I, like many others, love to travel. For some reason I feel the need to write a little about it. Check out the below to find out what happened where!

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Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu » Durbar Square November 18th 2011

The weather in Pokhara had closed in again. For two days I was greeted in the mornings by grey fog-heavy skies, pathetic drizzle, and a noticeable drop in temperature. And so, with a week left in Nepal, I excitedly booked yet another bus journey, the final one of this trip, from Pokhara to the bustling capital, Kathmandu. The journey between the two main tourist hubs of this mountain realm is a well known six hour ride along the Prithvi Highway. As the road twists and turns around hair pin bends with terrifying drops below, altitude is gained all the way, ending in the relatively high-up city known as KTM, (which I always thought was a motorbike). Well known and a promised six hours it may be, however there was one more bus induced treat in store ... read more
Boudha Stupa
Back Streets of Boudha

Asia » Nepal » Pokhara November 13th 2011

If you spend a good few days, as I now have, in Pokhara, Nepal, there are a number of things that make it a quite special place. Initially one can be fooled into thinking Lakeside is just another over done tourist town, but it shouldn’t be judged until you’ve come back from some of the many adventures the area offers. I have arrived here three times feeling exhausted and in need of TLC, and Pokhara’s cocktail of opportunity provided that in many forms. Firstly, my accommodation; Century Guest House is situated just off the main strip, opposite somewhere I’ll come to later, Busy Bee Bar. Century is a pretty pink and blue town house situated in charming gardens and run by Dipendra and his family. Unlike other guest houses in the vicinity there was no one ... read more
Reflections 2
My fellow paddlers
Self Portrait?

Asia » Nepal » Pokhara November 9th 2011

“The often dramatic Siddartha Highway winds through a series of landslide-scarred valleys between Butwal and Pokhara with spectacular Himalayan views. ... it is also regarded as one of the finest and most scenic motorcycle journeys in Nepal.” The lonely planet guide for Nepal is, unlike its new Indian counterpart, completely useless and inaccurate, except for the above statement. My erstwhile travelling companions, the three Dutchies as they have become affectionately known, and I, decided that while the weather was none too inviting in Pokhara, we would take the opportunity to ride this famed highway to the south of Nepal in search of sun and spirituality at the birthplace of Buddha at Lumbini. While it acknowledges the road, what the Lonely Planet fails to acknowledge about this motorcyclists paradise is the inability to rent a bike with ... read more
Rober and Lynda's steed gets a little love after a little spill

Asia » Nepal » Annapurna » Annapurna Base Camp November 4th 2011

Ninety five kilometres up and down steep stone stair cases, “no problem!” After hearing my brother’s stories about the Annapurna Base Camp Trek it became something I really wanted to complete while in Nepal. What an experience it turned out to be. I shared the physical examination with a motley crew of fellow trekkers; at different times I hiked with Tristan from Guernsey, Iris from Rotterdam, and Rober and Lynda, who bizarrely live ten minutes from the new flat Michelle has secured for us in Amsterdam! The trek began with just Iris and me leaving from the tiny village of Nayapul, reached by a two hour local bus ride starting at 6am in the lakeside haven of Pokhara. From Nayapul we were gently broken in to what was to come with a four hour hike to ... read more
The Trail
Suggestions from Poon Hill
Female Trail Porters

Asia » Nepal » Gorepani October 28th 2011

Tihar is a five day festival celebrated by Nepalis in late Autumn. As luck would have it, I arrived in Pokhara on day two of this colourful, noisy and generous celebration. Tihar means the festival of lights, much like Diwali across the border in India, but the five days of this multi-ethnic celebration all account for different celebrations. Whether the locals are Thakali, Sherpa, Newari or of Indian descent it is a real community event. Day one I was oblivious to as I was crammed into a tiny bus for my eleven hour journey to the city by the lake. Kag Puja, as day one is called is the worship of Crows. The crows are worshipped by offerings of sweets and dishes on the roofs of local houses. The cawing of the crows symbolises sadness and ... read more
Climbing towards Machapuchare
Hill Farming

Asia » India » Uttar Pradesh » Varanasi October 28th 2011

Sliding down the sacred river Ganges at dawn was the most peaceful experience I have had in India to date. This serenity, given a soundtrack by the chanting of those performing Puja (prayer) on the Ghats of the famous river was a far cry from the heaving train that brought me here. Following the infamous bus journey south I had a few hours to kill in Delhi before I boarded my overnight train to the holy Hindu city of burning ghats and pot smoking Sadhu’s. I luckily met a Bristolian chef whilst breakfasting at the reliable Sam’s Cafe atop Hotel Vivek. He too was a solo traveller and both having a day to kill we joined up with another Englishman, Adrian and spent the day sampling street food and visiting Jama Masid, India’s largest mosque. At ... read more
The Shoe Guardian - Jama Masjid
Silly full train!
Ganpati Guesthouse - My Room!

Asia » India » Uttar Pradesh » Varanasi October 21st 2011

Now, thanks to my mildly itinerant nature, I’ve been on a few different bus journeys, in a few different parts of the world. Nearly all share the common theme of comedic value. For example, as some of you will know, South American, particularly Colombian buses, all share one common factor; the air conditioning is jammed on full blast for the duration of the journey, regardless of the outside temperature. Earlier this year I went to Colombia to visit my brother and his girlfriend on their travels and was subjected to a couple of these cloak wrapped, steam breathing journeys. On a particular journey, one of eighteen hours between San Gil and Santa Marta any observers will have had good value for money on their entry ticket. Not only were we frozen for the journey, and subjected ... read more

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