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Middle East » Cyprus » Paphos January 31st 2009

Steve & Pat Meadows Grand Tour 2008 / 2009 Started Wednesday, 24th September, 2009, Rendlesham, Suffolk, England Finished Thursday, 22nd January, 2009, in Konia, Paphos, Cyprus. Number of days 121 Miles completed 7210 Number of Ferry crossings Ten Number of War Graves Visited Approximately 500,000 Number of nights without a bed Two Different places of accommodation 43 ( excluding above ) Countries Visited France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Monaco, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Cyprus (Total 9) Cost Estimate £10,000.00 Car Accidents One minor bump with a moped Beeped at in a foreign country Countless Cathedrals visited 6 Museums visited 21 Historical sites 16 Volcano's 2 Worst Experience Italy Regrets None Blog: Entries 75 Words written 76,958 Pictures 170 Blog visits 3,0... read more

Middle East » Cyprus » Paphos January 22nd 2009

Wednesday 21st January, 2009. Today is 17 weeks travelling. We relaxed for a while in the room. Not long after six, we went to the internet room todo some surfing. Then for a walk to get something to eat. Pat was allowing me a chinese again tonight. There were a few that we had spotted, but we ended up down near the front at a place called Chloe's. Very ornate and smart on the outside. The inside turned out to as good. We had an excellent meal with wonderful service and I would recommend. Not cheap, but very good. We had a Hot & Sour Soup and a Fried Won Tons, then a quarter Beijing duck. Then Lemon Chicken and Hot Chilli beef and fried rice. With drinks and a coffee and a jasmine tea, total ... read more

Middle East » Cyprus » Paphos January 21st 2009

Monday, 19th January, 2009. The Hotel is a large Seafront resort hotel with lots of facilities. Pat took advantage of the indoor swimming pool and sauna. I had a sleep. We left the room sometime after six and went exploring the Hotel, we found the bar. Pat celebrated our arrival in Cyprus with a couple of glasses of sparkling wine and I had a coke light and a coffee. A number of British people in the bar. We found our way round the rest of the Hotel and then ventured out into local territory. Straight across from the Hotel are several property places, showing places for sale or rent. So we may simply wander over in the morning to start our search. We walked towards the Tourist area, the evening was mild, and a pleasure to ... read more

Middle East » Cyprus » Paphos January 19th 2009

Monday, 19th January, 2009. The ship finally sailed at two o'clock in the morning. Both of us slept a little. The crossing was smooth. We are that much further East and the dawn broke just before seven. We finally arrived at Girne at nine am. The ferry is a ro-ro, but everythiing backed off the way it had come on, we were able to turn round of course. We drove off and parked where we were told. Next came the paperwork At the first place they gave us some paperwork. Told us to go to customs, but a lorry driver told us we actually needed passport police first. So, we changed queues and went to the Passport police. Then to Customs, who gave us some forms and sent us into another building outside the port. We ... read more

Middle East » Turkey January 19th 2009

Sunday, 18th January, 2009. We started to get up about seven thirty. Another bright start to the day. We went down to breakfast and enjoyed some of the buffet breakfast. We went down to reception and checked out. A guy was sent off for the car. We loaded up and headed off. It was about nine fifteen. Pat had figured a route out via the airport to keep us clear of having to drive through the town. The drive out of Antalya was uneventful, the traffic was light and as long as you kept your wits about you it was OK. Lane discipline is not a strong point and the slow moving buses picking up people all over the place, have to be watched. There are numerous traffic lights, but we had figured out their routines. ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Antalya January 19th 2009

Saturday, 17th January, 2009. We set the alarm for seven. Breakfast was from seven thirty and as we were both going to have something we both washed and dressed. Breakfast was a self service buffet and we had cereals and toasts. We could have had eggs but didn't bother. Back to the room, gathered our stuff and down to reception. Paid the bill, asked for the car and it was there by the time we were ready to leave. The reception was very helpful with directions, of how to get out of Bodrum and gave us a local map. It was now eight fifteen. Our ultimate destination is Tasucu, but we know that that is not possible in one day. RAC services says it is 500 miles and takes 14 hours. We had little knowledge of ... read more
Turkish Med coast

Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Bodrum January 19th 2009

Thursday, 15th January, 2009 continued We went down to reception bar area about eight thirty, had our usual drinks and updated the blog. We then went up into the town and had a short walk around. On the way back we popped into the pastry shop and bought some lovely cream and chocolate cakes. These were eaten in the room, in very short time. Friday, 16th January, 2009. Today brings another new adventure, we are off to Turkey. The weather was overcast and looked like rain. Pat and I both went down to breakfast. Then back to the room to get everything together and vacate the room. We gradually moved everything to the car, and then checked out of the hotel and paid our bill. By this time the rain was throwing it down, so we ... read more
Bodrum Ferry

Europe January 19th 2009

Whilst we were in Rethymno, Crete on Wednesday 7th January, 2009, we were in a bar called La Bamba. We were discussing our travelling and so on. This was following our cancelled ferry to Santorini and the next available ferry was to be on Saturday, thereby extending our stay in Crete for a short while longer. Whilst we have no schedule, and the delay really made not the slightest difference to us, it did make us realise the shortfalls of travelling around the Greek Islands at this time of the year. Our options are much reduced and to be honest, it is great to be able to travel with the car, but it is expensive. We only seem to be able to move around the major places by ferry at this time of year, and sometimes ... read more

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Kos January 15th 2009

Wednesday, 14th January, 2009. We went to the reception at about eight o'clock, did some surfing and had some drinks. It was pretty windy, so we didn't venture out. We bought some crisps the other day and ate them in the room. Thursday, 15th January, 2009. A bright start to the day. Still a little windy. I keep forgetting to mention that next door to the Hotel is some form of Military building, and every morning we have heard reveille at eight o'clock. Pat went down to breakfast and I joined her shortly after. We were heading for Kardemena today, and set off at ten o'clock. The drive was straightforward, there is one main road that runs down the spine of the Island and everything goes left or right, until you reach the bottom. The barman ... read more

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Kos January 14th 2009

Tuesday, 13th January, 2009. We went to the reception downstairs and had some drinks and coffee, while updating the blog. We went for a short walk in the town and got some more pastries. We were not overly hungry after having a really good late lunch. We returned to the room and ate the pastries, which were delicious. We don't have pastry shops at home like they have here. Wednesday, 14th January, 2009. The weather is overcast. 16 weeks traveling. Pat went down to breakfast, I stayed in bed. A tour of the Island was on the cards for today. We left the hotel about ten, and headed off. The road took us past Tigaki, Marmari, and the airport. Then heading South we stopped off at Lagada beach and watched the waves rolling in. The car ... read more
Chohylariou Bay

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