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February 27th 2017
Published: February 27th 2017
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Day 25 - Thursday 23 February 2017 cont'd

We actually managed to get in the main pool in the afternoon.

Dinner was 7.30 pm in Sunset. We had a drink at 7 pm, before we went in. The meal was good, presentation is excellent.

We had a little walk and sat listening to the evening entertainment for a while, then off to bed.

More television.

Day 26 - Friday 24 February 2017

Good night's sleep. Woke at 7.15 am.

The hotel does not have a beach accessible immediately in front of it. There are beaches to the left and right. The fly in the ointment is the tide. The sea comes right up to the hotel wall and it is not sensible at high tide to attempt to go left as the swell can be 1 to 1.5 metres. Low tide is fine and they have the tide times shown at the water sport office wall. Going right to Holetown is doable, just that you might get a little wet.

To the left (South) of us lies Sandy Lane, you can easily see the pink sun loungers belonging to the hotel.

We had discussed walking along the beach to have a closer look, as you would. Low tide has been 6 to 7 am ish.

Pat had seen an activity today at 11.00 for snorkelling, to be booked through the water sports office, which opens at 8.30 am. She had tried yesterday to do some snorkelling but without much success.

So the plan was have breakfast, see what time low tide was, go for a walk, then back by 11.00 am for Pat to snorkel.

We headed off to breakfast at 7.20 am and had to wait a few minutes to get in as they had been deep cleaning last night. Pat had toast, I had scrambled egg and one piece of bacon. We wandered to see the sea swell when we left the restaurant and we got to see the green monkey.

Back to the room to get ready and off at 8.30 am to water sports. Pat booked snorkelling and low tide was 8.17 am, which was ideal.

So heading South we walked along the coast, initially past sea walls then open beach as we approached Sandy Lane. We kept our eyes peeled, but things were quiet and saw no one famous. We continued on for a short way, then turned round and walked back. In the room at 9.15 am.

We left the room and headed for the water sports office, to be there for 1100 am.

The group headed off to do their snorkelling and I pottered along to take some pictures.

Then return to the room to shower and ready ourselves for lunch. A drink at the bar first then a smallish lunch, so as not to keep overeating.

Back to the room again and some quiet time.

Dinner was booked for 7.45 pm, we had a pre-dinner drink first. Meal was lovely. A steel drum band was the entertainment which we stayed and listened to for a while. Back to the room 9.30 pm.

Day 27 - Saturday 25 February 2017

Excellent sleep.

Today we have a feeding turtles trip at 1.30 pm. Pat spotted an aqua aerobics class at 11.00 am.

We got up at 7.30 am and moved off to breakfast. Just a small amount for both of us. Booked our dinner for tonight at 8.45 pm as this was one of the few times left.

During our little stroll afterwards, Pat was talking to the security guard next door, who advised that the property he was on, belonged to the owner of Sandy Lane. Then Sandy Lane, including Rihanna's place. The house at the end of the bay apparently belongs to Tom Selleck.

As yet we had no transfer booked back to the airport, we went to Reception and they booked a taxi for us for 3 pm Tuesday. Our flight is at 1750 hrs.

Pat toddled off to the aqua class and I took a few pictures, then left her to it.

After class and a shower we headed off to the restaurant for 12 pm to get our lunch out of the way.

At 1.30 pm we were at the water sports office to sadly find out that due to the high swells and a red flag flying there was to be no turtle feeding trip today. Also, the other days between now and us leaving are full, so a disappointment, as we would really like to have done that.

Heading back to the room we decided that we would do a coastal walk to Holetown instead. We quickly re-sorted ourselves and went straight back out.

We ambled along taking in the views and beautiful scenery. Past some known landmarks to us, like Zaccio's where we have eaten. The tide was definitely coming in, as those on sunbeds were getting very wet.

Up into the town and a quick visit to the RBC bank ATM for a little cash. Then back along the coast to the hotel. We cleaned the sand off and had a drink before returning to the room at 3 pm.

A quiet afternoon. Left the room for a pre-dinner drink in the Sunset lounge. Entertainment was provided from 8.30 pm by Colin & Keisha. Sadly Colin couldn't really sing!

We went into the restaurant at 8.40 pm. Tonight was a bbq buffet style.

At 9.30 pm the Caribbean dance group started, as we were finishing our dinner. We watched for a while. Back to the room for some more television.

Day 28 - Sunday 26 February 2017

Really good sleep. Seems to have rained in the night, but now the sun is shining.

We stirred at 7.30 am and headed off to breakfast. We booked our next two meal times; 6.45 pm and 7.30 pm.

There is no specific changeover day here and people have different length stays, so there is a constant change of faces daily. Most people arrive in the late afternoon, so plenty of new people to study at breakfast.

Another amble around the plot after breakfast, being amused watching people getting wet walking along the coast and then back to the room. Red flags still flying along the front.

Pat did another aqua class at 11.00 am. Seven people this time and music.

I walked to Holetown to find a local Sunday paper, which I did in the Massey supermarket.

Rejoined Pat in the lounge for a drink. Then back to the room, a shower and off to lunch.

After lunch a quick wander, then again back to the room and a road walk to Holetown at 2 pm.

We ended up in Limegrove mall and had a good look at the shops. A beer and a sprite for rehydration purposes and back to the hotel for 3.45 pm.

A quiet afternoon and off for a drink at 6.15 pm, with dinner at 6.45 pm. Lots of new people from the cruise ship turnaround in tonight. We sat in the outside gazebo for our dinner and sadly not our best experience. Wrong orders were arriving at the table, including ours and all took a while.

The Project was tonight's group from 8.30 pm, keyboards and two female singers, we sat for some time listening. Then back to the room for more television.

Day 29 - Monday 27 February 2017

Our last full day in Barbados. Rained through the night. Broken night's sleep.

Awoke and off to breakfast at 8.15 am. The newbies wandering around finding their way in the restaurant. Rain started up again. Did the short walk after breakfast due to the rain.


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