Barbadian New Yrs

Published: January 23rd 2008
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well this is my first blog and im pretty excited. I went to Barbados looking for some fun and sun and believe me you can find it there. Though the airport was pretty crowded as expected in the peak of the winter season, it was a very nice experience. The local workers ( called red caps) waited eagerly to sweep away my bags on their carts for a small tip.

Upon arrival at the very lovely Port St. Charles hotel i was greeted with some of the most pleasant staff one could ask for. I spent my first day in the island sleeping off the jetlag in my hotel room and eating their crusty bread. Day 2 however was amazing for the most part i was in the water or on some boat soaking up both the sun an that barbados rum. In the afternoon i decided i would make a solo trip to a place called second street for casual drinks. Although being one of the most memorable parts of my trip i must admit i was rather dazed by the big yellow buses zooming past me or rather slowing down to try to run me aboard their parades. Usually i would not trust a bus with a name like Acme but the brightly coloured windows an loud music swayed my better judgement and i climbed aboard the reggae bus ( as i came to know them) The trip to holetown took a mere 10 minutes, 10 mins that i was never more sure that my death was drawing nigh. Adventurous though for people with the stomach. Many of the locals giggled as i stumbled to keep my footing aboard this crazed bus. :D When i set foot on stable ground again in holetown...i vowed to take taxis or the nice blue buses that crept pass me. First place i went to was called the Mews, it was a nice little place with such atmosphere and friendly people. I had a few drinks, took a cab to the far end of the island to St. Lawerence Gap but soon returned to my hotel to get enough sleep for the big New Year's Eve night the next day.

New years in barbados. I spent the weeks before planning my new years carefully. Even though i was all alone in a strange island i had heard all about St Lawerence Gap, second street and the cruises i could take. i had decided on both st lawerence and second street for my night. i had dinner in the wonderful restaurant..La Mer. Their shrimp was superb! When i got to second street the entire place was transformed. tons of people and speakers, lights and activity. i quickly paid the charge an bustled into it all. I spent my night dancin wth some very enticing locals. the gyrations of these barbadian girls...its unspeakable. I became a favorite at the bar and the barman became a favorite of mine because he held the rum!

The countdown was the best part of the night. The firework display was great but more importantly this wonderful girl. i barely got the courage to talk her but she managed to step in my toe a whole lot. In some way im hoping she reads this because we had the most amazing talk about art, life, the future. She was clearly a bit tipsy an i was too but i remember her very well. She's also a great dancer. This is very cliche an some might say pathetic but im very entrigued with the mysterious girl from Barbados. Before the night was up her friends swept her off cause she was getting highly wasted but i know her name. Zina Fabrielle Alvarado. sooo i guess this is dumb but if u read this um, leave a comment. or if u know her or something. I know that this is extremely unlikely but perhaps someone knows her. She's tall gorgeous, italian/latina. beautiful inside and out. the deepest eyes and loves vodka an cranberry. The best new yrs eve ever. and itll be historic if i could find this girl. So i know my travel blg turned into a love cast but this was the highlight of my trip. And even if i never find her my barbadian new years was the best.


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