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So the word that is on everyone's lips at the moment is "Corona virus" and I'm over the moon to be sat here in my little house in Liverpool on the eve of my embarkation to what seems to be one of the very few virus free countries left in the world. I'm self congratulating (not isolating) myself, and must admit, feeling a little smug about my shrewd choice of adventure by deciding to visit Barbados. My heart does go out though to the millions of fellow travelers, adventurers and holiday makers who've had their dreams crushed by what appears to be a potentially catastrophic plague. The only catastrophe that has befallen me yet is the inability to purchase any toilet roll for the last 3 days. What's that all about? All I can say is ... read more

Day 29 - Monday 27 February 2017 cont'd The rain continued, so we decided to start our packing now as we were not able to do much else. Pat prefers to do the packing, so I just kept providing the coffee and tried to keep out of the way. We went for lunch at 12.30 pm, having a drink on the way. After lunch we did our usual stroll around the grounds. I decided we needed a little walk in the afternoon, so we initially headed left to see what height the tide was and if there was a chance to walk past Sandy Lane again. It was too high, so we headed right (North) in Holetown direction. We just went to the next proper area of beach and both had a swim, as it was ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Barbados » Holetown February 27th 2017

Day 25 - Thursday 23 February 2017 cont'd We actually managed to get in the main pool in the afternoon. Dinner was 7.30 pm in Sunset. We had a drink at 7 pm, before we went in. The meal was good, presentation is excellent. We had a little walk and sat listening to the evening entertainment for a while, then off to bed. More television. Day 26 - Friday 24 February 2017 Good night's sleep. Woke at 7.15 am. The hotel does not have a beach accessible immediately in front of it. There are beaches to the left and right. The fly in the ointment is the tide. The sea comes right up to the hotel wall and it is not sensible at high tide to attempt to go left as the swell can be 1 ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Barbados » Holetown February 23rd 2017

Day 22 - Monday 20 February, 2017 cont'd We started packing and generally sorting things out, when we got up. At 11.45 am we headed off to Speightstown. On the coastal way in - the pretty way - Pat spotted some turtles in the sea. I couldn't catch sight of them at first, but eventually one popped it's head out of the water for me to see. We have run out of both of our coffees now. Me for instant, Pat for filtered. So, I promised Pat a proper coffee in town for her to get some caffeine. The Beach shack didn't look like he had any coffee on the go, so Juma's was our next option. We watched the world going by and the waves breaking against the shoreline for a while. Then off to ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Barbados » Holetown January 11th 2016

For two consecutive summers, our family of 5 has travelled to Barbados for our summer fortnight. A one our flight from our hometown to London Gatwick, then an 8+ hour flight to Grantley Adams Airport on the beautiful island of Barbados. Barbados lies at the bottom of the Caribbean islands, out on a limb to the east sharing it's coasts with both the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. It is a tiny, diverse, limestone island surrounded by coral reefs. Barbados has one of the Caribbean's most prosperous economies - tourism, sugar cane and rum production being their main and most crucial revenue. We travel as a family of five and stayed both times on the beautiful West Coast of the island, or 'Platinum Coast' on a long stretch of beach at the Fairmont Royal Pavillion ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Barbados » Holetown February 14th 2015

Saturday February 14th, 2015. Bridgetown, Barbados. Bridgetown is the capital and largest city in the nation of Barbados. Formerl the town of St Michael, the Greater Bridgetown area is located within the parish of St Michael. Bridgetown is sometimes locally referred to as "The City" but the most common reference is simply "Town". The port, which is located along the Carlisle Bay is on the south western coast of the island. This is quite a walk away from the centre of town. We met Roy and Pati and John and Mary at 9.00 am in the reception area of the ship. We had arranged this last night as John had indicated that he would like to swim in the Caribbean sea at least once on this trip. As a result the 4 of us had said ... read more
1. Holetown Beach
2. The Beach at Holetown
3. Our Group on Holetown Beach

On a recent trip to the famous Caribbean Island we were fortunate enough to eat at world renowned “the cliff” restaurant on the west coast. An undeniably beautiful dining experience involving fine French cuisine, immaculate service and a perfect private cove setting complete with turtles in the under-lit sea! If I am pressed however, despite all this glamour, I would not choose it as my number one recommendation of where to eat on this Paradise Island. On the east coast, on a windy stormy day in an open-topped car we took lunch at the aptly named “Atlantic Hotel” which served up Pepper-Pot Stew and Cou-Cou, a local food made posh which was tasty, hearty and refined all at the same time. However, even the fond memories of battening closed the shutters to the storm lashing outside, ... read more
Bajan beach life
Dinner at "The Cliff"
The Beach in the Day

Barbados, aaaah Barbados. For now you've quenched our paradise thirst, but all suspicions point to a serious addiction brewing beneath the surface. We were drawn blindly into the Caribbean midst with stereotypical expectations. Our island delivered on some, (best beaches in the world), dismissed others, (no overpopulation of cruise-shipping Yanks), and shocked with a handful of surprises, (it's easier to buy cocaine than a litre of milk. The code phrase melting off the tongue of dreadlocked youths a dozen times a day ... "Got any baaad haaabits Maaan"). This little-publicized fact motivated a lesson in geography. Barbados is the southern-most tip of the Caribbean islands, a short illegal boat ride from Venezuela in South America. Mystery solved. Between dipping toes in the azure ocean & reading books on the softest ivory sand, we managed to squeeze ... read more
Dover Beach
Cool Runnings
Dave on Crane Beach

All that snow was getting us down (well, not really, but the season had drawn to a close), so for the first May bank holiday weekend (plus a couple of extra days) we decided to head to the warmth of the Caribbean for a few days in the sun. So, what is there to know about Barbados?: * No one heads there for 'just a few days'. Some people are there for 'only a week', but the majority for 12 - 14 days. They look with compassion on the inexperienced who book for a shorter time. * Barbados means 'bearded' - although there are a number of opinions on how this name came about. Was it because of mosses hanging from trees which look like beards? Was it the beards of the locals? Was it that ... read more
Sunset shot
Another beautiful sunset

Central America Caribbean » Barbados » Holetown January 2nd 2008

well this is my first blog and im pretty excited. I went to Barbados looking for some fun and sun and believe me you can find it there. Though the airport was pretty crowded as expected in the peak of the winter season, it was a very nice experience. The local workers ( called red caps) waited eagerly to sweep away my bags on their carts for a small tip. Upon arrival at the very lovely Port St. Charles hotel i was greeted with some of the most pleasant staff one could ask for. I spent my first day in the island sleeping off the jetlag in my hotel room and eating their crusty bread. Day 2 however was amazing for the most part i was in the water or on some boat soaking up both ... read more

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