Barbados entry 4

Published: February 11th 2017
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Day 10 - Wednesday 8 February 2017

It rained heavily in the night, but it was sunshine when we surfaced, although breezy.

Our plan was to drop off some laundry and spend some time on the beach.

We started off the day in no hurry and sorted the washing out. We left the apartment about 1120 am and ambled into town.

The laundry was open and took our washing at B$16 per load. We seemed to have a load. There was an express service with stuff ready in three days, but we didn't elect for this, so our stuff will be back next week sometime.

Next stop the beach. Most places have beach beds, but we chose Juma's for today.

We settled down and went for some drinks.

The shade provided by the tree was convenient for a while but offset by the birds dropping occasional messages on to us!

Pat got an umbrella sorted by the willing beach boys.

There were a number of people around. No beach drink service though and no attention paid to paying for beds if not buying stuff from the restaurant.

We popped in and out of the water and in due course went to get something to eat, but there seemed to be nobody around taking orders and showing my usual lack of impatience decided to leave and go somewhere else.

We went to the Fisherman's pub for lunch and drinks.

The sea was pounding the coast and at one time we got heavily sprayed at our table.

Some shopping on the way for bread and milk. Then home for a shower to get rid of the sand.

Our local - The Fisherman's pub - was due to have a steel band playing this evening, so I invited Pat out to take a look.

We had our rolls for tea and went out about 7.30 pm.

We strolled in to town and got some money from the RBC bank cash machine - we have found they do not charge us - and had a nosey around.

The beach bars were busier than I was expecting, then on to Fisherman's. We got a drink and found a table. The place was busy but not rammed.

There were people dancing and a good atmosphere. The band took a break and left music playing. Then some ladies from Canada joined the band, playing steel drums. They were ok but not brilliant. They clientele were in the upper age generally.

We didn't stay long and were home about 9.30 pm.

Managed to stay awake until 1100 pm.

Day 11 - Thursday 9 February 2017

Slept well.

Off to see a cricket match today hopefully. Barbados against Jamaica, we have decided to support Barbados.

The match was due to start at 1.30 pm and was a 50 over Day/night match.

We slowly started the day and left about 12 pm, heading for a bus into Bridgetown. As always there was a yellow bus waiting for us and off we went.

In Bridgetown we walked to the stadium and thought about getting something to eat first, but we didn't come across anything so hoped for something in the stadium.

A small queue at the entrance, with a bag search and security screening. Then paid our entrance fee of USD5 per person. A small amount of money.

The time was 1320 by now and we went for some chicken and chips straight away for our lunch. Not expensive and a good sized portion.

Jamaica were batting and therefore Barbados were bowling.

We were in the 3W's stand with a capacity of 3014. I hadn't realised until we we entered the stadium that it was actually the only one open today.

We had gone to the Greenish & Haynes stand but there was no access, now we understood why.

We sat down in an empty area to eat our lunch, the match had just started.

There were a number of Jamaica supporters below us in the corner of the stand, some waving flags. They were surrounded by Barbados supporters and there were things being said and shouted backwards and forwards, but all in good spirits and lots of laughing.

The team changing room stand was just next to us and we could see the players.

During the Jamaica innings the irrigation system went off, spraying the outfield and stopped play for a short while. Amusing to the crowd, with lots of groundstaff and officials running all over the place.

Jamaica ended up with 255 - 8 after the 50 overs and I thought that was a good score.

Another observation was the number of policeman who seemed to be in attendance! A good afternoon's work if you can get it. We wondered if the Police station was empty. Even the Police inspector turned up.

Barbados came out to bat after a break and by this time the floodlights were on.

The other addition was a set of three cheerleaders for each team. They did a little routine between overs in front of us and also when a boundary was hit.

The Jamaican cricket team looked the better team to me and they got an early wicket. I said to Pat that I thought Barbados were going to lose.

The game moved on with wickets dropping gradually. After about 26 overs two of the floodlights went off. This meant the game stopped and the players came off the field.

Lots of people running around for a while, trying to sort things out.

The lights came back on and we could see the team captains being consulted. An announcement was made that the game would restart in a while.

It was about 8.15 pm by now and I could guess the probable outcome of the match, so we decided to head home.

We walked to the bus station and got a yellow bus with no problem and were home by 9.40 pm.

A great day. Good atmosphere in the crowd, and an overall wonderful experience. Sadly our chosen team lost by 74 runs, all out after 40.2 overs, as I suspected they were going to. In the local paper the two stoppages were mentioned so they were an unusual occurrence.

Both pretty tired after our long day out and put the lights out reasonably early.

Day 12 - Friday 10 February 2017

Slept well.

We didn't have any tea last night, so I suggested we go out for a breakfast today. We had some shopping we needed as well.

Pat wanted to try The Orange Grocer for our breakfast. So we ambled into town about 10.20 am.

We arrived at the restaurant and ordered our food; Pat ordered pancakes and I had scrambled eggs, bacon and toast.

The place is one of those up itself places with prices to match, but the food was ok.

We went further into town and popped in and out of shops. I managed to find a Barbados cap for B$20, which I had been looking for. Took a stroll down a road we hadn't visited yet, along the coast. Nothing much to see, so we went back to Jordan's supermarket.

Our essential supplies stocked up again we went to The Fisherman's pub for rehydration on the way home.

Back at 1.15 pm.

Pat did a little washing in the sink and we had a quiet afternoon. Rolls for tea.

Then about 7.30 pm we went out. We walked past the Fisherman's and could hear the karaoke evening in full swing.

We ended up at Juma's for a drink and Pat tried a rum punch at last. Then back to Fisherman's for some WiFi. The singing was as to be expected, i.e. dreadful!

The guy behind the bar remembered that I had the sprite and Pat had the beer. We only had the one drink.

On the way home we decided to recce the bus station.

We were thinking of getting the bus to St. Oistin's tomorrow and would probably end up on a blue bus. So wondered what the score was with the bus station. I have to say that I was impressed. It was all enclosed with individual exits to the signposted busses.

The schedule said there was a bus every half an hour.

Home for 9.30 pm.

Day 13 - Saturday 11 February 2017

Reasonable night's sleep.

We left the apartment heading for the bus station at 10.30 am. As we approached the station there was a bus for St. Oistin's waiting to leave, so we hopped straight on and paid our B$4.

The journey took about 45 minutes, passing through Bridgetown on the way.

We arrived in St. Oistin's and set off on foot. A short way along we stopped for a drink.

There were lots of tourists and for a while we just kept walking along the coast road.

Pat spotted a car rental place called Fat Jack's and we thought we would take a look.

There was a phone outside the building and said to ring a number, which we duly did, after asking a few questionsabout what we wanted and when, another guy came out of the building and took over the call and was able to help directly.

To cut a long conversation short he had a mini moke available for three days at B$450 straight away.

He took us to the office down the road where we filled in the paperwork. He was happy to take us to a cash machine once the paperwork was done.

The Barbados authorities charge B$10 for a temporary licence, which she gave us there and then.

Our car arrived then we followed the guy to an ATM, got the cash and paid up.

Then we were off.

We headed to Holetown initially for some lunch. After trying a few places we ended up in the Limegrove mall at a little plus called Relish.

The waiter quoted some specials and Pat decided on a homemade burger flavoured with truffles. I had the Goanese style chicken curry.

Both were lovely and at one stage the chef came out and told us how she created the dishes!

Of course this turned out to be our most expensive meal yet at B$93.

Then off to the apartment. We popped in and picked up some stuff then headed North.

We drove up to the Animal flower cave at the northern most point of the island. Down into a sea cave and looked around.

Then stopped for a cup of tea, before driving along looking at things.

Eventually got home at 5.45 pm.

I keep forgetting to mention that all the bus stops have ladies names.


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