meandered around for a while looking in various shops then back to our bus stop. A yellow bus was waiting for us. A sign on the bus advised us to sit back and relax. This was even more ironic as our seat was broken and the driver was doing his best to achieve take off speeds. The music is loud and we don't care, so what the heck.

Arrived safely and popped into Eddie's supermarket as it is handy, to pick up essentials. Back to apartment 4.30 pm.

Rolls for tea and a quiet evening.

Day 20 - Saturday 18 February 2017

A good night's sleep.

Plan for today, some time on the beach and try for an Italian meal tonight.

A little gloomy this morning, but still planning to spend time on the beach.

By the time we left the apartment at 11..30 am the sun had come out. Bumped into our neighbours along the way. Popped into Nino's to make a reservation for tonight, then off to The Beach Shack and some sunbeds.

Lots of lounging and popping into the sea.

I had a hot dog and Pat had a KFC chicken burger for our lunch from a couple of places across the road.

Around 3.00 pm we headed back via the bakery, for a little something to go with our afternoon tea.

Our neighbours left not long after we got back.


19th February 2017

panty dropper?
panty dropper? :)

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