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Published: February 20th 2017
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Day 20 - Saturday 18 February, 2017 cont'd

Sunset was due at 1804 hrs and we had not watched one here properly. So I suggested to Pat we go out, allowing time to get somewhere to watch one.

The Fisherman's pub was selected and we left home at 5.45 pm.

The pub had music playing but few people were in.

We did some internetting and blog posting, whilst watching the Sunset.

Our reservation was for 7 pm at Nino's. We ambled from the pub and I was expecting us to be the only one's there, however the place was full.

Our reservation was fine. We shared a dough ball starter, and then Pat had a mushroom and spinach in cream sauce pasta. I had the beef meatballs in spaghetti. All very nice, but sadly the service was really slow.

Our most expensive meal yet, but a pleasant evening.

Back home for 9.00 pm.

Day 21 - Sunday 19 February 2017

A really good nights sleep.

We had a plan to visit Bridgetown today and try to do two things that we had sort of been trying to do, but not actually done. One was for me to get a closer look at the Port of Bridgetown and the other was for Pat who wanted to see more of the Garrison area and the Barbados museum.

I had checked the Port website and there were at least three cruise ships due in today. Pat had checked the museum times and it was due to be open from 1 pm until 7 pm.

We left at 10.30 an and ambled towards our usual bus stop. There was a bus waiting but we didn't hurry, as it was in the distance. I could then swear that it was reversing, and it was! To us. He reversed up the road to pick us up and we were off to Bridgetown.

If I haven't said it before the bus services have been brilliant for us.

We arrived in town with the the initial objective to do the Port. We had been close to the Port many times, but I didn't think we had found the proper entrance. The gates we had seen seem to be freight only and I was sure there was a passenger entrance somewhere.

Pat had suggested we get a taxi in the town and that would solve our problem.

So, on arrival in Bridgetown, we headed to the area the taxi's hung out and usually asked if we wanted to go back to the ship.

Straight away we were approached and quoted USD5 (B$10) to the ship.

The driver was really pleasant and we explained we were just trying to visit the terminal, he said he wasn't sure they would let us in, but we were happy to try.

We approached the gate and without a ships pass they wouldn't let us look at the shops or anything.

A short conversation ensued with the driver who said he wouldn't charge any more to take us back again, so we did. I gave him a tip of course.

Most of the shops were shut as it was Sunday. The town was quiet, but it was pleasant just to meander and take in the sights.

We found our way to Blackwood screw dock. Which was a wet dock that seemed to raise the ships out of the water. Hadn' t been used for many years but interesting to see.

We walked along the coast to The Pirates cove, a beach bar and took the chance to rehydrate and use the facilities.

Beautiful white sand and blue sea.

Then back to town and Pat said she was hungry. With very little open we opted for the easy option of KFC.

Time was moving on, as we had been waiting for the museum to be open. After lunch was at least 1 pm, so off we went to the bus stop.

As we approached the general area of the mini bus station, a mini bus came to us to get in.

We asked if he was going to the George Washington House (we knew this was near were we wanted) and indeed he was.

So off in another bus. We got off at our stop. It turns out the house we thought was George Washington house isn't, but it's nearby, so that's ok.

The area is known as Garrison because historically the British Army were here. There is centrally a racecourse, surrounded by countless military style buildings. Some of them are still in use by the Barbadian Defense Force. The Government owns most of them, some have alternative uses like the museum, which was the military prison. A few are in private ownership and some disused.

We found the museum only to be advised that there was a private function today and it wasn't open.

We were 0 for 2. Two objectives today and neither successful.

As we were here we took the opportunity to tour the whole place. Many buildings had a plaque denoting there original use which was helpful.

The soldiers barracks were designed to house 400 men. I have no knowledge of the size of the army at any time. I will see if research will come up with anything, in due course.

The George Washington Museum was closed today. Apparently he spent 51 days here and it is mentioned often.

On completing the outside circuit of the racecourse and all the various buildings we headed to Bridgetown.

As we headed to the bus stop as bus was there and we hopped on.

Dropped off in town we ambled through some back streets taking in more sights.

As it was Sunday, we weren't sure of the frequency of the Speightstown busses. But by now we knew they did a loop at the end where the blue busses are and came out in the main road just along a little bit. Which would increase our chances. As we got to the junction a yellow bus came along and we flagged it down. It was the yellow bus panty dropper!

The Holetown festival was in full swing as we went past. This was the last day.

The little bakery was open as we got off the bus, so a small sponge was purchased for our afternoon tea. Home about 4.30 pm.

The rest of the day was quiet. Rolls for tea.

Day 22 - Monday 20 February, 2017.

A fitful night's sleep for me. There was a power cut for 10 minutes in the night. No idea what time.

The plan for today is to pop into Speightstown for some lunch and to get some packing done.

We booked the holiday with three weeks in the apartment and one week in a resort hotel.

Tomorrow, Tuesday 21 is the first day at the resort hotel. The place is called The Club and is all inclusive, located in Holetown. We have been past the place a number of times, so we know the outside of it well.

Javid the driver who picked us up from the airport has been booked for 12.30 pm tomorrow. We can check in from 3 pm but will see if we can get in earlier. If not we can always wander around Holetown easily enough.

The packing will be simple as we only have to get things in a bag to move them from one place to another. No planes involved yet.


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