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Barbados Rocks

Been living in Barbados for a long time now and enjoy it. So I started writing about the island www.life-n-styles-barbados.com
12 years ago, April 8th 2010 No: 1 Msg: #108256  
When I escape from work and vacation in my home island. Love the beaches, the restaurants, the weather the most. People are great and the rums shops offer pure Bajan entertainment. Plenty of attractions to visit and see and do. The island has a bit of everything the upscale and the budget friendly, western modern and tradational Bajan ambiances to sink in to. Visit some time I'm sure you will love it. The island also tends to be host to many overseas weddings . The only thing is for those visiting Barbados of Barbadians living overseas until their next visit they will need to pack as many Bajan treats and specialty seasoning etc in their suitcase.. kind of a tight requirement, however there is a new site which makes this less of a necessity, it offer most loved Bajan souvenirs, foods and handicrafts online.
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10 years ago, February 10th 2012 No: 2 Msg: #151684  
In response to: Msg #108256 Greetings from Martinique! I would like to know if the Bajan eat spicy food and how do they take their breakfast? I plan to visit Barbados in March for the first time. I am not much of a breakfast person, but I do drink a lot of tea in the morning, but my husband, being French, he likes to take his breakfast with chocolat, and sweets in the morning.

We like to stay at B & B places instead of big all inclusive hotel, so do you have any places which you can recommend?

Thank you in advance. Reply to this

10 years ago, September 20th 2012 No: 3 Msg: #161192  
I will be in Trinidad/Tobago in early October, I would appreciate any information on the most economic to cruise to the surrounding islands. Reply to this

10 years ago, September 20th 2012 No: 4 Msg: #161213  
Sorry Born2taste, for this late reply, I have been out of touch owing to the currents of life:, but I'm glad to be back in the land of travel and leisure online. I hope you had a wonderful trip enjoy the island and would love to here about some of your highlights, especially about how you and your husband found the food😊

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10 years ago, September 20th 2012 No: 5 Msg: #161216  
Hello Joe,

Welcome to the Caribbean, the islands are so close together, it is difficult to pass by seeing as much as the region as possible. I wish however that it wasn't so disjointed transportation wise to travel from island to island.

I'm not sure of your budget, or the length of time you may have to do this but because Caribbean cruises outside of those holiday liners such Carnival etc, don't offer much distance in cover more than one ilsnad usually a neighbouring island.

There is not much option of travel from Trinidad/Tobago via sea (except the ferry between Trinidad and Tobago {T&T}), without enlisting a fly and sail tour. However there are plenty of of flights by air to allow island hoping but this would be quite costly, and tedious much planning and spare time for catching flights etc..

So it may be worth it to explore fly and sail options, Perhaps flying from T&T to a destination that you can explore that also offers sail tours to the other islands, the closest one being Barbados, which makes the flight component of the trip low cost. As I'm not aware of sailing tours out of Grenada other than private yatch charters.

The most economical flight options from T&T to Barbados can be found on caribbean-airlines .com and you can also compare these fares to Liat(s) . com both are Caribbean carriers. You can also book online and get special low fares on either of these two sites.

For example, a Caribbean Airlines flight may cost US$ 198.00 for a 2 day round trip (leaving Piarco 4th returning to Trinidad on the 6th) or if you embark on the Caribbean islands tour at the ending of your trip and your flight back home is not of out Trinidad, it may mean a one way ticket to Barbados which could cost approximately US $105.00

Then once on Barbados, Chantours Barbados offers a variety of island excursions, even day trips. chantours . com /day excursions or google Chantours Barbados. They offer sailing trips from Barbados to Grenadines, St.Lucia, St.Barts, Grenada and around the island of Barbados if you want. Not sure of the cost however. The extent of these tours is based on the amount of time you have and budget.

Also keeping in mind that St.Maarten and Anguilla offer cruises between the two islands so there is the option of flying out to either one of them. However the airfare quite high from Trinidad.

I hope this can help a bit feel free to respond with any questions or information

Best wishes

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