Barbados final moments

Published: March 3rd 2017
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Day 29 - Monday 27 February 2017 cont'd

The rain continued, so we decided to start our packing now as we were not able to do much else.

Pat prefers to do the packing, so I just kept providing the coffee and tried to keep out of the way.

We went for lunch at 12.30 pm, having a drink on the way. After lunch we did our usual stroll around the grounds.

I decided we needed a little walk in the afternoon, so we initially headed left to see what height the tide was and if there was a chance to walk past Sandy Lane again. It was too high, so we headed right (North) in Holetown direction. We just went to the next proper area of beach and both had a swim, as it was possibly our last time in the Caribbean for a while.

Back to the room and quiet time until pre dinner drinks at 7 pm with dinner at 7.30 pm.

Dinner was buffet style again as it was the Managers cocktail party from 6.30 on, which we didn't participate in.

After dinner the music was due to start at 8.30 pm but, started late, and the lounge was busy so we sat outside the room for a while, listening from a distance then retired.

Day 30 - Tuesday 28 February 2017

Mobile phone rang at 6.30 am, a Cyprus number, don't know who it was as the phone didn't want to work.

Moved off to breakfast at 7.30 am and did our usual stroll. Watching crabs on the seawall today.

Back to the room to sort the final things out for packing. Popped to Reception to settle our bill. The only money we spent was Pat's Spa treatment. Gave recently purchased local newspapers to the guy who just arrived, who we have spoken to a few times.

Just before 12 pm we left the room and handed the keys into reception. At this stage you now have more clothes on than other people and it is obvious that you are leaving. The staff hope you have had a nice time and the other guests look at you sadly.

Sat in Sunset Lounge and watched the world go by. Went in to lunch at 1 pm. Pat figured out we could check in to the Virgin flight online which we did. Seats 30A and 30B.

Off to Reception at 2.45 pm for our taxi, which was a little late and the journey took a while due to heavy traffic around Bridgetown. Taxi driver hardly spoke a word. Charge B$80 as agreed.

Dropped off the luggage and through security. Looked at the shops and bought water for the journey.

At one stage once we boarded the plane we thought we might have a spare seat, but an older Barbadian lady joined us. The entertainment system is loaded with stuff, I watched three films and the time went by. Pat slept a little but I didn't at all.

We were early into Gatwick at 5.30 am and through all the Passport control, luggage pick ups and customs with no issues.

Our next flight is tomorrow morning and we have a room at the Premier inn tonight, with a check in at 2 pm, which is a long time from our arrival. However Pat had spotted that the hotel had an early check in policy, that if there was a room available you could check in early for £10.

So we dragged the luggage over and asked the question and there was a room available. Brilliant! We paid up and off to the room. We popped back to M&S to buy a few supplies, had a cup of tea and off to sleep from about 7am to 1pm.

Our body clocks are really screwed, but so what. We have another flight tomorrow and will sort ourselves out when we get home.

In the afternoon we decided that a visit to London was in order. We left at 3 pm heading towards the Gatwick Express in the South terminal. After seeking advice as we were returning the same day, we ended up on Southern trains as we got a better train ticket deal. The journey time would be slightly longer, but that didn't matter.

Into London Victoria to wander around the shops in the station for a while. Then out into the real world. Trying to rain, but only slightly. Outside we found ourselves on Buckingham Palace Road, and thought that if we could get a look at the Palace, then we would head back to Victoria for something to eat.

A number of tourists looking at the Palace the same as us. The flag was flying so she was in residence.

Then back to the station and up to the food court and found a restaurant called Cafe Rouge. We both had the Prix Fixe Menu at £12.95 per head for a two course meal. Lovely food. Then back out on the train to Gatwick, catching the 19.02 hrs departure.

Up to the room at 8 pm. Pat knew that we could drop off our baggage to Easyjet tonight to save some effort tomorrow.

Over with the luggage and checked it in, including some cabin baggage. Back to the room and a quiet night, with some UK television. Went to sleep about 11 pm.

Day 32 - Thursday 2 March 2017

Final day of this trip.

Alarm set for 5 am and it woke me. Went to sleep quickly last night. Usually when I set an Alarm I end up lying there waiting for it to go off. Flight time 07.10 hrs.

We showered and had a cup of tea, before setting off on the short journey across to the terminal. Weather dry but cool.

Through security and bought some water and coffee, before heading off to the gate.

Boarded the plane and we were in the air by 7.45 am. Busy flight.

Time went by, as it does. Wind behind us so we arrived in Paphos at 1.30 pm, ten minutes ahead of time.

Passport control, luggage pick up, customs with no incidents and out to Leo and Paula waiting for us.

Sunshine, but rain forecast for later. Milk on the way and we are back at home.

A wonderful month in Barbados. The weather was kind to us, not stinking hot, but very warm, with similar day and night temperatures. Intermittent rain, but when it's warm who cares and it never stopped us doing anything. The people are genuinely very friendly and welcoming.

There were some incidents on the island when we were there that made the local news, as you would get anywhere. But for me personally, I never felt unsafe, in all the places we went to. I would recommend it to anyone.

With the way we did the holiday, being in an apartment for the first three weeks, gave us a real feel for the place. The all inclusive hotels are wonderful, but you can be very cut off from the reality of a place. Even if you do tours.

Hiring a car for three days, was well worth it. Allowing us to cover most of the island and visiting loads of sights.

I would also recommend any of the local bus services, which allowed us to travel all over at little cost. The yellow bus service was especially memorable.


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